Bear with me?

I have no significant photo to share today, which is just one more example of my ability to fail across the board this week. You can still feel free to link-up with your traditional Wordless Wednesday posts, though, because I would love to hear from all of you. :)

So, after logging into Twitter this morning, and seeing the following Tweet, I thought maybe it was time to try to make a post during a brief moment of relief.

Wordy Wednesday

I know, pretty sad, right? I feel terrible about not posting lately, and even failing to meet a couple of professional deadlines, but I have just been under this cloud of unrelenting pregnancy nausea. I can sometimes barely lift my head, and while it isn’t always that bad, but the sickness is almost always there, through every moment of my day and night. Every breath, severe nausea. Every bite of food, severe nausea. Every sip of water, you guessed it, more severe nausea.

I am on medication that helps curb the urge to actually vomit, but, I’m still doing some of that too. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have the medicine, I’d be throwing up several times a day.

All of my energy at this point is focused on trying to be as normal as possible for Evan. Luckily, my mom helps with him a lot, but I still have a few days a week when it’s up to me to try and get it together and not be stuck on the sofa sick all day. I am really trying to tackle one day at a time.

When I was pregnant with Evan in 2009, I was sick and vomiting until 17 weeks. This seems like an eternity, and means I may be very sick until July, but all I can hope is that it doesn’t go on any longer than that. I know many of you were sick right up until you delivered, and whoa, I don’t even want to consider that.

So, I’m really writing this today to ask you all to please bear with me through this time, and really, to stick with me. There may be days, and even weeks, when I’m really not posting here in the way you may have come to expect, but I’m still around. Please feel free to Tweet me, or say hi on Facebook, and if you do that, say a prayer that this sickness eases up soon.


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