What to do when your OB is a jerk

It’s a good thing I’m feeling a little better, because I am doing a lot of writing these days! I started for Babble.com’s Being Pregnant blog today, and for my first post, I wrote about the absolutely awful experience I had with my OB during my first pregnancy in 2009.

Your guide to those exciting nine months

There is nothing like being pregnant, sick, and hormonal, and having to deal with a bad doctor on top of it. I would love it if you came over to read my first post at Babble, and shared your experiences with me. Do you have a fantastic OB? Is he or she mediocre, or like me, have you had a disheartening experience while pregnant?

When you get over to my post, please do me a huge favor and leave me a comment on that post? You can also share (like/Tweet/Stumble/G+) if you enjoy the read! Thank you all so much for your support, I am really excited about this project! :)


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