Dear Crissy

6 months

6 months

Kara turned 6-months-old today!

How could this ornery little thing be half-a-year old already? Wasn’t she just born yesterday?

This is also our 6-month breastfeeding milestone.

After my breastfeeding experience with Evan, I never thought I would be able to say that I nursed a baby for 6 months. We’re still going strong and I am really proud of that.

I love this little girl!

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  1. Ah, 6 months – what a wonderful milestone! My baby is now 10.5 (years) and I find myself grasping to the tail of time and digging in my heels, willing it (no begging it) to SLOW DOWN! Life does move so quickly – enjoy that sweet baby (orneryness and all) :)

  2. Sweet photo, two models :)

  3. Wow, that’s one of the cutest mom and daughter photos I’ve seen. The camera just loves her cute little face :)

  4. You and your baby are both gorgeous! Ever hear that you look like Mandy Moore?

  5. Her 1/2 bday was on my daughters 3rd bday. It just goes by too fast. You blink your eyes and they are no longer little. I wish I could freeze time. As for breastfeeding you really should be proud that you are able to do it. Keep it up you are raising a beautiful little girl.

  6. Congrats she’s Beautiful! And I love your hair!

  7. She is just the sweetest little soul ever! So is her Mommy! I had always wanted a girl but had 3 boys…I love them dearly of course and now I am too old for any more babies. You lucky lady! Out of my 3 children, I was only able to breastfeed to 7 months for my last son. I wish it could have been longer for all of them because I just loved that cuddly feeling that comes with breastfeeding. I remember it so vividly with their sweet little faces looking up at me so adoringly. Nothing better that that!

  8. Kara is a wee beauty! You both look so lovely. Happy 6 months with your baby girl!

  9. She’s such a cutie pie, great milestone for you two! Blessings!

  10. what beautiful girls! I love this photo. Congrats on bf for 6 months!!

  11. Congrats Crissy – that IS something to be proud of! Breastfeeding can be so hard at first but once you get it down and into a routine it becomes second nature. I’m so glad you hung in there and stuck with it this time. Kara is adorable!

  12. Happy 6 month bday Kara!!!

  13. What a great picture of the two of you! She is precious. That dress is so adorable. Makes the girlie girl in me want to try one more time for a little girl ! Congrats on the 6 month milestone will breastfeeding! I tried with my last two boys but it was a battle I wasn’t going to win, if I wanted to stay sane. :) I am so happy it has been so successful for you this time around. You go mama & baby Kara! Happy 6 months!

    • Hi Nicole, thanks! I understand the sanity thing… I told myself with Kara that while I wanted to make it work, it wouldn’t be at the sake of my own sanity! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Wow! Happy 6 months, Kara! :) Great job with breastfeeding for this long. I didn’t breastfeed very long with my first two but I’m hopeful that when another baby comes along I can do better! :) Thanks!

  15. She is ADORABLE!

  16. Congrats on both milestones! My little girl turns 6 months on Monday which will be 6 months breastfeeding for us as well :-) I hear you on not knowing where the time has gone . . . Six moths ago I was bouncing on a yoga ball swering that I would be the first women in history to be pregnant forever!

  17. You are both gorgeous! It must be a boy thing with breastfeeding, my son didn’t take it all, my daughter was a champ! Congrats on you milestone!

  18. Congrats on your sweet cute daughter’s 6 months! I applaud you for breastfeeding her for 6 months! I breastfed my son for 2 years! Breastfeeding is such a beneficial healthy benefit for the child! Good luck on another 6 months!

  19. Happy 1/2 birthday and happy six months BF. That was my goal with my youngest and we made it to 8 months before she self-weaned. Keep up the good work!

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