Walgreens photo books make a perfect gift

Earlier this week, I poured through hundreds of photos of Evan’s 2nd birthday party, and our recent trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. My mission, was to order a photo book online at Walgreens.com. I am actually quite familiar with ordering prints online with Walgreens, however, this was my first experience creating a photo gift!

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After taking just a moment to upload my high-resolution images into an album, I was presented with the choice to autofill my photo book, or drag and drop to manually place photos on each page of the book. I assumed that if I used autofill, the photos would be placed in chronological order, so I decided to test this feature to see just how intuitive it was.

With one press of that autofill button, my book was populated with photos. After flipping through the pages, I was amazed at the beautiful layout, and I only needed to make two manual replacements to achieve a final product that I was happy with. I have to be honest, there are times when I am in the mood to be really creative, but being able to take such a shortcut with the autofill feature saved me an incredible amount of time.

Just look how great my photobook turned out!

Walgreens Photo Gifts

Walgreens Photobook

I spent about 10 minutes total creating my Walgreens photo book. I chose a classic black linen cover, and studio backgrounds in black and white. Keep in mind, there are many colorful and creative options for those who are more adventurous with their style.

Walgreens Photobook

I love how bright, colorful, and crisp our photos from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium turned out in our Walgreens photo book. The images are really brought to life, and our memories are illuminated in print, forever.

Walgreens Photobook

I adore photography. However, what I love even more than photography in general, are photographs of my kid. Any parent can attest to the joy-inducing power of a precious photo of their own child or grandchild. Let’s face it, our children grow up way too fast, which makes capturing all of those little smiles and milestones that come along the way even more important.

Walgreens Photobook

My parents browsing their Walgreens photo book with Evan!

I found the Walgreens photo book creation process to be beyond easy, and I was thoroughly impressed with the resulting product. The classic photo book can be ordered online at Walgreens.com, start at just $19.00, and can even be picked up in-store the same day at some locations!

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