Dear Crissy

    10 Comments on “Crunchy leaves and soft petals”

  1. I love the contrast of textures during the fall season. What a beautiful way to capture them.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous.

  3. What a gorgeous time of year!!

  4. Great photos. Happy Wednesday!

  5. These Fall photos are so beautiful! I wish we had such breathtaking scenes here! Have a good Wednesday.

  6. I like the last picture. The middle leaf reminds me of a lil’ birdie flyinaway. I guess I’m a dream.. the type that looks at clouds and sees darth vader and yoda instead of cotton candy. Toodles!

  7. That second one is my favorite!

  8. Beautiful pictures! My favorite time of year :)

  9. those are gorgeous ,i love fall..

  10. I love the crunchy leaves. Must say without a doubt it is my favorite part about fall. Who doesn’t love the crunch leaves? Seriously. I grew up in New Mexico so I lived without crunchy leaves for most of my life, now – when I walk around – I go out of my way to make sure to walk through the leaves. crunch. crunch. crunch.

    I even used to enjoy RAKING the leaves – which I helped my now-husband’s mother do when I was in college. Now I live in an apartment – no raking leaves for me!

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