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Is co-sleeping with baby a good idea?

It is 8:26 a.m., and I am lounging comfortably in bed next to Kara.

She slept beside me last night, and I have to admit, being able to simply turn to my side to nurse her was comfortable, and convenient. Yet, I still worry about really making a habit of co-sleeping with my baby, so I hope that some of you can offer me your personal insight.

co sleeping

With Evan, we didn’t co-sleep because he just didn’t enjoy it. He was a different baby across the board, and he always slept better swaddled, in his crib.

This baby… well, this baby is unique.

As many of you know, we are struggling with colic, and most nights I’m lucky to get any sleep at all. When I do get sleep, it seems like it is only when Kara is either sleeping on my chest, or right beside me in bed.

It’s funny, because she’ll sleep in a bassinet during the day, but at night? No way.

I have most of the typical concerns about co-sleeping with my baby, including the danger-factor, and creating the need for her to sleep in our bed until she’s 10-years-old (part of me wouldn’t mind the kids being in our room until they are 10, but, I still worry that it isn’t best!)

Also, just FYI, I do have a co-sleeper next to the bed, and that just doesn’t seem to be good enough. She wants to be closer to my body.

I’m not sure if it was a fluke or not, but last night, she actually slept for 4 hours straight while in bed next to me, which is the longest stretch of sleep I’ve had in about 10 days — much needed — for sure.

Did you co-sleep with your baby, and if so, was it a positive experience?

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  1. My son usually sleeps in his crib, but I have no problem with him sleeping in bed with me as well. Sometimes we take naps together on the bed, I usually co-sleep when he’s sick because I feel better having him next to me, and sometimes when he wakes up too early in the morning, I bring him into the bed so we can sleep some more. This has never created issues, and I think we both enjoy snuggling up next to each other.

  2. Additional concern about sleeping with your baby. If they suffer from sensitive skin, eczema. Your combined body temperature lying together may increase discomfort for baby causing itchiness then scratching.
    Just a thought!

  3. I love cosleeping!

    L slept in our bed for three years and then we moved and I made a point of getting him his own twin bed in his own room. It was an easy transition. But now I still fall asleep with him on many nights, and sometimes he climbs into our bed in the middle of the night. He’s 5 now and we all love it.

    I’ve written about our co-sleeping adventure many times. Co-sleeping has been shown to have many benefits:

  4. Kara sounds like my daughter in the beginning… and I swore off co-sleeping! We wound up sleeping every night w/her on my chest for the first few weeks. My experience has been that I did what I felt was right for us… she eventually went into her bassinet, and then her crib in her nursery at 3 months. And now at 9 and 1/2 mos. she goes down w/o a fuss. I wouldn’t stress about it, I think you’ll know what’s right and the time will come that you’ll know to move her out of your bed…. In the beginning I followed the “expert” advise and can say, for me, no expert had the right answers. Hang in there and be confident in your choices! You’re the momma, you know what works – with a little trial and error – for your family.

  5. We co-slept from birth to 11 months, then had some things going on that made it necessary for McK to sleep in her crib. She never really did well, usually waking 5-6 times a night, so at 16 months, I decided we’d cosleep again. She starts in her bed every night & at first wakeup, I bring her to our bed. I bought a bed rail & put it on my side of the bed. She sleeps on the outside bc my husband is a heavy sleeper. She’s safest away from him & still safe bc of the bed rail. She’s 17 months now.

    Also, this article gave me great peace – It’s long, but a good read.

    I say do whatever helps you sleep! It just makes sense to me. :)

  6. I have to tell you, I coslept with my daughter and I would never even consider changing it. She’s five now and NEVER comes to bed with us. I totally believe it was the attachment parenting and cosleeping that aided us in creating a very confident little girl.
    My father in law was our biggest critic, swearing up and down that we would NEVER get her out of her bed. At 1.5 years old, she was in her own bed. There was no sweeter result than that! ;)

    Good luck, Chrissy. I hope you feel comfortable doing whatever WORKS for you and this new little addition!

  7. We love co-sleeping. The bond it has created for us is simply wonderful. I love it. If you’re worried about rolling on her they make these beds that fit right in your regular that have hard sides to prevent you from rolling on your baby..

    We haven’t had an issues with co-sleeping. You have to find a balance that works for everyone.

  8. I did not co-sleep with any of my 3 kids. They all slept in their own crib from day 1. I did have occasional nights where I would accidentally fall asleep with them but, not often. Now that we have our granddaughter spending weekends with us, we have been putting her in her own crib and she does great. We did co-sleep last weekend with her for 3 nights only because she was sick & very stuffy. We wanted to keep her close. Once we cleared up the stuffiness, back to her crib she went.
    Every baby & every parent are different. I do know of people who have done co-sleeping and it came back to bite them. They still have 8 & 12 yr olds who tend to wind up in their bed part way through the night at least once a week. I’ve also seen people who try to break the co-sleeping & don’t want to let their child cry it out so they just kept ending up back in their bed.
    It is a tough choice. Perhaps try putting her in her crib to start the night and do what you can to keep her there but, when it gets to be too much, bring her to bed with you so you can get a few hours of sleep.

  9. I am a reluctant co-sleeper (sometimes in bed, but mostly on the couch) with my 2-month-old, because she won’t sleep in her bassinet or any other place except with me holding her.

    The negative is that for such a tiny little person, she sure takes up a lot of real estate. How do they do that? And she inevitably settles into a position that is so uncomfortable on my arm that after a few hours I’m ready to chew it off to get some relief.

    The positive is that she is cuddly and warm, and I get to breathe in her baby smell and listen to her breaths all night. And a few years, I will miss the days when all she wanted was to be snuggled in my arms.

  10. I remember thoese days! I shared a post and a link back here. Hope all is going well.

  11. I co slept with both of my girls. Before having kids I said I never would. Both had reflux issues & both were terrible sleepers unless they were touching me. It was great for nursing purposes I nursed my 1st for about 1 yr & 2nd for as yr & a half. I slept best on my back with their head propped in my arm (cradling their head) it is impossible to turn over without waking up to turn over. This made me feel much safer. Needless to say they are still bad sleepers (4&8 yrs) They always go to sleep in their beds however most nights both get in bed with us at some point & finish the night out there. I have loved every minute of it & still sleep better when they are in bed with me. My husband & I both figure they will eventually out grow their desire to sleep with us. That will be a sad day. They grow up way too fast. I say do what works for your family.

  12. Co-slept with all three of ours. Our youngest is 9 months. He starts out in his crib but upon his first waking about 4 hours after he goes to bed, I bring him up and he slees next to us the rest of the night. The older two transitioned beautifully at one year and the second at six months. It works great for all of us. I believe the studies actually show baby next to mom is safest. Obviously people who are using drugs or alcohol would not want to co sleep. Overall we love it!

  13. When we brought our son home from the hospital on Thanksgiving, we found that the only way he would fall asleep was ON either his dad or me. We started off co-sleeping for about a month and a half, only because it was the only way he would fall asleep and it was a lot easier to nurse him. In the beginning, I was terrified that we would roll over on him but after seeing that wouldn’t happen, it became an issue of do we want to deal with transitioning him to his own bed now or later. Doing it now won, but it wasn’t that hard. I guess his crib, which is in our room, is a lot more comfortable than his bassinet was. His bassinet is now a storage bin in the corner of our room.

  14. I co-slept with all 3 of my girls and I loved it and so they did. With my first I tried so hard not to, but she would cry and cry. I would find myself falling asleep with her in a chair and then trying to put her back to sleep in a crib, only to have her wake and start the cycle all over again. I quickly learned how easy it was to just nurse in bed and sleep!!

  15. I did Co-sleep off and on with both my boys but started working to get them in their own bed when they were 2 and 3. They are now 3 and 4 and often times end up in our bed before the night it over. My hubby is a hard sleeper too so when he is home I try not to let the boys co-sleep and will go lay down with them til they are asleep and then slip back into my bed. My daughter is 11 and I don’t think there is anything wrong with them sleeping in my bed when the hubby is gone and I actually love that they would want to. We are a very close homeschooling family and I love that even at 11 my daughter still likes to snuggle. It won’t last much longer and I know I will miss it all way to soon so I say if your kids want to be with you then take it while you can. :-) Best wishes.

  16. I have a dear friend who lost her just weeks old son because her husband was co-sleeping with the baby and while sleeping accidentally rolled over. Unfortunately when he woke up the baby was blue and unresponsive and they were unable to revive him. Their marriage has also been horribly torn apart my the tragedy. So for the safety and sake of your beautiful baby please resist the urge to co sleep.

  17. I was against cosleeping with my first daughter but it happened by accident once when she was almost 3 months and we actually SLEPT and we never looked back! We were afraid of starting a bad habit and end up having her in bed with us for longer than we wanted, so we only coslept half the night. Cosleeping doesn’t have to be all or nothing. She would nurse to sleep at night and pass out on the boob – I could transfer her to her bassinet right before I went to bed. Then when she’d wake up at 3am or so, I’d toss her into bed, slap her on the boob and we’d sleep wonderfully. When she was 5 months we moved her to her own room but continued that same routine. Ultimately, she stopped waking up at night and she’s now 2 years old and sleeps happily in her own bed. My second daughter was born 3 months ago and we’re doing the same routine with her and I’ve had no sleep deprivation like I did with my first daughter those first months. We’re handling this newborn period so much better than the first time around. My only thought with cosleeping, is to make sure you do it safely. Here are a few articles that explain how to make sure you do it as safely as possible:

    Hope this helps and good luck! :)

  18. I am currently cosleeping with my second child. With my oldest son, my pedestrian was totally unsupportive but with my youngest, our pediatrician is super supportive. She said in her culture, she is Filipino, it is a cultural norm.
    If you think about it, cosleeping is natural thing for mom and baby. Cave women did not have cribs. I highly recommend that you read this article if you want more information or are unsure.

  19. I co slept with my son and loved every second of it. I don’t think it does any harm and it definitely helps you get more sleep. I think in the long run it gives them more independence, because they had that security and closeness as a baby. Some may not agree, but that’s my opinion. My son sleeps in his own bed now (5), but still comes in to sleep with me in the middle of the night if he wants–and I welcome it because it won’t be long before he’s too cool and wants nothing to do with me.

  20. With my second son, It was all about co-sleeping. He was 2 1/2 before he slept through the night if that tells you anything. From birth, snuggled up next to me was the only way he would sleep. I was nursing and it was also the only way I could get any sleep at all since I also had a son who was 14 months older than him. If it works for you both – do it. I loved co-sleeping and at the age of 4 1/2 he still loves to cuddle with mommy.

  21. My daughters only slept in the bed with me when I got up to nurse, and the fell asleep nursing. When I woke I just adjusted my bra/boob, and went back to sleep.

    Having said that, the girls both wake up in the middle of the night and get in my bed. It drives me nuts (they are 6 and 8). But that started when we first moved to SC since I moved in with family for 6 months and we actually shared a bed. Now they go to sleep (together) in one of their beds, but wake up separately to get in mine.

    I didn’t deal with colic. Good luck!

  22. Hanna would not sleep on her own at all, any time of the day or night. She also had terrible colic at night. After a while I gave in to co-sleeping with her because it was the only way I got ANY sleep. She easily transitioned into her crib once she was fully sleeping through the night – about 6 months. It was a life saver for me (or at least a sanity saver) and the convenience of just rolling over to feed her – at the time was priceless!

  23. Yes, it was a positive experience! My first (boy) was not at all interested in being in bed. My second ( girl who acted very similar to yours) would ONLY sleep if I held her or she laid next to me in bed. I was not for her sleeping in bed with me, for the same worries you have, but it got to the point that if I wanted to get some sleep, this was apparantly the only way it would happen. We got into a routine, and with nursing it is just so easy. Eventually, she started sleeping longer and longer stretches, and we transitioned to crib. She still enjoyed climbing in bed with us often until she was 4 or 5 years old. She is now a beautiful 17 year old young lady, who is not interested in climbing in bed with Mom and Dad :) Good luck, it sounds like you are doing what you need to!

  24. I don’t have any children of my own, and feel you should do whatever you feel most comfortable doing – you need your sleep!

    However, my boyfriends daughter is now 10 and only recently (like this past summer) started sleeping alone – at our house anyway. She always slept in bed with her mom and step-dad so getting her to sleep in her own room at our house, was an absolute NIGHTMARE! She always slept in our livingroom and either her dad would stay out there all night, or he would just stay up late watching tv and then sneak back into our bed. This past summer we moved and the bedrooms are upstairs and we laid down the law – she has her own room (as she always has), she needs to sleep in it – or she can sleep downstairs by herself. She never once slept downstairs alone, she even goes to bed before us now!

  25. According to my nursing peds/OB professor, a co-sleeper is best for many mothers b.c not only is it potentially risky to sleep next to the baby all night, it may make the mother extra conscious of the small body next to her and have less quality sleep. Sleep is extra important for both the baby and new mother :) Of course, it is important to bond with baby skin-to-skin and soothe the baby but it may not be possible 24 hours and you want to be your best during the day :) However, most mothers figure out what’s best for their situation.

  26. I co-slept with my first until our second was born 2 months ago, she is 3 (this week!) and she sleeps just fine on her own now – mind you this is the baby that could not sleep without me next to her the whole first year. She sleeps 12 hours every night on her own mattress in our room, we’re still remodeling the room that will be hers/kids’. Our second baby who is about the same age as yours also only sleeps well next to me, during the day he prefers to sleep right on me in a Moby! I put him down during his awake times (bouncer, bassinet), but he does all the sleeping with me. I do not regret for a moment cosleeping with our first through toddlerhood, I actually kind of miss her being in our bed with us! You may also find a lot of encouragement here:
    I personally feel it is weird to have infants sleeping away from the mother, especially in a separate room.

  27. I have always done co-sleeping. We have nine children. I got far more sleep, they got far more cuddling and nursing was a breeze. I would HIGHLY recommend co-sleeping!!!

    Beware of many false studies about the “dangers” of co-sleeping. Most of them are paid for my crib and mattress companies to begin with. If you look at statistics for the USA only a couple of babies die a year from co-sleeping and 90% of them are from intoxicated parents. Worldwide co-sleeping is the norm and fatalities are almost non-existant the percentage is so small.

  28. I have been co-sleeping with my 13 month old since we brought him home from the hospital. I hadn’t planned to, but it was the best way for both of us to get more rest than when I tried to lay him in his crib and it is so convenient for nursing at night. Some experts like Dr. Sears believe that co-sleeping is not only safe, but better for babies who regulate their breathing and heart beat by synching up to their mothers when they are close to them. He also believes that co-sleeping reduces the risk of S.I.D.S. My son is one year old and I am going to start night weaning soon. I don’t think he’ll have as hard of a time with the transition from co-sleeping to sleeping alone if it is done earlier rather than later.

  29. (Mother of 5 -ages 27-9) Awww Crissy, I see you are struggling with this and you shouldn’t. Yes, it’s true that co sleeping means that they will want to sleep with you and my youngest daughter that’s 9 still does from time to time. She has her own room, but sometimes she comes and climbs in the bed with us. My youngest son and youngest daughter both had colic and allergies, so I wanted them close to me, because I worried so much. And like you, I too struggled with wondering if it was going to do more harm than good. But one day, my elderly neighbor lady was outside, and I asked her, if I should co sleep with my baby. She said something to me that made perfect sense to me and and It helped me to make up my mind, she said…”Why not! Do you realize Paula, that all of the animals co sleep with their babies? Why wouldn’t you want to co sleep with your babies”? Then she went on to say, that she slept with all of hers when they were little, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Well, from the moment that she said that, I continued to sleep with my daughter and I can say, that I don’t regret it. So, my advice to you is exactly the advice that my neighbor gave me. I personally feel, that it makes both mom and baby feel more secure, the only thing is…be careful and not to throw them out into the PS. I hope that helps, and if you have any questions that you want to ask me, please feel free to do just that. Again, congratulations on that beautiful little sweetie.

  30. I can’t co-sleep… I tried and I couldn’t. We struggled with colic as well.

    I wrote a post about this a few months ago, check it out if you like:

    Everyone has their own level of comfort. It really is an individual choice. I feel your pain… while struggling through those sleepless nights, it’s hard to imagine ever sleeping again but it will eventually pass. One day your little one will sleep through the night.

  31. I think it’s worth it allowing my kids to co-sleep in order for me to get at least a good chunk of sleep. I love being close to her when she is sleeping. I also have the crib next to our bed as a co-sleeper, but Athena is the same way and wants to be right against me. I personally don’t think it was that dificult to transition them to a crib either. Good luck which ever you decide to do!

  32. This is a controversial topic… But I’ll just tell you what worked best for my family. I too nursed and had babies that slept best while next to me in my bed. I co-slept with my boys until they were 6 months old. I then moved them into their own room. You have to do what works best for everyone! Good luck :)

  33. I’ve co-slept with both my boys and plan to co-sleep with my new one (due in April). The important thing is that you do it safely: don’t have the baby between you and anyone else, place baby between you and push your bed against the wall. I also didn’t have any blankets over my boys. The trick to switching them to their own bed is timing. When I stopped breastfeeding at night, about 10 months old, I placed them in a crib next to my bed. It only took about 3 nights and I weened them from both at the same time. Neither were upset with the switch, they mainly woke up from the habit of eating. They would stand in the crib, I’d lay them back down, and they’d go back to sleep. After that, they slept 6-8 hours straight a night. I strongly believe that safe co-sleeping provides good sleeping habits, some babies really need someone to teach them how to stay calm and sleep throughout the night. Good Luck!

  34. I did not co sleep with baby #1, and I remember being exhausted all the time, falling asleep in the rocker with her, dozing off, scared I would drop her. SMH Baby #2 came a year and a half later and wouldn’t sleep in his bassinet. One night I laid him next to me, and nursed him, and we both slept so good! We’ve been semi co sleeping ever since, including babies 3 and now 4. They would start the night in our bed, and we’d move them to the crib sometime in the middle of the night and vice versa. This has helped me to get more sleep, and be able to function much better than I did with #1.

  35. My son is 13 months old, and he’s slept in our bed since the night he came home and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Oh, there’s a crib in our room..pushed up against the open side of our bed as a guardrail!

    My MIL got us the crib and gets upset everytime she sees the situation, telling us he needs to move into it. I just can’t do it!

    I’m a nursing mom too, and there really is nothing more convenient than just having to lift your shirt and you both drift off back to sleep. Also, do you really think it’s a coincidence that your child slept so long the first time you co-slept with her? Baby is warm, comfortable, secure…

    I’ll eventually move my baby into his own crib, probably when he’s done nursing.

    One bit of advice is though, don’t continue to do it unless you plan on making it a habit, for you and baby’s sake! At this point, I can’t imagine sleeping without my baby at my side. If he falls asleep in the swing or somewhere else, I will actually bring him into bed with me rather than leave him where he is so I can sleep on my own!

    One more thing, you’re nervous about safety….studies have found that co-sleeping moms are quite aware of their surroundings while they sleep. From my experience, I wake up the moment my baby starts to wriggle and we’ve had NO problems with him getting (or falling!) out of bed in 13 months.

    I hope you get lots of advice for your post, but most important thing is is for you to do what YOU want!

  36. I co bedding and it was the best 14 months of my life. Both Aiden (my son) and I slept really well.

  37. We co-slept with all 3 (and most likely 4 when this baby comes) with ours. With my oldest, she would ONLY sleep on top of me until she was 21 months old.. which was tricky because my son was born when she was 12 months lol. My son co-slept off and on, but he was never a fan and usually slept much better in his own bed. My youngest daughter co-slept, she probably would have been fine on her own but I just found it easier to have her in bed with me and its what I was used to. So, yes I would say co-sleeping for us is a very positive experience. I love having my babies so close and snuggling with them, it all goes by so fast. My kids, even my oldest who HAD to be on my chest, had no issues sleeping on their own eventually. They’ve all be in their own beds by 4.

    Now, we do have a co-sleeper and DH took a picture one night.. the kids in the bed and ME pushed over so far I was pretty much sleeping in there lol.

  38. We co-slept with all three children. I loved it. I felt closer to my children and with all three, nursing was just so easy.

    The downside, my kids are now 9, 7 and almost 5…and we still co-sleep sometimes. They are too comfortable in our bed!!

  39. I co-slept with both mine for periods of time while they were babies. It wasn’t my choice but it worked.

    Do what works and when it doesn’t, re-evaluate. Chances are you aren’t setting her up to be a permanent resident in your bed. And the sleep you will get is definitely worth it!

  40. We’ve been cosleeping since our first was born, over five years ago. Now, we have two: Ezra is thirteen months, and Henry will be six in May. Our cosleeping experience has been wonderful, and both my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Henry has recently expressed interest in sleeping in his own bed, and that’s totally okay with us. I’m still nursing Ezra, and he likes to nurse once or twice in the night, so obviously it’s perfect for that reason. I highly recommend cosleeping. My oldest is sensitive and I truly believe that cosleeping, as part of our attachment parenting, has helped him to cope with going to school and being a confident child in social situations. I love bed time, and I look forward to that hour when the boys snuggle and hubby and I snuggle before they go to sleep.

  41. I co-slept with all 4 of my children. It was the best thing for us. I also breastfed all of them. They only slept with us until they were 2 or 3. lol. But we didn’t try to wean them from it either. I am all for it.

  42. I did, and still do currently co sleep with my son. We breastfed and it made me getting sleep a lot easier. While at times it did actually hinder my sleep if he was crying or just having a bad night, nothing was better than waking up and seeing him smile in the morning.

    He is teething right now and some nights he just can’t sleep by himself, he only finds the comfort from my warmth and being next to me. If that’s what makes him happy and gets him sleep I feel like it’s what I need to do as his mother.

  43. We were “accidental co-sleepers”. I was definitly against the idea but it worked. She slept in my bed until about 12 months and then we transitioned her to a twin bed in her own room. Occasionally I go in there and sleep half the night in her bed, but overall she has done well.
    I read this article

    And it changed my ideas about bedsharing & co-sleeping. Every child is different, and sometimes as parents we have to adjust our thinking to better meet that child’s needs.
    You will find something that works for your family!!

  44. I am now co-sleeping with our second daughter. The first was 2 when she finally made it out of our bed. I’ll be honest, getting her into her own bed was a struggle, but we did it.

    A few tips for co-sleeping safely. Get one of those bumpers if you are worried about rolling over on her. I don’t think you would anyway, b/c you are mom and even in your sleep keenly aware of your baby, but we did use bumpers with our first and it gave us a little piece of mind.

    Scoot down (or scoot baby up) so that your head is no higher than her hips. That way if you pull the covers up, it won’t cover your baby.

    Continue swaddling. Not only will she sleep better, but it keeps her from rolling and getting her face in the mattress.

    We loved co-sleeping with our babies. We got better sleep, so did they. And it’s a great bonding time. Even though you are sleeping, both you and baby know you’re close. Good luck!

  45. I co-sleep right now and it’s mainly because it’s easier for baby and I. He sleeps fine during the day in his crib but at night it’s like a switch turns on and he needs to be near mommy and daddy.
    I also co-slept with my first child (twelve yrs ago) and he slept in the bed with me until he made it known he wanted his own big boy bed.

    I’ve never had any issues and we co-sleep safely (no blankets past my waist, no pillows etc)

    Also my husband sleeps hard so I make sure I am in the middle and baby is near the wall.

  46. I’m sure it was not a fluke! We started out being totally opposed to co-sleeping, which was great because our first-born would only sleep well in her own crib. Baby #2 was also fine to be on his own. Babies #3 and #4 were not good sleepers. Desperate times led to co-sleeping a lot. Pure exhaustion won out. They were not interested in the co-sleeper either. With both of them we gently pushed them out by 18 months. It was not the easiest transition, but everybody survived. I know how frustrating it can be. But you have to admit that it’s pretty delicious to have a warm little love snuggled up to you, right?

  47. We’ve been co-sleeping with our daughter (she’s 7 weeks) and I really like it. I makes it much easier to nurse her to sleep at night, during the night if she wakes up (although she has started sleeping through the night), and I like having her near me. We haven’t found any real “danger” – we keep blankets, pillows, etc. a distance from her and neither my husband nor I have come anywhere close to accidentally rolling on her. In fact, the only downside is that I don’t sleep as well (probably because I am hyperaware of her and not wanting to roll on her).

    I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worked for us so far. I know we won’t want her in the bed with us forever, we’ll work on transitioning her to her crib when we feel ready.

  48. There are some things you have to commit to, like pretty much NEVER drinking (I’ve not been around much lately so I don’t know all these little details) and breaking the co sleeping habit can be next to impossible. That’s where I’m at right now. Two and a half, and she still ends up in my bed every night.

    I think that I will never be on team anything (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, formula, whatever) again. That baby will tell you what she needs/wants, and this one wants to co-sleep. She’s beautiful, and congrats!

  49. I was against co-sleeping too at first, because of all the bad things I have heard. Though in order to get any sleep at all I had no choice. Anytime I put him down Id pick his right back up. I tried everything else but nothing worked. At around 3 months of age I notice he kept sleeping after I put him down for a second during a nap(this would never happen before. That nights I layed him in his be and held his hand for a bit and after about 1 hour, (no crying, just alot of restlessness) He fell asleep and stayed asleep for about 6hours. Now (about 1 week later) it only takes him about 5-10mins to fall asleep after out bedtime routine. They will let you know when they are ready and all babies are different. My husband and I loved cosleeping and miss it, but we dont want to ruin a good thing with the crib sleeping. I say if you dont mind it and feel safe doing it go for it!

  50. i’m co-slept with all 5 of my children. they all transitioned nicely before they were 18 months old and are all good sleepers now in their own beds.

  51. Long story that I will try to sum it up.
    Severe colic baby. Vomiting all the time. We co-sleep still and she is 17.5 months. We had to. She has never been in a crib. Never co-slept with my first tho
    We will be trying a toddler bed soon.
    I had no worries with her in bed with us. She slept great.
    She always had to be very close to me. So close we could get any closer. Lol
    And she is still like that.

  52. We never really decided. We slept where we could and when we could. My baby is turning 14, so it was quite a while ago and these terms weren’t such a big deal at the time. The “cry it out” thing was never an option for me and both my children sleep in their own beds now =). Every once in a while, my daughter and I still have a sleep over and I feel privileged that at her age she’s still willing to “co-sleep” with mommy.

  53. We did/continue to co-sleep with our son. When he was an infant, it was for my own sanity. As you said, they’re right there next to you for feedings. And he definitely slept better when he was with us. He’d nap in his crib during the day, though. Now that he’s older (he’ll be 3 in April), he still sleeps with us but the situation has become more “mature”. I read to him in our bed where he falls asleep, then I move him to his bed. For a while he’d climb back into our bed by midnight. But now he usually doesn’t join us until at least 6am, and we wake up together around 8. Sometimes, at night, he’ll even ask to be moved to his bed after we read so he can fall asleep there. If it keeps you sane and baby happy, absolutely do it! Your little one will mature with her sleeping habits with time. And if she wants to sleep with you as she gets older, unless it’s really bothersome to you, it’s a great thing. I wish I could find it, but a friend of mine recently posted an article saying that kids who co-slept often have more secure/healthy/close relationships with their parents…among other things. My husbands family all slept in the same bed/room for ages! The youngest slept in the same bed until she was in her early teens, and the older two kids slept in the same room on a mattress on the floor. I’ve never seen kids have such good relationships with their parents as they do. (of course, I know most of us wouldn’t let our kids sleep with us for THAT long! lol…but whatever works for your family)

  54. My son is just three months old, and I feel so lucky because he has always been so good about sleeping on his own. When we brought him home, he couldn’t sleep alone for more than 15 minutes, so he shared the bed with me and hubby but it worried me like crazy! So during the day I would have him nap in his crib, and it only took about a month and he was actually most comfortable sleeping in his crib, now when he’s tired he freaks out if he’s not sleeping in his crib.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as long as you teach her independence when she’s ready, and don’t KEEP her in your bed until she’s 10, I’m sure she’ll grow out of it!

    Good luck, and try to get some more sleep!

    Have a great week!

  55. I did NOT co-sleep with number one. he slept fine on his own and I was VEHEMENTLY opposed to co-sleeping. 5 years later, I gave birth to a daughter who did not sleep alone. At all. Ever. Now we’ve co-slept with her for 13 months. Along the “eat crow” path, I’ve learned there’s a smart and a dumb way to co-sleep. Good luck!

  56. I was not a full-on co-sleeper. My husband sleeps really heavily and moves a lot so we knew it would be a bad idea in our bed. But I definitely had nights where I took the baby into the twin bed in his room and co-slept with him there.

    I was nervous about it, but we had very little bedding and it turned out that my nervousness must have extended through my sleep. I wouldn’t move AT ALL when I slept with him. I would have to wake up every few hours and rearrange myself because I got so stiff!

    This baby’s due next month and I’m hoping to get a co-sleeper and see how it goes.

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