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Bottoms up!

duck photo

When I worked as a photojournalist for our local newspaper in 2004, there were times when I would snap random photos like this for use as wild art (a picture that stands alone, with just short caption).

I happened up on some of my old photos from that time period today — always thought this one was cute!

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  1. Funny, that I was out riding my bike the other day in Florida and came across a similar scene. Thought of snapping a pic but had forgotten my camera! You’re right it is a cute snap! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s so neat!! Love it!

  3. At our wedding, we had an outdoor wedding in front of a gazebo. There were ducks swimming in the pond behind the gazebo and a couple came out to join our ceremony. Well they did more than join, while we were saying our vows two of them “got it on” right in front of our audience. Couldn’t figure why some people were laughing. We found out later about the copulating ducks at the reception. ;)

  4. Very cute. I love it when ducks do this :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very cute picture!

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