Candy bar cake pops

Cake Pop Photo

When I signed up to participate in Wilton’s Pops in a Post contest last month, visions of sugarplums were dancing in my head. Why was I so excited about crafting these bite-sized delights? Well, aside from the fact that every picture of cake pops that I’ve seen look delicious, I really thought that the entire process would be a fun way for me to spend some time in the kitchen. When my husband found I had entered a contest that required baking, he threw his head back and laughed until his eyes watered. You see, I am no baker.

Get ready for the most stick-tacular treats that ever popped up at a party! It’s time for pops—grabbable goodies on a stick you’ll love to dip, decorate and devour. With pops, traditional favorites like cake, cookies, brownies and cereal treats break away from the plate and stand up to join the celebration. Eyes will pop and jaws will drop when your guests see the sensational designs on display

After getting over a few bumps early in the cake pop process (by bumps, I mean that within thirty-minutes I had suffered a burn, and a papercut), I found a rhythm and began to really enjoy decorating my cake pops. I actually ended up using an idea from my husband for my creations. My cake pops are a candy bar explosion!

I utilized a blogger cake pop kit that I received from Wilton, which included a wonderful Chocolate Pro Electric Chocolate Melter. I used a chocolate cake mix and chocolate buttercream frosting to make my cake balls, and dipped the rolled cake bites into chocolate prior decorating.

Cake Pops Candy Bars

Now for the fun part! I chopped up some of my favorite candy bars (as well as white chocolate chips and Andes mints), and sprinkled each chocolate-coated cake pop with the delicious crumbles.

TIP 01: If you’re going to coat your pops with nuts, chocolate chips, or candy bar pieces like I have, be sure to have a nice large pile of pieces to sprinkle on your pops. I made the mistake of only chopping a small pile of candy bars for each pop, and had to quickly chop more to fill holes.

TIP 02: After dipping in the chocolate, I laid my pops on a sheet of parchment paper and sprinkled (or dumped) the candy on the top and sides. After you get the front, sides, and top perfect (you may even need to press some pieces by hand into the chocolate to fill holes) you can pick up the pop, turn it, and do the back. You’ll definitely have one side that is more photo-friendly, but that’s OK!

TIP 03: Don’t roll your pop in the nuts or candy bits. Rolling causes a huge, ugly mess. I rolled my first one and it looked like a mud ball.

After thoroughly covering the pops with the candy bar bits, I melted some more white and milk chocolate and drizzled it over pops. Chocolate cake, dipped in chocolate, rolled in candy bar crumbles, drizzled with even more chocolate? Yes, my candy bar explosion cake pops are quite the indulgence, but oh-so-amazing!

Cake Pops

I was actually really nervous about completing this project, and honestly, this was maybe the fourth cake I have baked in all of my 31-years. I didn’t even bake my son’s first birthday cake, my mom did! Pick your jaw up off the floor, I do realize that it’s pretty pathetic, but true! I feel really happy that I followed through on my cake pops, and let me tell you, it’s actually quite simple to make delicious and unique treats on a stick when you have so many great tools and ingredients available to you from Wilton! Anyone can make cake pops, and I am certainly proof of that!

TIP 04: Want to know how I have such a clean stick? I used two. I used a bamboo skewer to dip my pops in the chocolate, then decorated and put them all in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Next, I carefully picked up each pop, twisted the stick, and removed it. After this, I dipped a clean stick in a little chocolate, and inserted it into the hole, giving me a nice, clean presentation!

I now feel somewhat inspired to try another baking project, and I will certainly be making more cake pops in the very near future. Hopefully next time I can avoid the burn and the papercut!

NOTE: injuries suffered during the making of these cake pops were due to the clumsiness and inexperience of the blogger, and in no way reflect the ease-of-use of any Wilton products. Blogger burns herself making toast. Seriously.


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