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A Unique Perspective On Table Manners

I’m excited to be a partner with Campbell’s Soup as a blog ambassador. Opinions are genuine and all mine.

These two? They’re pretty great. They also drive me to the brink of insanity at least once a day, but they are definitely awesome kids, and I feel pretty lucky to be their mom.

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When I think back to my views on parenting before actually having kids, I have to laugh. I mean, I knew for sure that I would never have one of those unruly kids that you see throwing a fit at the grocery store, and my kids wouldn’t act like animals at the dinner table.

As a seasoned mom of two, I know now that sometimes you have to pick your battles. Am I going to pick out every single thing my kids do wrong at the dinner table, or am I going to let just a little bit of chaos ensue and actually eat my own meal?

Cue the chaos.

I find that it’s usually a great idea to begin the meal by making something that Evan and Kara will actually eat. They’ve been loving Campbell’s Organic Kids Mega Noodle Soup, and it’s something that is easy for me to whip up on nights when I know they aren’t going to eat what my husband and I are having for dinner.


In a perfect world, I am not an actual short order cook. In my actual world, taking two minutes to make the kids some organic soup and a sandwich saves me time and a headache.

Think about that. Yummy soup, crafted with certified organic ingredients, that my kids will actually eat. That’s a win in so many different ways.


No matter what we’re eating for dinner, it usually takes this kid about five seconds for the antics to start.

It might cross my mind to ask Evan not to slurp his soup, but I think better of it. I can deliver the lesson about table manners another night. Right now, he’s actually consuming his food. I don’t want to jinx that!

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Meanwhile, the other one is trying to push an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich into her mouth. She’s a hungry grizzly bear, after all. I remind her that even hungry grizzly bears need to chew their food.

She begins to chew… and growl!

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I can’t really explain this one, but my son doesn’t seem to be capable of sitting in a seat. He’s always moving around, or sitting perched like some kind of bird on his tiptoes.

As long as he doesn’t fall out of his seat, I’m happy!

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Being a mom isn’t anything like I thought it would be. It’s actually better… slurping, wiggling, grizzly bears and all.

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