Dear Crissy

    9 Comments on “Beauty pie”

  1. Love the bokeh on the background, cute daughter you have!

  2. She soooo gorgeous!! You take beautiful shots!

  3. Looks just like her Mommy, very pretty little girl.

  4. Aw, I love this picture! Her smile is heartwarming! Such a cutie. :)

  5. Gorgeous child! She looks very much like her mommy! :-)

  6. Oh, she’s such a cutie!

  7. Wow, Crissy! I know she is her own little person, but she definitely borrowed your eyes and smile. Can you do a photo of her on one side, you on the other…kind of like a set up false mirror image with timer? I’d love to see that!!! Lord, she is a doll!

  8. She is Beautiful!!!! Is she yours? or can I have her?
    Kathleen Quinlan

  9. What a pretty little face! I can’t imagine why you’re head over heels ;)

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