My personal weight loss journey

Earlier this week, I answered the question everyone’s been asking: “What is Medifast?

I thought I’d give a little back story on my personal story with weight loss, and why I am taking the Medifast weight loss journey.

First off, I was really too much of a wuss to take a mugshot-style before photo. Below are a couple shots from our family photo session in September. So that I have some accountability, I will reluctantly tell you that I am 5′ 7″ and weight 180 lbs.

Did I really just blog that? Pardon me while I crawl into a hole and hide.

Medifast before

Depending on your perspective and personal story, 180 lbs. might sound terribly heavy, or it might sound perfectly reasonable. We’re all different, but for me, this extra weight makes me really uncomfortable — both physically and emotionally. Basically, it needs to go.

Just to be clear, I’ve never (in my adult life) been “skinny.” I’ve always been happily on the chubby-side of the healthy weight range for my height. This changed, of course, after having my son in 2009.

Medifast before

When I walked into the hospital to give birth to Kara one year ago this month, I weighed a whopping 230 lbs. Yes, much of that was baby, but I was still left with a lot of weight to lose afterward.

Breastfeeding definitely helped, and I did try some other diets. I was able to drop quite a bit of the weight, which felt great. Unfortunately, I recently started slowly going in the wrong direction again.

My weight loss goals

I actually have three goals going into Medifast.

1. First Goal — Lose 20 lbs. total. (160 lbs. goal weight)
2. Second Goal — Lose 30 lbs. total. (150 lbs. goal weight)
3. Third Goal — Lose 40 lbs. total. (140 lbs. goal weight)

My only real priority right now is meeting my first goal. The second goal would be a bonus, and the third goal? Well, that would be amazing, but I am taking this one step at a time.

Medifast so far

So, this is my 4th day on the plan. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely an adjustment. There are Medifast Meals I love, and Medifast Meals I hate.

The hardest thing so far has been breaking the habit of constant grazing. Grabbing a handful of Evan’s Goldfish, eating a cookie here and there, or making my usual morning toast. It’s actually making me realize just how often I was picking up food while passing through the kitchen. It was really ridiculous.

As far as the food, surprisingly, I love the Medifast Shakes. I thought this would be my least favorite part of the plan, but they taste really good and they kill the hunger.

Medifast Shakes

I also like some of the soups — particularly the Medifast Cream of Chicken Soup.

Medifast Cream of Chicken Soup

Who knew eggs like this could magically appear after mixing some powder and water? I certainly didn’t. I was pretty skeptical the first time I made Medifast Southwest Eggs, but actually, they taste pretty darn good.

Medifast Southwest Eggs

Finally, below is an example of a Lean & Green meal for the day. Chicken breast, lettuce, and cucumber with a little low-carb dressing.

Join me on my journey to weight loss

Do you need to lose weight? I’d love to have you along for my journey, and I hope that I can inspire some of you to embark on a weight loss journey, whether it is with Medifast or via another route. I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

Medifast Lean & Green

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