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Clean and Inspired

I’d like to thank Clorox® for sponsoring this post.

I’ve been thinking about comparison a lot lately. While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see so many beautifully-backlit families, lovely, unmessy homes, and moms who somehow have time to paint their fingernails. It all creates a weird feeling of inadequacy. Like my clothes, my house, and maybe even our family dynamic isn’t quite special enough.

Luckily, I don’t dwell in those thoughts for too long. In fact, my mantra this summer has been to make the best of my life. This is my life, after all.

This is my imperfect home and my quirky family. We had hot dogs and potato chips for dinner TWICE this week, and I’m actually pretty okay with that.

There is so much JOY and contentment to be had when you just practice some gratitude and enjoy what you have.

For instance, while it seems as if some people on social media are creating unicorn-magic for their kids this summer via extravagant vacations multiple trips to the zoo, we’re doing things a little more low-key around here.

My daughter is big into art, so we’ve been doing a lot of painting and crafting this summer.

Something important I’ve noticed is that creating clean and organized spaces in my home makes such a huge difference in how we’re able to enjoy our art time.

I don’t have a dedicated craft room or even a special cabinet to store perfectly organized art supplies. I just have some simple plastic containers that I use to keep all of our favorites supplies and I stack these items under one side of my office desk.

Nothing fancy, but, we do like to keep it clean and organized. This makes pulling out our art kit feel like we’re opening a treasure chest every time. ❤

I am not well-known in my family for being the most organized person, but, I do know that there is something that feels good about a clean space. It makes me feel calm and more inspired to create.

In fact, Clorox did a little research and discovered 59 percent of parents say that their kids study better in a clean room, and 49 percent of parents say that their kids behave better in a clean room. So, in case you were wondering, kids can feel the power of a clean room too!

When it’s time for me and Kara to create our masterpieces, we bring our art supplies into the dining room to work.

I love this time with Kara. It gives us a chance to talk about the issues in our hearts, or to ponder over where squirrels sleep at night. Is it in hollow-tree apartments or do they have little tree-hammocks in the upper branches?

When we’re done creating, we always tidy up our art supplies and the entire room. I like to make her a team player in the cleaning process so she understands the importance of keeping her home clean, and so she can make that connection for herself about how great a clean space makes her feel.We use Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to wipe off the boards we paint on, our plastic containers, and our palettes.

We also use Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down the dining table (they are safe for finished hardwood!) and even on the splashes of watercolor that we may have dripped onto the hardwood floor.

I think I’ve probably mentioned it before, but, I am in love with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes. I am partial to the Crisp Lemon scent as I feel like it makes our home smell so clean and fresh. I also love that they kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including dreaded cold and flu viruses.

A quick swipe with the vacuum to pick up all the little bits and pieces we dropped while crafting and we leave the room just as clean as we found it. We both feel good, clean, and like we accomplished something.

The study done by Clorox that I noted earlier also found that the more people clean, the happier they are. The likelihood someone is happier than average increases by 53 percent for every additional hour that they clean in a week.

That fact alone makes me want to jump up right now and load the dishwasher. Well, almost. I’m not quite there yet!?

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