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Bright Christmas memories

Christmas Family Photo

I don’t really have a huge narrative about our Christmas this year to share with you. Why? Well, I’m still recovering from the whole experience, to be honest, and I feel like if I don’t share a few photos and anecdotes right now, it may never happen.

Christmas 2010 was totally focused on our little boy, and that’s why it was so special. He was spoiled, without question, and was actually so overwhelmed by the gifts that it took us all day to open all of them. While he may still be a little too young at 16-months to fully grasp the concepts of Christmas, he has definitely been enjoying the new toys, and it’s sweet to see him so excited.

Christmas Tree Photo

It’s strange, in a way, to be on this side of life now. I can still remember vividly the thrill of believing in Santa myself, and the sleepless Christmas Eve nights I spent with my younger brother, just waiting for the right time to bound down the stairs to catch the first glimpse of the tree, with so many toys beneath. I now own the same home I grew up in, and to enjoy Christmas morning with my own little boy, in this house? Well, it is a surreal and emotional thing to say the least.

So, while the past few days have been exhausting for everyone, they have also been exciting and heartwarming. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family, and as always, I’m a little sad to see the season pass for another year. I do know, however that Evan’s excitement is only going to grow for the next few years, which gives me something to look very forward to.

Of course, there had to be some chaos in this story, right? Well, this morning at about 1:00 a.m., Evan started throwing up. I mean, violent, terrible, projectile throw-up. The poor guy struggled with this all night, and now Zach is sick. I am crossing my fingers that I have avoided it. Never fails!

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  1. I love your tree! Your pics are always so good!:)

  2. :( on the throwup. But your family is just gorgeous! E looks just like you! And you won’t believe how insane-crazy Evan will be when he really “gets” the whole Christmas/presents thing next year. My little guy is 2 in a few days, he was something to behold, chanting, “wake up, present time, new toys” (a little frightening, haha). But also totally magical. Happy Holidays!

  3. Wow! love your tree!!

  4. Oh dear. What happened? Is he allergic to any food? Or over-whelmed by the presents? (:

  5. That’s one of my favorite parts of parenting … sharing in the excitement with our kids. You get a little piece of your childhood back through their eyes.

  6. Yes, I own the home that I grew up in, crazy huh?

  7. Feel better soon. It’s either a stomach flu, cold, or flu these days. Somehow my hubby and I have escaped the ailments. What a beautiful family you have. I sure do enjoy your blog.

  8. Tis the season for getting sick. Sorry to hear that your family is dealing with being sick. We are slowing getting over a nasty cold here…and Logan just finished with his first case of a major hives breakout (lasted all Christmas week…fun).

  9. Kids make the holidays fare more enjoyable.

  10. I think the little one is coming through it now, thankfully!

  11. So sorry to hear the guys are sick. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  12. What a cutie pie!! You have a beautiful family!

  13. How awesome to live in the house you grew up in! I always feel like Christmas comes too quick and never lasts long enough. There’s always more I wish there was time for.

  14. I love the pictures! I hope everyone feels better soon :( XOXO

  15. Hoping you all get over that bug whatever it is.

    LOVE that second pic- his smile is precious!

  16. Oh dear. Feel better soon!!

  17. It’s totally going around this area. We are near Lancaster and holy moly…everyone I know has been sick with it, us included!

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