Dear Crissy

Bye bye binky

Today, Evan is 18-months-old. I am not sure why, but this feels like a big milestone, and that’s really all I can say on the matter without crying and subjecting you to an unnecessary display of emotion. Get it together, Crissy.

Pacifier Baby Photo

On an equally sentimental note, we have officially said bye bye to the binky. I actually fully intended to take the pacifier from Evan at one year, but since he only used it at night and during naps, and I do like to get some sleep, I really procrastinated. I didn’t do anything special when I took it away, I just put him in bed one night and didn’t give it to him. He struggled to fall asleep for a few nights, but he hasn’t asked for it since that night.

I sent my mom an instant message the night that I put him to bed without his binky.

“Last night was binky’s finale.” I told her.

“That makes me want to cry.” she said.

“Me too.”

Obviously this was for the best, and like I said, my intention was to take it sooner. This is just one more sign that he is growing up, though, and I just can’t get used to that. Do mothers ever get used to that?

So, bye bye, binky. You were a good friend.

Baby Mam Pacifier

Binky Photo

Baby Binky Picture

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  1. Oh what cute pics! My son held on to his binky like it was a lifeline! We actually started out by only giving it to him during naps and when he was real fussy, but as time went on, he seemed to want it more (it went from a suckle need, to a want). My mom found the bye bye binky method (, printed it and suggested that we go with it. At first I was a bit mad at my mom, but I soon got over it. The method worked amazingly well. My son stopped sucking on it after 4 days! He proceeded to carry it around for another week, but never put it in his mouth. He then got tired of carrying it and simply lost interest. Mom was right, it worked, highly recommended!

  2. This is inspiring. our kids are almost the exact same age, but my daughter still has her binky. It is only allowed while in the crib, but I’m not sure how to make the final cut off!

  3. Awww – he is so sweet – Squish has lots of the same pacis – but here mine is turning 20 months – and still using his paci. I should have taken it away at 12 months – but didn’t and now – it is bad… Good for you for saying goodbye!

  4. I distinctly remember my brother actually stuffing his mouth with binkies, maybe 5 at once. He was VERY attached! My little lady isn’t too into them!

  5. Good choice mommy! Working with toddlers at my job I’ve seen the
    bad and good of a binky. Your son is absolutely precious. :)

  6. What photo editor and camera do you have/use? Great pics… I’m now a follower… :)

  7. Griffin only used his binky a handful of times, we just never really started giving him one in the first place, though sometimes at night when he’s falling asleep he tries to use mommy as his binky while I’m feeding him:) My little sister though…Goodness I remember her bribing my parents at age 3 to give up binkies. They gave her money (she’s always loved money) and she hid the binkies so she could get a fix behind their backs. Makes me laugh so hard now remembering it because her first is due next month!

  8. I still remember the day we took BB’s binky. One rough night and then nothing else. It was harder on me. LOL

  9. Love the Lynard Skynard onesie!!!

    And congrats on Operation Bye Bye Binkie!! We did the exact same thing with our little man. 2 days and we never looked back!

  10. My daughter was VERY attached to her paci. So much so that the pediatrician advised us to keep it. LOL. MY plan was to take it away after her 2nd birthday (which is Valentine’s Day). But, last month, she started biting holes in them. In less than a week, she bit holes in SIX paci’s. So we were down to one… the one she didn’t like. So, after two nights of it, she threw it down the stares, and it was lost. She has been two and a half weeks without it, and STILL asks for it nearly every nap and nighttime. Fortunately, the screaming meany fits only lasted the first ten days.

  11. Oh boy. This made me tear up. So so so sweet. I love all the pictures.

  12. Austin was a thumb sucker – big time. When he was about 3 1/2 he noticed his thumb nail did not look so good. I told him why. Around 4 I told him he as a big boy and did not need his thumb anymore. I ordered him a “Thumb Buddy” which he wore like a champ for a few weeks. It was a little fireman puppet that fit on his thumb. Then he quit on his own – Wow:) Mom’s do what they need to to get some sleep:) Nothing wrong with that at all!

  13. I am TOTALLY lovin’ that Lynyrd Skynyrd onesie!! Only one of my five kiddos would even take a paci and she gave it up at 6 months without a blink of an eye. Now the bottle/boobie was a different story for all of them! LOL

  14. I tried to take my daughter’s paci away cold turkey in November at 13 months. She did fine at night, but she screamed through both of her naps instead of taking them once she realized after a day or so that she wasn’t getting the paci back. It seemed the only thing enticing her to nap instead of play WAS the paci. I’d always heard that after a week to ten days, the worst should be over. But it just kept getting WORSE. So after three weeks of no naps and one worn out Mommy, we gave it back to her, and she’s slept like an angel since. So now we have to figure out how to approach taking it away again sometime before she’s 2. Worse comes to worse, we’ll use the Paci Fairy at that point who will leave her a gift and take all the pacis to babies that need them so she can be a part of the decision and understand that they’re gone because she’s a big girl. She’s also down to one nap now, which might make it easier simply because she’s so tired and ready for this nap that she may not fight it as hard as when she got two. We’ll see. I’m thinking about attempting cold turkey again at 18 months and seeing how it goes. All else fails, we’ll do the Paci Fairy at 2, but I’m hoping maybe being down to one nap and making when she’s 18 to 19 months the time to do it (I’ll be out of school instead of going online full time so a missed nap won’t be as detrimental to me.) will make the next attempt more successful. I’d always wanted to be rid of it by 1, like you. But that’s just not happening over here.

  15. We took it away cold turkey at 2. Although I think it was harder for me than it was for him. However my youngest is 4.5 and still sucks his thumb because well we can’t take that away. I’ve tried using the things you paint on his nail but he likes hot sauce so it doesn’t faze him.

  16. It never gets easier… :) Mine are 7 & 13 and every milestone is joyful and sad at the same time.

  17. First things first! Love the onesie in the last photo, I will be showing hubby this! Second, no we never get use to this:( My son is almost 9 and cartoons days are coming to and end. It’s iCarly, and other shows older kids watch. He’s talking about girls, and wanting to go hang out at friends houses. It is breaking my heart that my son has one more year and he will be in middle school *Crying*

  18. Giving up the binkie was much harder on me than my children.

    He is just adorable!!

  19. I remember the day that we said “Goodbye” to our binkies. Both girls were still using one (oldest was almost 3 and youngest was 18 months) but the dentist said it was time to say “Bye Bye” or it would affect oldest’s teeth. So, we just took them one weekend. It was not a fun weekend, but it only lasted a few days and they’ve BOTH been paci-free since!

    We never get used to them growing up, I think. At least, I hope not.

  20. The sooner the better. I took my oldest daughter’s binkie away when she was 18 months and it was pretty easy for the most part. There were a few nights when I debated giving it back to her. My youngest daughter, well, I gave in and let her have it until just after she turned 2. That was a huge challenge and I am so glad it is over!

  21. These moments are never easy, it’s the whole change. It’s never easy to accept.

    As mothers we’ll never get used to our children growing up. HUG!

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