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Accepting that I can’t do everything

Accepting that I can't do everything

We’re 12 days into 2015, and instead of feeling inspired and motivated to meet my goals, I’m sitting in front of my computer tonight feeling all sorts of inadequate. Wait, wasn’t I just writing a hopeful and happy post a couple days ago? Yes, yes I was.

It’s a mix of insecurity, envy and frustration—a swirling jumble of wishes and wants and general irritation that I can’t do everything well. In fact, there are very few things that I do really well, and I’m not sure why those aren’t good enough in my mind.

As much as I would like to say that I’m completely above feeling pangs of envy when I look at other blogs or Instagram accounts, I’m totally not. I mean, I guess at some point I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’ll never live in an all-white house where every single room has perfect lighting and is completely devoid of clutter. Seriously, I need to hang it up because no.

And then, right in the middle of my ridiculous self-doubt, I feel a strong urge to slap myself in the face. Look at the time I am wasting and the negative thoughts that I’ve allowed to infect my mind.

My life is imperfect. My house is a mess. I do not do all my shopping at our local farmer’s market. I definitely don’t do everything well and I struggle through times of insecurity and even self-loathing.

I also don’t have a nice neat bow to wrap this post up with. Life is flux, it’s undulating and I think as long as we can navigate and work our way through the negative moments, it’s all good.

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  1. Honey I feel that way every day of my life so don’t feel alone, most times I find I can’t make my way through it all and just go to bed & stay there. Keep your blog going, it’s one of the few pleasures I have to look forward to. So I think you!

  2. It’s funny you say that because your blog is one of the ones “I envy”, lol. I started off blogging to keep family up to date with our happenings because we live so far from everyone and then it grew but then as the kids grew which meant more to homeschool and I started back to college and we moved and I garden and can my harvest it has dwindled down to a pretty sad blog that I hardly have time to update with our family happenings because I can’t keep up with the review/giveaways I commit to. Anyways I keep appreciating everyday because I know one day all to soon my babies will be grown and they won’t need me and I will have nothing but time and dream of these crazy days. Hugs, keep inspiring. Be blessed and be a blessing. <3

  3. Girl, a messy house is a house LIVED IN. Don’t worry about it! Plus those photos are just a small square space. Who knows what’s behind all the rest of that mess.

  4. I’m feeling it too. I get the blog envy thing, it’s hard not too. I have been blogging for years (not as long as you) and I am nowhere close to where I would like my stats to be. I try to focus on the good things, but it’s hard when you sometimes just need a mommy time-out to regroup. I have had a cold, now a sinus infection for about two weeks and finally went to convenient care yesterday. Hoping to be back to my normal energetic self soon. The winter months are just tough. We are now in Illinois, but used to be in Columbus and it is hard to be sunny when it’s freezing and everything is covered in snow and ice for weeks or months at a time. I agree with Desiree on drinking tea. Having a warm cup with honey with my lunch right now. A minnie mommy break for myself because we need those moments too. I love this saying, “You’re a Mom, you’re kind of a big deal”. I am butchering it, but one of my favorite bloggers (her name is Kat) says something like that all the time. You might enjoy this post I wrote a few months ago after a less than perfect day,
    I am enjoying your authentic writing again. Thanks for sharing life in all its reality.

  5. I can totally relate to this one, Crissy. I’ve had my ups and downs already this month — and I think a lot of it is the fact that there hasn’t been much sun and I’m getting into the winter blahs. What’s helping me through it? List-making, chatting with friends, lots of tea, and doing my best to get enough sleep and water :) Wishing you well!

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