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10 months: Too close to 12

It’s so funny when you stop and think about how time seems to go excruciatingly slow, or incredibly fast, depending on the phase of life you’re in. When I was pregnant, my time was divided in weeks, and the time between these weekly milestones sometimes seemed to encapsulate an eternity. I can remember receiving that phone call from my OBGYN confirming that I was pregnant (via blood test) and feeling like the wait until week 8 for that first pre-natal appointment was SO. LONG.

As soon as I had Evan, life was put on fast forward. I used to listen to mothers talk about the time “going too fast” and hearing time and time again that “they grow up too quickly.” Honestly, I didn’t ever really give it much thought. I didn’t realize that watching your baby go from a smooshy, fresh newborn to a rough and tumble almost-1-year-old would not only be an amazing sight, but a deeply emotional and borderline heartbreaking experience, too. And yes, I realize I make this same post every month, using only slightly different words to describe the same feelings, but UGH! Navigating the emotional terrain of new motherhood is sometimes overwhelming.

That said… Evan is 10-months-old. I am having some anxiety thinking about his first birthday party, which is so close at this point. He sprouted teeth this month. He’s doing this half-crawl/scooting/dragging thing, but definitely on the move, and I see walking in our very near future. He likes to sit up in his crib and bounce. He can locate and put his own binky in his mouth. He’s saying Mama, Mamaw, Dada, Papaw, Matt (Uncle Matt, comes out more like “Mah!”) Baba. He can point to Mommy’s nose, can clap and wave, and is pretty much just brilliant all around.

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  1. What a sweet post! They are one before we even know what happened! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Wow, 10 months old already?? He’s such a cutie! And he always looks so happy and content, and you look like you’re having a great time being his mom. :)

    Time really does go faster once you become a parent. Beware though, with second kids, time goes even faster!

  3. Your son is beautiful. Your post speaks loudly to me as my little bird Ashlee is 18 months, and it seems just yesterday I could not wait to meet her precious face. I almost teared up reading your blog – we are oh so blessed to be Mommy’s! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Boy, those 9 months of pregnancy really drag. Then the baby is here and *poof* a year has passed in a heartbeat! I love watching my 18 month old learn new things daily. I’m just so proud to be his mama.

  5. Yep, totally feel ya. I made a post like this each month too with my first son (who will be TWO in TWO short months, ahhhhh!). Now it appears that I will be doing the same thing for my second son who is already ONE MONTH OLD. I keep asking Mr. Time to slow down. But he doesn’t listen.

  6. I know the time really does go by quickly. You can tell he is a very happy child. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Following from Twitter Moms Leave Your Blog Below follow. You have a great blog! I will happily be following! I also “liked” you on face book and followed on twitter.

  8. You are sooo right. When you are prego the time seems to drag on and on. And now time is flying by so fast its incredible. My little guy is approaching two and its crazy to think about. Everyone always tells you to enjoy these times and not to rush things, and now I completely understand why. Before you know it he will be too old to cuddle with me on the couch and watch movies. I dread that day!

  9. Aww, he’s such a cutie pie! Watching them grow up is just amazing, isn’t it? So much development happens within that 1st year. I hope the party anxiety wans a little bit.

  10. My Kung Fu baby is turning 6 months this month and I just bought jammies size 9-12 mo. because he is too long for his 6 months ones. I’m like freaking out!! he was born 4 weeks early and was a tiny, little guy when we brought him home, and now I’m like: where did my baby go?? I’m so relieve that he growing and 100% healthy after having him that early and I thank God because you can’t even tell he was a premie, but still!! time goes by sooooo fast.. that is scary!

  11. He is so cute and you can see the curiosity all over his adorable face!

  12. Your little man is gorgeous! Good job mama :D
    I have an almost 10 month old, I so understand how you feel!

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