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2020 Free Printable Calendar: Minimal & Modern

Back by popular demand is our minimal and modern 2020 free printable calendar! This gorgeous free 2020 calendar is clean, simple, and perfect to help you plan your busy life.

Free 2020 Printable Calendar

Per your requests, we’ve even upgraded this year’s free printable 2020 calendar with options for a Sunday or Monday start calendars!

You can choose the start day that works best for you.

Even though I definitely agree that SUNDAY is the start of the week, I enjoy planning on a calendar where the weekend days are placed together.

Many of you expressed that you prefer a Sunday start, and we listened. I hope you enjoy this lovely free printable 2020 calendar!free minimal 2020 calendar!

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    11 Comments on “2020 Free Printable Calendar: Minimal & Modern”

  1. 2021 Minimal calendar please

  2. Any plans for a 2021 one ? I love this !

  3. Thanks for this printable calendar.

  4. Useful Content. Thanks a lot for the info!

  5. Any idea when/if the 2020 calendars will be available? 

  6. This is amazing! I use them on the Goodnotes app on my iPad so that I have a portable electronic planner and they work awesome. Not to mention, they look awesome. Thank you! I really hope you guys create this design again for 2020. Love the Sunday start.

  7. Love your free printable calendars! Are you going to be putting out the printable 2020 soon? I love to plan ahead! We use them at home and where I work!

  8. thank you so much for this. i love it and it helps me be so organized. <3

  9. What gorgeous prints ! Perfect for staying organized and be inspired!!

  10. These will make me strive to meet my goals and make my deadlines! Thank you!

  11. Your calendar is so sweet!! Thank you so much!

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