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Benefits of Oil Pulling

Benefits of oil pulling - find out why this ancient practice is still an amazing way to improve oral and overall health!

Oil pulling is actually an oral health remedy that has been around since ancient times. It has recently become a very popular method to help promote good oral health, especially when it comes to teeth and gums. Are you interested in the benefits of oil pulling? Take a look at how oil pulling can help your mouth (and your body) stay healthy.

Benefits of oil pulling: Teeth

Plaque is something we could all do with less of. Unfortunately, the bacteria in our mouths produce plaque naturally. This can result in many different oral conditions, including weakened enamel, cavities and tooth decay. Oil pulling can help treat this, however.

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By swishing different oils around in your mouth, you reduce the amount of bacteria on your teeth. This method essentially “pulls” the bacteria off your teeth, and then when you spit the oil out, you’re effectively removing the bacteria from your mouth. This is very beneficial for your teeth because you’ve now removed the bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay!

Benefits of oil pulling: Gums

In addition to the benefits of oil pulling on your teeth, this method also has many benefits for your gums. There are different bacteria and organisms in your mouth that cause different gum conditions, including gingivitis and bad breath. Oil pulling allows you to remove most of the bacteria and other organisms in your mouth, helping to reduce your risk of gum disease and giving you naturally fresh breath.

Benefits of oil pulling: Overall health

There is a lot of research out there that states that your oral health is directly related to your overall health. An excess of plaque buildup and gum disease has been linked to different health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. By using oil pulling to keep your mouth happy and healthy, you’re also having a positive impact on your overall health.

Additionally, oil pulling is said to have other benefits, such as curing a hangover, reducing congestion, detoxifying the body, and much more.

Oil pulling might seem like an unconventional way to clean your teeth, but it has actually been around for millennia. This ancient method of swishing oil around in your mouth can benefit your teeth, gums, and even body. With all of the positive effects of oil pulling, this is something you should definitely give a try. The benefits of oil pulling are many, and you might want to start by oil pulling with coconut oil (my favorite!)

You have nothing to lose and everything (including a healthy mouth) to gain.

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