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Wordless Wednesday — Baby laundry

baby laundry

I spent all day yesterday washing New Baby’s things. As you can see, I love Carter’s white bodysuits, and Aden + Anais swaddling blankets.

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    24 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday — Baby laundry”

  1. —-Those baby clothes are freshly beautiful & crisp white. Oh! Lovely!

  2. I gotta do baby laundry today too!

  3. Aren’t those blankets the best!?

  4. Baby laundry is so wonderful (until it’s covered in baby poop…lol).

  5. I love baby laundry :) So tiny!

  6. Oh I just love those blankets!

  7. Gotta love fresh clean baby clothes! Makes me long for a baby.

  8. Love!!! There is nothing better than brand new freshly laundered baby clothes…until the stains and spit-up etc…giggle.

  9. I have a similar scene going on here. Our nursery for when our granddaughter comes to spend time with us looks like a baby store exploded right now. She is less than 4 weeks away from making her appearance. I also love the onesies!! I can’t wait to dress her up, wrap her up, and snuggle her up!!!
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your precious new little one, and her big brother!

  10. Those are my FAVORITE swaddling blankets. My son is 6 months and he loves cuddling with those blankets.

  11. I miss those baby things :) And the lovely smell.


  12. So sweet!

  13. That’s the only time I like doing laundry, baby clothes :)

  14. Aw! I love new baby laundry! Miss it actually :)

  15. I took a similar picture before I had my second son. I forgot how small baby clothes are!!

  16. I remember washing all the baby clothes just before each of my boys were born. It’s just as much fun or more the 2nd time because you know how quickly they will outgrow those teeny outfits. Both of mine had acid reflux really bad, so there weren’t a lot of them that I could save (without major stains), but I tried to keep a few select favorites. The stains are just a reminder of what we went through then. Getting excited for you!

  17. SO Sweet! Have you revealed your name choice yet? I read your Babble post – I vote your choice is Isla. :)

  18. I love when it looks this white! Before all the baby stuff happens! LOL!

  19. LOVE baby laundry! :) It’s such fun to fold all of those tiny little clothes…they are impossibly small and absolutely adorable!

  20. Can’t get enough baby laundry… well when it’s so sweet and pretty like that :) My laundry is a completely different story, haha.

  21. awww so tiny and cute ovaries my ovaries…

  22. And just like that, my uterus is longing for just one more! So, so sweet. I can smell that fresh baby laundry through my laptop…

  23. Love washing & readying new baby clothing! Too bad I only got to do that once.

  24. Baby laundry is so fun, isn’t it? Nothing cuter than looking at all those sweet, baby clothes!

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