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Wordless Wednesday: Brown eyed girl


I have brown eyes and my husband’s eyes are spectacularly blue.

Kara had some green happening for a while, (her eyes still have a cool/green tone around the outer rings) but now it looks like they are definitely going to be dark brown! Brown eyes outnumber blue three to one in our little family now.

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    17 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Brown eyed girl”

  1. I have a small point and shoot camera that I just love, it’s a canon, but I would love to win this. I always love to take pictures wherever I go and this would be nice to win, to experiment even more with a nice camera. I’ve always wanted one.

  2. Those are some big beautiful brown eyes :) My family is all dark featured, but my daughter has my husband’s light features surprisingly!

  3. Wow…she really does have the most beautiful brown eyes. :)

  4. My husband has piercing blue/green eyes, mine, hazel and two daughters. One has deep dark brown and the other, sky blue. Both are absolutely beautiful. You’re baby girl will be absolutely beautiful regardless of the color. Oh if we could just see the world through the eyes of a child. Wouldn’t that be Beautiful??????

  5. She’s so pretty!

  6. Look at those gorgeous big brown eyes!
    She is such a little darling :)

  7. oh she is quite a beauty! Great photo

  8. There is nothing wrong with dark brown eyes–from one dark brown eyed girl to another. They are more dominate, but she might one day have a blue-eyed child.

  9. What beautiful eyes!!

  10. She is such a doll!!!! I hear you on the eyes. All my life I pictured marrying a blonde haired/blue eyed guy so I could have blonde haired/ blue eyed kids. I married the guy- and none of my kids have his eyes & only 2 have his hair color. The closest we came to non-brown, my middle one has hazel. They are beautiful- don’t get me wrong. But I really wanted just one with blue. Tempted to keep trying for them- but really, I’m not getting any younger here.

  11. She’s just gorgeous!

  12. She’s adorable as always. Thanks for the linky.

  13. Could she be any cuter?

  14. She really is one of the most beautiful girls ever!

  15. such pretty eyes what a really cute baby.

  16. But her brown eyes are oh-so-pretty!

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