Artistry Skin Care review

When I was asked to do an Artistry skin care review, I’ll have to admit, I had never heard of this brand. Of course, I am a skin care junkie so I was more than happy to test some Artistry goodies and write an Artistry skin care review. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the products, and one of them is even a new favorite!

Artistry Skin Care Review

I was able to review quite a range of products from Artistry, including:

  • Time Defiance UV Defense SPF 50 facial sunscreen
  • Time Defiance System: cleanser, toner, day and night cremes
  • Anti-wrinkle firming serum
  • Renewing Peel
  • Crème Luxury
  • Crème Luxury eye
  • Light up lip gloss
  • 3D facial powder
  • Mascara
  • Tinted moisturizer

I am lucky to be able to use a pretty wide range of products on my skin, but because I don’t burn easily, I often take for granted how vital sunscreen is in my beauty regimen. Artistry recognizes how important sun protection is, and their products are geared-toward SPF protection and age-defiance. As a 33-year-old woman, I can appreciate this!


I know that I want to keep my skin looking as you as possible, for as long as possible, so I am always eager to try new sunscreen products that can give me the protection my skin needs. That said, I am really a big fan of the  Artistry Time Defiance UV Defense SPF 50, exclusively from Amway!


Not only does the Artistry Time Defiance UV Defense protect your skin from daily sun damage, it can also help minimize the appearance of existing dark spots, discolorations, and even redness.

Unfortunately, at age 33 I am just starting to see some dark spots on my skin, so I’m excited to try this product as a preventative measure.

Artistry’s Time Defiance UV Defense SPF 50 uses an amazing Balanced Brightening Complex that includes 10 all natural plant extracts known for their brightening, soothing, and antioxidant properties! I could really use some brightness in my complexion. Combine that with SPF 50 to protect my skin, and I’m definitely a fan.

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Artistry Tinted Moisturizer

I am also a HUGE fan of the Artistry Tinted Moisturizer. I find that I prefer using a tinted moisturizer these days over regular foundation, and this formula is really nice. It offers a flattering sheer finish, but it has enough body to cover dark circles and blemishes too.

Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum

I absolutely love this product, and I now use it on my face daily. I love the scent, and I really do believe that it tightens my face. I just love the way it makes my skin look, and this product has been incorporated to my daily beauty routine. Of all the products in my Artistry Skin Care review, the Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum is easily my favorite.

I received products from Artistry as a thank you for this post.

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  1. I get sunspots during the Summer. :(

  2. My skin concern this summer is keeping my skin moisturized without it being too oily in this hot weather

  3. My concern this summer is the same as every year: I do not want a sunburn!

  4. sunburns and dry skin
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  5. My biggest concern is that i burn easily in the sun.

  6. My concern is keeping plenty of SPF on my face.

  7. My big concern is for sure protection from harmful UV rays!

  8. Sunburn – I have very fair skin!

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  10. My biggest concern is finding a moisturizer/sunscreen that doesn’t leave my face greasy and shiny. Thanks for the contest!

  11. my concern is to not get burned!!

  12. I have a very sensitive skin…

  13. My concern is avoiding sunburns

  14. Burning, I’m very pale.

  15. i have like leftover marls from having the baby

  16. Acne

  17. This summer I concern about my skin get too much exposure under high heat weather

  18. Being too dry

  19. Sunburn. Always worried about sunburns.

  20. i want to protect my skin from the sun

  21. Like always – not to get burned.,

  22. General Dryness and age spots

  23. I don’t want to break out from all the sunscreen.

  24. Simply remembering to put on sunscreen is my biggest problem…really need to turn it into a habit!

  25. Acne and acne scars are my biggest concern

  26. Preventing wrinkles is my main concern. I use a sunscreen with moisturizer everytime I go out.

  27. age spots and wrinkles

  28. I have fair skin so I’m always very concerned about sunburn.

  29. my skin concern is that im 30 and when im 40 i still want my skin to look like im 30!

  30. skin care concern this summer…getting a glow without wrinkles now that Im above 40

  31. My biggest concern is dry patchy skin :(

  32. my concern is sunburn

  33. I always burn so easily. I’m constantly worried that I will burn.

  34. I don’t want dark spots!

  35. Im worried about dry akin and burning

  36. My skin concern this summer is protection from the sun and moisturizing.

  37. oil!

  38. My skin is oily and aging with breakouts and gets worse in the summer. I have a problem with dark circles and “crackle” lines all around my eyes but the rest of my face is like a teenagers! :(

  39. age and sun spots


  41. Living in Vegas, my skin this (and every) summer is keeping my skin hydrated and protected from the sun.

  42. My wife would love this!!!!

  43. My concern is getting wrinkles from having too bad of dry skin

  44. My biggest skin concern is pairing a high SPF with makeup!

  45. Great variety of products. Looks great for beautiful skin

  46. Worried about acne from the sun and sweat.

  47. Aging, I’m getting older and it’s starting to show a little.

  48. My skin concern is blemishes and redness!

  49. dry skin

  50. I like these products, I would like to win.

  51. Sun damage

  52. Getting dark spots.

  53. concerned about sun damage

  54. i’m concerned about oil skin.

  55. I am most concerned about dryness

  56. My concern is oily skin from sweat and humidity

  57. Always my biggest worry is dry skin and thinking to use large quantities of moisturizer.

  58. I hate that my skin gets so oily in my t zone and yet dry in other places. It’s a tough combo.

  59. I’m concerned about the sun giving me age spots

  60. uneven skin tone


  62. Having fair skin, I always worry about sun damage. I thank my Mom every day that she was a stickler for sun screen when we were growing up and at my age I have limited damage. It is an ongoing problem and I have to work daily to keep the sun from damaging my skin as I age and it gets more sensitive to sunlight.

  63. My skin concern for the summer is protection from the sun and combating oily acne-prone skin. So far wear sunscreen/sunblock but losing the battle with breakouts.

  64. I am always concerned with the freckles and dark patches that show up after I have been in the sun.

  65. preventing sun damage.

  66. My skin concern this Summer is sun damage and breakouts

  67. Dry and oily skin :(

  68. for follow these ppl on twitter when i went to type in my twitter account i wrote @subs0nicd3pths and i shoulda wrote @subs0nicd3pths1 i accidentally didnt put the 1 at the end!:( sorry!

  69. sun burns

  70. Sunburn & dryness is my main skin concern this summer!

  71. Extremely dry skin

  72. My skincare concern is the sun! High SPF products for me and the kids, hats, and lightweight clothes. Thanks for the chance.

  73. sunburn

  74. My skin breaking out in because it becomes so oily in the sun.

  75. My biggest skin concerns for the summer are preventing sunburn, dry skin, dehydration

  76. Getting sun spots.

  77. Sun spots

  78. i have really fair skin and i burn easily so thats what im concerned about this summer! its every summer actually i really gotta watch and be sure to wear sunscreen!

  79. Peeling from dry skin. Yuck

  80. Wonderful giveaway!

  81. Mainly just burning since I have fair skin
    This package is fantastic, thanks for the opportunity to win it

    lunrei at yahoo dot com

  82. uneven skin tone and more sun damage

  83. Burning, or more so, the peeling that comes after burning!

  84. Awesome prize package…hope I win!

  85. Keeping my skin safe from the harsh sun!

  86. woooo I want!

  87. I’m concerned about sunburn. I’m use to living in Florida and now here in Pa the sun is not as strong. I hope I don’t become to relaxed about sunscreen.

  88. brown spots from the sun

  89. sun damage and pimples from sweating in the sun while doing yard work, as well as ticks

  90. protect from the sun rays…

  91. Keeping my kids skin protected from the strong rays.

  92. Two concerns:
    Sun protection
    Oily skin

  93. My skin concern is keeping my face moisturized and not sun or wind damaged.

  94. I have really dry skin, but I also have tons of blackheads. So my concern is to moisturize and protect my skin from the sun without creating even more of the little black evils.

  95. I’m concerned with protecting my skin from aging/the sun.

  96. I’m concerned about making sure I put on enough sunscreen.

  97. Combination–oily/dry skin, and prone to sunburning.

  98. UV rays! I always wear sunscreen on my face.

  99. My biggest skin concern is having enough SPF on my moisturizer to protect my skin from the suns harsh rays.

  100. I’m worried about dry flaky skin

  101. dry skin

  102. concerned about not getting burnt out in the sun

  103. Sunburn and acne are a major concern- when it gets hot outside I tend to breakout :-/

  104. When my skin gets oily, the pimples come out. What a wonderful giveaway!!!!

  105. oily skin is a big concern for me during summer!

  106. Sun damage, definitely.

  107. LOVE artistry

  108. My biggest skin concerns are dry skin and sunburn.

  109. My skin concern this summer is oil clogging my nose pores from sweating

  110. I have very fair skin so I am always looking for sunscreen that is not only going to protect my skin, but also not clog my pores. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize package!! :)

  111. My biggest skin concern is burning. I have very fair skin.

  112. My skin concern this summer of course protection from the sun, but I also have concerns about bug protection as well. It seems that whatever works against bugs is not good for you.

  113. Sunburn..I hate walking around with red skin…then peeling skin, yuck!

  114. My skin concerns this summer are wrinkles around my mouth and dry flaky skin..I complexion seem to come out in blotches more and more each summer even though I moisturize everyday!

  115. My skin concern is not getting burned!

  116. I am always worried about sun damage. Grew up in Arizona, so I have enough already.

  117. I don’t spend much time outdoors, but I know that my sunblock is old. I need to get some new protection for my skin.

  118. My biggest skin concern is keeping both my skin & my children’s from getting sunburnt. It’s always a huge concern for me since i live in Florida.

  119. Crows feet and sun spots

  120. Brown spots on my skin! They make me look old! Hats them! :(
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Blue Strong on FB! :)

  121. My biggest skin concern is sun spots I have to make sure I wear a good spf or I tend to get them.

  122. would love to try this, i am fair skinned red head and have combination skin seem to also be prone to breakouts, would love something to control my problem skin :) thank you

  123. Sunburn

  124. dry itchy skin is always a summer concern – especially decolletage and shoulders

  125. My skin concern is the dryness and redness that I’m now experiencing

  126. fine lines

  127. This summer my skin concerns are excess oil in the heat and preventing sun damage because I spend as much time outdoors as I can.

  128. protecting my skin.

  129. I already have one dark spot on my cheek- I don’t want anymore!

  130. Getting my face sunburnt.

  131. I’m concerned about oil and breakouts as well as sun exposure.

  132. My skin looks tired. I have 3 children under 4 and I can see the effects of less sleep on my skin.

  133. dry skin

  134. Thanks for the giveaway. My biggest concern every summer is breakouts. I definitely have worse acne during these hot summer months, as many people do!

  135. I spend most of my summer outdoors, so my main concern is keeping the suns rays away!

  136. Sun damage is my main concern

  137. Dry skin

  138. My skin concern this summer is having dry skin from chlorine and sun.

  139. That my brown spots will get darken and multiply like rabbits!

  140. Want some colour from the sun but not too much! Dont want to burn as much as I did last year..

  141. my main concern this summer is oil buildup. My skin gets so oily during the summer months and if I don’t stay on top of it I get break outs.

  142. My biggest concern is sun damage. As I’m getting older, I’m getting more and more paranoid about it.

  143. My main concern is protecting my skin from the sun.

  144. Hi Crissy,

    My skin concern this summer is Eczema and making sure I have plenty of sunscreen on. Thanks for the Giveaway !

  145. My main summer skin problem is that it gets dry….want it to be smooth and glowing….Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win it !!

  146. Sun burning while working in my garden.

  147. Sun exposure is always a concern to me but especially during the summer in Florida when the sun is at its strongest, the days are longer and outdoor activities abound!

  148. My skin concern this summer is overexposure. I want to do my best to protect it from the damaging UV rays!

  149. Dry skin!! My skin will just start t o flake :(
    So sad!


  150. I have many skin concerns this summer.First my skin is dry,I’m starting to get fine lines which I really hate.I also get a lot of freckles all over my face in the summertime.

    agaphmou at netzero dot net

  151. I do burn easily and I am always on the look out for a good sunscreen. One good thing is I never worship the sun, so I don’t have any wrinkles yet.

  152. I’m a redhead, so I fry in the sun. Hats, long sleeves, the whole shibang. I always put on sun screen otherwise Owww!

  153. My concern this summer is sun damage which will lead to fine lines and dark spots.

  154. I would Love to Win the Artistry Prize Pack! I could use a beauty makeover. Thanks for the Opportunity to Win!

  155. Every product sounds awesome!!

  156. My skin concerns are my fair complexion that burns easy, then aging effects.

  157. Sunspots and acne :(

  158. This summer my concern are dry skin patches and dark spots!

  159. My skin care concern for the summer is sunburns

  160. My skin concern is not getting ENOUGH sun. Too much rain here.

  161. Tks for the offer:)

  162. I love Artistry products specially Crème Luxury

  163. Keeping my skin from getting any more sun damage.

  164. what an awesome prize pack – I’m in the late 20’s never used much product ignored the start early warnings starting to try everything range of uh oh in over my head shopper stage – this prize pack would certainly set me and my skin on the right path

  165. i really need a good skin care product helppppppppp

  166. I would love to win this:)

  167. Protecting my skin from the sunwhich cause wrinkles/sunspots

  168. I grew up in California and am paying for it now. I have sun spots and I don’t want to “earn” anymore.

  169. sunspots

  170. My biggest concern is that I burn easily and rarely tan so I usually avoid the sun at all costs…..and hate it.

  171. Thanks for the opportunity. I worry about dryness.

  172. i get sunburned really easily

  173. My skin concern is always about getting dark spots from the sun!!

  174. I would love to win this!! What a fantastic giveaway!!

  175. Moisture and Protection from the Suns Damaging Rays!

  176. Been looking for a good sunscreen for face and delicate skin that will not irritate, but work well.
    Have something like that?

  177. My biggest skin concern is dry skin due to the hot weather.

  178. Preventing more wrinkles! Love sunscreen. Thnx, E

  179. my biggest concern is using enough sunscreen.

  180. Dryness – seems to be getting worse every summer.

  181. I need a good moisturizer with an spf – always concerned about getting too much sun damage.

  182. My main summer skin concern this year is PROTECTION! I am now (sigh) closer to 30 than 20, and really care about keeping my skin as healthy and youthful looking as possible- avoiding sun damage is a key factor in that!

  183. dry skin.. yuck =(

  184. UV Defense because I burn very easily

  185. My skin concern this summer is keeping the glow without getting dried out and sunburned. I am a little obsessed about reducing chance of wrinkles :)

  186. Since my skin is pale, burning is my main concern.

  187. too much sun

  188. dryness is my concern, my forehead and cheeks have already been problematic, and its not even full summer yet.

  189. Getting to dry and peeling after being in the sun

  190. Skin scaring.

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