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Kara’s first word

I’m just so used to hearing Evan’s constant chatter, that I was really beginning to wonder when Kara was going to grace us with some real words.

She’s been babbling beautifully for months now, but up until a couple weeks ago (just a week shy of 6-months-old), we hadn’t heard a real word.

kara elizabeth

Today, I caught her on film! Keep reading/watching to find out what Kara’s first word is!

Turn up your volume, the word comes out at 15 seconds! Score one for MAMA!

    15 Comments on “Kara’s first word”

  1. Awww, I heard it! She is just the cutest!

  2. That is just too cute! My husband and I have a bet going on whether our little girl will say mama or daddy first(hope it’s mama!!) :)

  3. She’s very beautiful!

  4. Look at that downright adorable baby! Oh man, she’s just too precious :)
    And congratulations on her first word; I bet that was exciting!

  5. Awwwwo, So beautiful! I miss those days!


  6. This had to put the biggest smile on your face!

  7. Awe, she’s adorable! And congrats on “momma”! I coached Lovebug forevah and ultimately, “dada” was her first word followed shortly by “momma”, but of course the hubs had to rub it in that he got her shout out first.

  8. I heard it!! She’s such a sweetheart.

  9. What are the chances that you’d catch it on video! Congrats ‘mama’ :)

  10. Awesome!!

  11. So precious!! I love it!! Very awesome that you have it on video too!

  12. Awwww! So cute!

  13. Oh my goodness she is soo adorable! Bless the both of you!

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