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Clean eating week 2 + fighting negative thoughts

As I mentioned last week, I started a serious healthy eating trend recently. On May 18th I quit Diet Coke for good and began eating clean.

Clean eating week 2

By eating clean I mean eating real food. Nothing from a box, nothing loaded with chemicals and certainly no fast food. I also eliminated bread and sugar. My sugar consumption has gone from very, horribly high to almost nothing.

Clean eating week 2

Here’s what I AM eating. Eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, lean meat and nuts. I’m eating a little dairy in the form of Greek yogurt but very minimal cheese.

Why no cheese and bread? Well, these items aren’t necessarily no-no’s when clean eating, but for me, they are trigger foods. One piece of cheese for me means two, or three, or five. Same with bread. I just want to get used to eating lots of fruit, veggies and meat before bringing in the foods that drive me wild. I’m eating lots of good food, don’t worry about that!

Clean eating week 2

Clean eating week 2

The picture above is zoodles (zucchini noodles) made with my new favorite kitchen gadget, the
Veggetti. So amazing, you have to try it.

After one week of clean eating and drinking exclusively water (and lots of it) I lost 5 lbs. At my two week weigh-in earlier this week I had lost another 3 lbs. I’m down 8 lbs. total.

A lot of people have asked how I feel. Well, the first week was really tough with the caffeine withdrawal headaches. But now, I feel really content. I don’t feel bloated, I don’t feel hungry (usually) and generally I do feel more energy that seems to last all day.

Yay!!! Right?

While I’m really happy and motivated by my progress, I find that it’s really hard to fight a few negative thoughts that keep creeping into my head. The biggest one is the thought that if I would have only started dieting and exercising 6 months ago or 30 lbs. ago I’d have so much less weight to lose.

Why didn’t I start sooner. It will take FOREVER for this weight loss to even be visible on my body. I’ll never reach my goal.

I’m a smart and confident woman and I know a self-sabotaging, negative thought when I hear one rattling around in my head, but wow, it can be so polluting. It’s no wonder that it’s so hard for people to really buckle down and make big lifestyle changes when they have a lot of weight to lose. The task just feels so big.

So far, I’m not letting the negative thoughts slow me down. I know there may come a day when that changes, but for now, it’s full steam ahead. I’m even doing some walking—about 1-3 miles per day to start, and tracking my steps on my
Fitbit Charge HR.

Clean eating week 2

Clean eating week 2

For any of you reading who are active on MyFitnessPal, I’m really needing some friends there. Please only add me if you actually use the app! My username is crissypage!

    4 Comments on “Clean eating week 2 + fighting negative thoughts”

  1. girrrrrlllll – I am WITH YOU On the clean eating thing. I’ve gone a few weeks totally clean – then stress and life happened and I fell of the wagon.  
    Now – even though I’ve already eaten an entire chocolate bar and some packages popcorn this morning – I’m inspired to get back on the wagon today. 
    Thanks woman, I’ll be watching for more updates! :D

  2. My son is a Mod on fitness pal.  I will see if he is active at the moment (his name is Ben) and have him friend you.
    Seriously you should do an article on quitting diet coke and was it hard?
    I am literally afraid to stop.
    Isn’t that dumb?
    but I think another soda drinker who relies on it for energy might get what I am saying
    just a thought

  3. You’ve got this! Just making those simple small changes will be enough to show great results. And don’t think about the past, think of the future and how your going to feel and look. I’m going to add you on my fitness pal, I’ve been using it for 827 days today, I never miss a day :)

  4. I’m so proud of you! You got this .

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