My Favorite Busy-Morning Breakfast

This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own.

I’ll admit it—my kids and I have had a pretty lazy summer. I’ve been able to flex my work schedule to provide us with sleepy mornings and plenty of opportunities each week to just hang out as a family.

That’s all about to come to an abrupt halt, because when school starts, our lives will turn crazy, chaotic and rushed once again.

I’m really not ready for my alarm clock to ring at 6:00 a.m. every day and it can sometimes feel like an insane scramble to get myself and both kids out the door in time for school drop off. It’s why I’m absolutely LOVING my Quaker Overnight Oats as a quick, easy and delicious breakfast solution.

Quaker Overnight Oats

I eat oatmeal quite often because I know it’s good for me and it helps keep me full until lunch, but I have a little confession to make. I much prefer a cool breakfast to a warm one. I also prefer iced tea and coffee to their hot counterparts!

I’ve made my own overnight oats before, but you just can’t beat the convenience of a perfectly premixed cup of goodness that you can just pop into the fridge and forget about until morning.

At night, simply add milk or your non-dairy option (I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk) of choice to the single-serve container. Let the mixture cold-steep overnight in the refrigerator to create a cool and hearty breakfast option that is ready to enjoy the next morning without any of the morning hassle. It’s as easy as steep, sleep and eat! Sometimes, I’ll add a few extra blueberries and nuts.

Quaker Overnight Oats

Each single-serve container features a flavorful blend of oats, fruits, quinoa, flaxseed and nuts—giving you the nutrition you want to help start your day.

Quaker Overnight Oats

So, we’ve established that Quaker Overnight Oats are delicious and easy to make, but what about their nutritional benefits?

I’m really pleased to say that this product is made from 100% whole grain oats and other grains. It also contains no artificial flavors or added colors, and it’s a good source of dietary fiber with 10 grams of fat or less per container. Before you add your milk (or non-dairy option), each container has 300 calories or less.

Quaker Overnight Oats

I’m sure that I’m not the only mom who rushes out the door many mornings without having taking one bite of food. When I wake up on school mornings I’m responsible for the care of three people—my two kids and myself! I know how important it is for them to look and feel their best before heading off to school, so I often put my own needs last on those busy mornings.

Sometimes it’s a matter of having time to put on a little makeup or taking a moment to eat. Since I walk my daughter into her class every morning, I’m not ashamed to say that I often use those last five minutes to throw on a little touch of makeup, because hello, I don’t want to look like a zombie mom! :)

Grabbing a banana or an apple on the way out the door is great (who doesn’t love fruit!), but what my belly really wants most mornings is something a little more substantial. and well… tasty.

Quaker Overnight Oats is really transforming my morning by saving me precious time so that I can enjoy a delicious breakfast AND put on my makeup before heading out. That’s a winning morning if you ask me!

Quaker Overnight Oats

Quaker Overnight Oats comes in four amazing flavors including: Blueberry Banana & Vanilla Bliss, Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch, Orchard Peach Pecan Perfection and Raisin Walnut & Honey Heaven.

I am CRAZY for the Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch.

Oh my, just… it’s so good.

Quaker Overnight Oats

Whether you’re already a fan of overnight oats or you haven’t tried this breakfast trend, you’re going to love the flavor and simplicity of Quaker Overnight Oats!

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