Dear Crissy

De-lurk Friday


You’re here — reading these words, on this white page, in this digital space.

Maybe you are a regular reader of my blog, maybe you stop by on occasion, or perhaps this is the first time you’ve been here.

Whatever the scenario, I would like to invite you to take a moment to make yourself known. Even if you have never commented on my blog in the past and even if you never comment on blogs period.

I would love it if just this one time you took a moment to de-lurk, say hello, and tell me who you are.

I’ve felt really disconnected from the heart of my readership for a long time now. I really feel like I had a good thing going here before becoming pregnant with Kara last year, but after months of a difficult pregnancy and being absent from my blog for weeks at a time, I know that I lost touch.

I want to get back into that rhythm I had before. I want to make time to reply to comments, and explore all of your great blogs, but before I can do that I have to know who you are. I could have put up a linky, but really, I’d rather meet you through a good old fashioned comment.

It may take me all day, or even all weekend, but I will make time to visit each of your blogs and/or reply to every person who takes the time to say hi.

So — tap tap, is this thing on? Beuller? It’s De-lurk Friday, what are you waiting for?

Like this idea? Feel free to swipe it and host a De-lurk Friday today on your blog (of course, I’d love a link back)!

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  1. HI…I know this is an older blog post, but figured I’d introduce myself. I’m Joanna (as it says already) I’m 32, a stay-at-home wife and mother. I have 2 little girls who are beautiful and I plan to home-school when they’re school age. I found your blog through a give-away that a friend entered and shared on Facebook. I just casually read over blogs (usually when I’m putting off housework :-S) and I enter the giveaways that you post when it’s something I’m interested in.

  2. I love this idea, I might swipe it in the future and link back to you! I’ve been a reader on and off pretty much since you started this blog. I’ll check in at least every couple weeks even though I’m not much of a commenter. I love your clean design, beautiful photos, and laid back writing style. :)


  3. I don’t know if it doesn’t count as I’m commenting on Monday. I’m so far behind in everything now, it may not be possible to De-Lurk completely :)

  4. Hi Crissy! I am from Milford, PA. I like to follow many blogs including yours. I am an exteme couponer & always on the look out for a good deal. I love great giveaways too so thank you for your giveaways.

  5. Hi Crissy! I’m Elizabeth from Table for Five. I don’t think we’ve met in person, if we met at BlogHer I apologize, I have a terrible memory :) If we didn’t, I hope we will someday soon because I love your blog!

    I live in Lansing Michigan, I married my high school sweetheart Chris, and we have three kids – Ryan age 15, Nathan age 13, and Kaitlyn age 6.

    I started Table for Five in 2005 while pregnant with Kaitlyn. I wanted to flex my creative writing muscles (I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Michigan State University and spent the better part of four years writing papers, loved every one of them!) and share my stories with other Moms. I never thought I’d still be blogging 7 years later, let alone get incredible opportunities and even make some money!

    I just talked with other bloggers last week during a brand event about how commenting has really slowed down. So many people read blogs on their phones, or have so many sites in their feed readers that they don’t have time to stop and comment. Thanks for doing this, I already do a Friday meme but I may have to add this one as well!

  6. Hello my name is Grace from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I love your blog!!

  7. I know I am probably one of the few people that finds face book too intrusive.Is there any way to add more options for those of us dinosaurs left to enter a contest? Picket fence, easy entry…? Thanks!

  8. I love stopping by & looking at pictures of Kara. My granddaughter is the same age (turned 5 months on the 19th) I don’t always comment, I do see every post.

  9. I love your blog! I especially love the posts about the moments you have with Evan and Kara. I am Cym from the Philippines and I have three children. I am a stay-at-home wife and mommy. I am continually trying to find inspiration in my ordinary days. It’s a lovely thing that you reach out to your readers. I love your giveaways although I am not qualified to join, haha! My favorite post is about your breastfeeding experience with Kara wherein there’s this indescribable moment you look into each other’s eyes and she cracked a grin. I could totally relate with that feeling. :-)

  10. Thanks for the post! I mostly follow you via email, but it’s good to have an excuse to look at your actual (awesome looking) blog!

    p.s. we named our son Ferris. As in Bueller. Love it.

  11. I’m Hannah! I have 2 little boys. I like reading about frugal or green or healthy things, especially cloth diapering.

    I have a blog but most of my readers are friends and family.

  12. Crissy – I’m not YET a regular reader, but I do subscribe to your newsletter. I’m getting re-organized myself, so I’m trying to focus on sharing my blog love with my fellow bloggers. This post definitely caught my eye. Not only will I stick around for more great posts, but I’d love to post this on my blog. Of course, I will link back! See ya around the blogosphere! Much Love!

  13. Hi Crissy.
    What a great idea! Love it. (Might swipe it. lol)
    Looks like you have quite a few de-lurkers. heh

    I’m on my way to work and stopped in real quick to say hello… (And, because the blog title sitting there in my mounting stack of emails intrigued me and I HAD to find out what it was before I left.) ;)

    I’m a mother of two – daughter/nurse, son/pharmacy grad school, but I remember how disconnected moms can feel when they have little ones at home. (Especially since none of my friends had kids until much later than I did.)

    I really enjoy your blog, and your cute photos. I admit, I’m a lurker most of the time.

    Must run! Thanks for taking an interest in your followers! Four other authors and myself have started a new blog ( ) and might ‘borrow’ your de-lurker idea after we get a following. Love the concept. I’d love for you to stop by when you have time!

    Happy Monday!

  14. well its not Friday but I’ve had a busy weekend. I stop by often but confess don’t always comment. I love your email synopsis with every post. I promise i will post comments more often

  15. Hi! My name is Lauren… I forget how I found your blog but I know I am always drawn in by your amazing photography!! I have a passion for photography and one day when I’m done nursing school I’ll have more time to devote to perfecting my art! Keep up the awesome work!!

  16. I know I don’t comment or stop by as often, but I still read your posts in my google reader. :D

  17. I’m a former LA lawyer turned mother-of-5-in-rural-France. Before we emigrated my blog was mostly about the ridiculous things that came out of the kids’ mouths. These days, it’s a little bit more about the move and I am thinking of combining it with my other blog ( that was where I had originally intended to put all the move-to-France stuff.

    I love YOUR blog because it is so incredibly well designed. Not only is the layout super clean and clear, the colors and the photography are STUNNING. And your writing is really good too. And we have babies that are close to the same age, so… I can relate!

    • Jadzia, wow, what a great story you have!!!

      My designer is incredible, huh? So glad you like the look and feel! Hope to talk to you more soon ! :)

  18. Hi, my name is Lauralee. I don’t always comment. I decide from the email you send whether I have time to click on in and read the whole post or not. I can’t say I always do, but often I do. I’m very busy trying to garden and trying to get some landscaping done. There are just not enough hours to read all the blogs and get all the housewife things done and other things I want to do, especially since I have a genetic nerve muscle disease and other medical problems. I have to really get things done on my good days and then on my bad days take it real easy. So, even if I don’t comment, I do think your blog is really done well and like what you have to share.

  19. I just love your blog!!! This is a great idea and I may just have to “borrow” it :) I wouldn’t call myself a lurker, maybe an over-commentar for a few posts than I’ll forget to visit for awhile. Having babies definitely takes a toll on you, I’m sure no one holds it against you.

    My name is Christy and I started my blog, Home-Mom, in 2010 to track homeschooling and my new journey becoming a stay at home mom. I don’t think I’ve done my blog enough justice after switching more to reviews/giveaways. So I’m still trying to find a happy balance between writing about things I want to and things I think others want.

    It really is nice how you take the time to comment, I was so tickled when you replied to me on twitter. It’s such a small gesture but it made my day, so thank you :)

    • Hi Christy!!! Thanks so much for taking a minute to say hi today – going to go check out your blog now, and never hesitate to Tweet me! :)

  20. I am Angela Willis. I reply to a lot of your posts, and enter some of your giveaways. I live in Spokane, Washington, with my husband, Tim, and my three sons (Ian, 12, Jordan, 9, and Liam, 5), as well as our two cats, Holmes and Watson. We are originally from Texas, but moved to the Pacific NW, about 8 years ago.

    I find your posts interesting and thought provoking, and enjoy reading most everything you have written, but I think that I enjoy your photography the most – you have a great eye.

    • HI Angela, I recognize you as one of my regular FB peeps too :) thanks for saying hi today. girl, you need a gravatar!

  21. Hi my name is Lori. I’ve only recently become an avid fan of yours but really love lurking on your blog. I’ve been married for 31 yrs (next month) and am the mother of 6 and Nana of 3. I’ve always thought of starting a blog but since I am still homeschooling our 3 youngest who are 11, 14 and 15 I don’t seem to find the time to do it. I have a tendency to write “books” when I start…. I will try to be less “lurkless” and more of an active participant in your blogspace. Thanks for all you do!

    • P.S. We used to live in Ashtabula county, Ohio which is the NE corner of Ohio. I am a third generation Florida girl so I kinda froze my tail for the 5 yrs we lived there but I did come to love the Fall colors. We have since retired (my husband from Law Enforcement in FL) and bought a farm here in Blanch, NC where the weather is a little more reasonable.

  22. hello, my name is Amy i am a stay at home mother of three great kids ranging from age 18 to 8 my baby girl is graduating in a couple of months.. I am more of a reader then a commenter i love to read about others and get to know them and the reviews they have to offer. Love to try others recipes out and try something new on the dinner table and for my family. thanks for this blog am enjoying your blog very much. Have a great weekend!!!

  23. My name is Sarah and I stop by often. Mother of two boys and work full time… wondering how I survive each day, and how do I find time to lurk… but i suppose lurking is much better then that pile of dirty dishes…. i think i will save those for tomorrow!

  24. What a fabulous idea!

    My name is Kayla and I hail from the blog The Eclectic Element. I actually am somewhat of a “newbie” having subscribed and follow you for the mattress giveaway that’s going on. I do lurk on some of the mother posts you write due to the fact that I don’t have kids and I really don’t have much to say on the topic, but I try to comment on your other posts like your photography (beautiful pictures BTW) and others :)

    I truly believe in order to be a successful blogger you need to leave comment love for others as well and be supportive so I just do what I can with as many blogs as I come across :)

  25. I am a new follower! Coming from Constant Brew. Can’t wait to check out your site.

  26. Aloha!

    I’m Malia and I blog at Livin’ The MOMMY Life, I am so glad to have found your blog as it’s one of the few that I actually come back to often. I came across your site when I entered the Serta giveaway (oh how great it would be to win!) I can only hope to one day have a blog as great as yours. I’ve been blogging for less than a year, so I still have a lot to learn! By the way..I Love the “De-Lurk Friday” idea! Maybe i’ll try it too!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Hi. I know uou (and likewise), but admittedly, not really well.

    I lived in Akron for 8 years. Lived in Elkton, MD (the home of the famous Wedding Chapel) for 10. I was born and raised in Philly and am lucky to be back there, for good. I have four kids (2+2) between 14 and 19. I have a cat named Mortimer (after Cary Grant in Arsenic & Old Lace). My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I could watch The Godfather marathons all weekend (not kidding) if you don’t stop me. I hate reality TV but adore Dancing With the Stars and American Idol (and Celebrity Rehab and Jersey Shore).

    I watch TV Land all day (in the background, while I work) and have become fascinated with Dick Van Dyke and Bonanza. I also watch Frasier, Golden Girls, and I Love Lucky on Hallmark EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

    I also have a degree in history and political science and went to law school. I was a journalist for five+ years and worked as both a law clerk and a Communications person for the county prosecutor in Akron.

    I don’t have the greatest health, but it really took a wild turn when I had uterine surgery on May 9 and then pains on Mother’s Day convinced me I had a blood clot. Turns out my gall bladder was about to burst and, I guess, kill me. I had emergency surgery with complications…and I’ve got multiple incisions throughout my abdomen with staples, etc. I look pregnant, because I cannot take NSAIDS for swelling due to stomach problems. I get very upset and frustrated, but most of the time, I am quite chipper and witty and no one even knows anything is wrong with me.

    I love your blog. I love how you spell your name. I love your pictures.

    Now because I need a nap, I have to end this rambling tome…although I’m really enjoying myself. LOL.

    Kristin XOXO

    • Hi Kristin!!! Been to your blog many times and I really value you as a regular reader.

      thank you so much for all the kind words – means more to me than you know.

      I love your taste in tv shows btw, I watch that old stuff too. Watching the golden girls is bittersweet for me, as I used to watch it with my grandma when I was younger and it reminds me of that time period so much.

      Sucks getting older! LOL :)

  28. Hi! I actually have two and I’ve followed your blog forever, and I actually remember you from way back when you had a LiveJournal and started a community based on journaling over there. I love reading your posts because you have such a great balance between your online, writing life and your personal life. I would ultimately like to become a blogging, work at home mom, and make some money doing this. I’m just starting to get my feet wet and get into the swing of blogging. It’s inspiring to know that you are able to do it while you have two little ones at home-it encourages me that I can pull it off too!

    • Amanda, ah, another oldschooler!!! :)

      Yes, you can make an income from a blog. Visualize your goals (sounds hokey but it works) and decide what you really want to achieve, then have a good hard look at what others are doing who perceive as successful – let it inspire you.

      Focus on your strengths and blog, blog, blog.

      thanks for saying hi today, please continue to do so !!!

  29. hello, I”m a pretty regular follower who doesn’t leave many comments unless they are required for a contest or I really have something to say

  30. Hi Crissy,

    I read you blog by email most days but thought I would stop by and say hello. I am Melissa from Lazy Daisy Crochet. Love your blog! Have a great weekend.


  31. Well, Hi Crissy!! :D I go by Sofia…and I am, too, a lurker. Phew, feels good to get it off my chest! Tee hee…that’s the coffee speaking, anywho…

    I am a wife, mom, pretend chef, photography addict, blogger (coming back from hiatus)…I am sometimes awkward and sometimes silly with a hint of quirkiness.

    I enjoy coming to your blog and take a peak at your photos which are beyond amazing! I want to be a great photographer as you are when I grow up…

    Hope your day is going great! Happy weekend!

    • Hi Sofia! See, doesn’t it feel better to de-lurk? I expect to see your smiling face around here more often! :)

  32. Love it! I love the de-lurk look (the graphic rocks!) and love the call out so people can come and say hey. In a good way – the call out, I mean. :P Or all of it. Stopping by from the #contentbrew crew!

    • Hi Andrea (love your domain name!!!!!)

      thanks for stopping by! i’m loving content brew, how about you?

  33. Hi there! I’ve been an email subscriber for a while now but I tend to be pretty quiet — so I like this idea, it makes me actually feel like I should post a comment — LOL! My blog is very up and down because of my chronic illness and depression so I know what you mean at least a bit about feeling disconnected — I just can’t keep posting consistently enough to feel connected :-) Anyway, I thought I’d say hello at least and say that I enjoy reading your posts!!

    • HI Marie, thanks so much for commenting! See, meeting all kinds of new readers today, I love it.

      Posting consistently on a blog is HARD. I get burnt out a lot, and sometimes have to force myself to go forward even when I don’t have any good ideas or inspiration.

      Just write, write, write!

  34. Hi Crissy! Looks like de-lurk is working. I’m so glad I saw your post on FB, because I know so much of it slips by. I don’t think I’ve read since before you had Kara, but I know your blog is a stand-out.

    I don’t have a blog, just my Longaberger FB page ( You could call that a mini-blog I guess. I’m glad you mentioned borrowing your de-lurk idea, because it’s brilliant and I was thinking just that for an innovation blog I do at work (unfortunately it’s internal only, but I am hoping we eventually get an ok or invite to take it externally). Hope you and Kara are having a great day!

  35. Hi Crissy! I’m Mandi. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I love it! I love your honesty about motherhood. And you have given me hope about breastfeeding my next child. I also love entering your awesome giveaways (even if I haven’t won yet, LOL!). Thanks for all your hard work. I know being a full time mommy and blogger is so much work. And you do it well. Sometimes I’m a lurker and sometimes I comment. Today, I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated! :)

    • Hi Mandi!

      Yes, please do have hope about breastfeeding the second time around. If it doesn’t work out for you, that’s OK too, but just know that it MIGHT. Kara took to it much easier than Evan, and I had more confidence going in.

      Best luck and hope to see you here more often!

  36. My name is Deanna {aka The Giveaway Mommy} and I’m the mom of 4 kids {Jordan – 4, Stephanie – 9, Jessica – 11 & Jonathan – 16}. I live in Kingwood, which is a suburb of Houston, TX.

    I’m a WAHM and own three blogs –,, and three online shops – {currently being rebuilt}, {currently being rebuilt} and

  37. Hi. I’m a new(er) reader of yours….close by in Kalamazoo, MI. I’m a mommy blogger trying to slowly transition my blog to more of a personal development and growth blog for women. I’ve commented a few times, but I thought it’d be nice to participate b/c my blog readers are about 85% lurkers and try as I might to get them to comment they still lurk!. So, I lead by example. lol =)

    May the delurking spread all over the interwebs!!!!!!

    • Hi Grace! Yes, you never can tell how many folks are reading but not commenting – so glad you introduced yourself!

  38. Hi! :)
    I found you through Mom Blogger’s Club a few years back, happy Friday!

    • Hi Sarah, I’ve been to your blog many, many times! MBC was one of the first places I hung out when my blogging shifted to “mom blogging”, haven’t been there in a while, but made some great friends while I was!

  39. I don’t comment to often, but I love reading your blog, and checking out your awesome pictures.
    I really look up to you, and I find your blog very inspirational.

    My name is Amanda, I’m 21 from Bonita Springs Florida, and I am also a blogger (at Rats and More I love rats (and all animals for that matter!) and my family. I’m an overall happy person who has bursts of depression. I suffer from MPD, Bipolar 2, and OCD. I try to always keep a happy face on, but I lost my grandpa earlier this year.. and sometimes it can be hard! I read lots of blogs, and write on my own to keep my mind off of things :)

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for commenting! Depression is so hard – I’ve had bouts of it myself during different times in my life (OCD too). It’s good that you have found some ways to focus elsewhere, sometimes distraction really helps. Take care!

  40. Hi! I found you on Twitter, I think, though don’t know how now, but I pop in here on occasion, and today I realized I hadn’t added you go my Google Reader, so did do. Enjoy reading along!

  41. Wow! This seems to have worked for you. I think I’ll try this too. Thanks for the idea.

  42. Hi Crissy! I’ve been known as ‘Sunshine’ in real life for at least 25 years now so I brought the name over with me with an alternate spelling when I first got online around ’93. I became mostly bedridden due to an injury some years ago so I now sit in front of the computer all day while making jewelry and costume items for my business. That means I end up doing more reading than interacting on the net, but I do really enjoy your blog.

    • Hi Sunshyn, thanks for saying hello today! Hope to talk to you more in the future, and I really appreciate that you take the time to read my blog – means a lot to me.

  43. I love this idea! I read your emails and blog and FB everyday! I have emailed you about other stuff and haven’t gotten a response but i understand you are busy. We ALL are…. But is nice of you and never heard it from anyone else caring to know there fans!!
    I live in way South Louisiana, married to a wonderful huby with a beautiful 3 yr old daughter and amazing 12 yr step son!!

    • Hi Christi, thanks so much for reading and I apologize about the email, I am a huge email failure lately! Ugh!

  44. I’m a single mom of two girls: one is 3, the other is turning one today! Newly single and just starting out a new career as well. Love your reviews, appreciate your giveaways and always enjoy reading!

  45. I’m a lurker too! Long time reader, first time commenter. LOL

    • Hi Jenn! Are you sure you haven’t commented before? I know I’ve been to your blog before, but maybe I found it on Twitter or something! :) Anyway, thanks for saying hi today!

  46. Hello! I am a lurker :) …. I really enjoy reading your blog, entering giveaways, and looking at your wonderful photos! I am a mother of two, and I enjoy reading about other mother’s experiences raising their children. Sometimes when I am just feeling overwhelmed – LOL – it makes me feel like I am not alone.

  47. I enjoy reading your blogs. Lot of your experiences I have been though ( now on my second set of raising kids). I know how you felt in your poop blog. My kids have the weirdest rashes that doctors have no clue for. Usually a doctor’s visit consists of them taking pictures, putting us in a room and bringing interns so they can look and gasp too. I had to turn to old remedies my Mom used to prevent skin rashes. Wash everything before they wear it or sleep on it and NO using soap at school. Baking Soda in the wash cycle and rinse the clothes twice. Detergent companies today change their formula without advertising it. If it says new and improved I won’t buy it.

    • Lynette OMG with the rashes, that is awful and I am sure it worries you to death.

      Kara has eczema so this is my first time dealing with a skin issue – not fun. Thank you for commenting!

  48. I have been following you since forever! :) I miss our lj days but it’s a different world now. I love seeing how successful you’ve become with this blog! Keep up the great work, Crissy, you are awesome and I’m happy to know you.

    • It is such a different world now. LJ was so insulated, we were so young. Things will never be the same, but it is amazing to be where we are now too – right? :) Thanks for commenting Lisa.

  49. Love reading your blog and seeing the photos of your two little one’s. You do an awesome job! I live in Missouri, have two grown kids going to college and my grand daughter lives with me. She just turned 1 about two months ago and I have been married 25 yrs. I work part time at the library and babysit the other days I am off.

  50. Dear Crissy,

    My name is Kate Rose. I am a graphic design and fine art student (super senior) trying to dip my toes is as much creativity as possible so I can decide what direction to go in after I graduate. I am a photographer, fellow Nikon shooter, making ends meet while I finish my last year of college.

    I’ll be 22 in early June, and I first came across you 6 years ago when joining your paper journaling project, “embodiment”. I was 15, and now, when I read the journals I kept through my teens, it’s comforting to see I have always been the same person- same thought process, same values, same depth- just add maturity, experience, and greater self-awareness over the years. It is because of you that I bought my first journal and was motivated to keep up with it everyday, so I thank you for that. I’m sure that one little idea- to keep a journal and involve others in the journey- made an impact on a lot of people’s lives. I have always been one to cherish the past, hold onto memories and revisit them often. Not for fear of the future, just for appreciation of what has already occurred in my life and others’. This is why photography is so important to me.

    I haven’t followed you consistently over the years, but I have moments where you cross my mind and I wonder the internet to see how you’re doing. I remember reading about your first marriage, the ups and downs, and being scared and happy for you when you moved on to start a new life. I watched Catapult grow, was so happy for you when you found new love, and with much curiosity, I have enjoyed seeing how being a mother has impacted you. I feel like we share a lot of similarities, like you could match the personality of an older sister (I only have older brothers) and reading about your life unfolding makes me think about how I will be as I meet the same adventures.

    So there it is, this is how I know you. I’m sure it is amazing to learn of all the people your online presence has connected with!

    All the best,

    • Kate, wow, your comment really touched me.

      Sometimes I try to explain to people how much of an internet dinosaur I am, and how many different things I’ve shared online over the years, but few really understand.

      You’ve seen quite a bit of my life unfold – I don’t run into people very often who have been with me through that many phases.

      So, thank you for the trip down memory lane, and I would love to connect with you more so please keep in touch!

  51. I don’t have a blog, but enjoy reading others.

  52. I’ve been an admirer/follower for quite a while …seemed like your pregnancy lasted all of about 2-3 months and then the baby was here! I remember thinking how fast your pregnancy went by. (I bet you remember it *nothing* like I do – LOL!) I follow the cooking/gardening/homemaking/ mommy blogs and yours is one of my favorites.

    This de-lurk post is a great idea!

  53. I’m not really a lurker. I comment from time to time and participate on your Facebook wall. But I thought I’d say HI anyways. I’m a SAHM to 4 wonderful kids – ages 4, 7, 11, & 18. My husband runs his repo business out of our house, so things can be interesting around here. Our acre of dirt with a playground worthy of the local park is the neighborhood hangout for all the kids, and with more pets than most petting zoos, there’s rarely a dull moment.
    I love following your site. Sitting at the computer and reading blogs is my ME time, and I take it often! I love the tips and tricks that I pick up, and I’ve become an avid giveaway-enterer. You post some of the best content I read, and I’m really glad you’re getting your groove back.
    So, Hello!

    • Hi Kasee, nice to meet you!

      Repo business out of your home? I’ll bet things DO get interesting! I am actually intrigued LOL! :)

      Glad to be a part of your ME time – those little moments are important for moms, I I know i could use more of them myself.

  54. Hi!
    I’m Kristy. I am a notorious lurker. I lurk everywhere on blogs and youtube videos. I always read and watch but very rarely comment. I’m not really sure how long I have been a follower, but I’m pretty sure it’s been a few months. So I’m relatively new here. Since becoming a follower, I stop by your blog once a day which is more than I visit any other site. Good job!

    • Hi Kristy, thanks for taking a minute to say hi today, I really appreciate it! I am not the best commenter myself – just so many places, so little time. Hope to see you more often though!

  55. Hi Crissy! I have been a fan of your blog for a long time. De-Lurk Friday is a great idea – sorry this is such a short comment – baby is crying. Have a wonderful weekend!

  56. Dear Crissy, :)

    I’m an email subscriber! No worries! You’re allowed like everyone else to have off periods…That’s Life….It happens!!! Usually after periods of time like this something good is just ahead. It never fails! You also have a beautiful Daughter now! To getting through the bad days so we can enjoy the good ones when they come…CHEERS!!!!
    Take Care. :)
    PS: Thanks for all you do!!!

  57. I’m Kate. I write Play {with Purpose}, I’m a grad student, wife, and momma. I’m a vegetarian and an attachment parent. My 17 month old is still nursing and my 6 year old is the sweetest boy I know. I’m a writer and I’m learning to use my camera. I love my family more than I love anything about myself, and sometimes I’m afraid I won’t be able to give them what they need or want. What if I’m not enough? I think that a Mom fear. My blog is all mine, and I’m proud that I designed it myself; I’m not good with computers, but I figured it out, because I couldn’t afford a proper designer. I don’t have a big following, but I love to write. I love to read. Now I’m rambling; probably lonely. Life of the stay-at-home-mom, I suppose. Am I still a SAHM when I’ also a student? I don’t know. I greatly admire your blog and your elegant writing voice.

    • Hi Kate, thank you for the thoughtful comment, love getting to know you a little!

      You know, I have designed my own blogs up until recently too, and always loved it. it is a really great way to truly personalize your space.

      Hope to get to know you more!

  58. Hi! I’m a regular lurker and hardly-ever commenter. I don’t know why I rarely comment! But I know what you mean about feeling disconnected. I felt that way in my former writing position. There was no community, no interaction, no connecting. So I left to do my own thing. Even though I have a million times less traffic and less followers, I have more interaction than I ever did in the past. And it’s great! So, I’m glad you called us out! :)

    • Community and connecting definitely make a blog go around, and both are super important to me. I was just on your blog the other day! :) thanks for commenting Bex!

  59. I’ve read your blog for some time. I initially came here for giveaways, which I still love. But I found myself reading your posts. I like your writing style and appreciate the bits of humor and sarcasm. I hope one day to have my blog in a position of success, which I feel yours has achieved.

  60. Hey!! I’m here =)

  61. Hi Crissy. Like a few others following your blog, I too am relatively new to your site, as well. I’m not much of a talker, but love to listen instead. I’m a grandmother of 7, and just recently retired certified paralegal, who loves to keep in touch with today’s happenings. Your blog keeps me in touch and I thank you for that. Looking forward to following your blog more closely.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for making yourself known today! It must be such a blessing to have 7 grandchildren, how awesome.

      Hope to hear from you more, always feel free to leave a comment!

  62. Hi. I’m a lurker. I read a LOT more than I comment. I’ve been reading your stuff for over a year now. Love to hear all the new news and see all the pics of your adorable kids. Love your style, lady!

    • January, thanks so much for commenting. Is that your real name? Pretty if so!

      You should register a gravatar so the next time you chime in, there is a little pic by your name! :)

  63. Hi Crissy!

    I have been following your blog for a while. I mostly just comment on the giveaways, but I think I’ve said a few things on your regular posts too :)

    I have been blogging since 2005 but just got serious with it last September. I blog at, if you would like to check it out :)

    • Hi Kecia, glad you like the contests, and I hope to see you commenting more on the personal stuff too. Have a fantastic weekend!

  64. Hello! I’m delurking! :)

    My name is Jenn, I blog over at I write about my adventures in managing a business from home while also caring for my three kids. It’s fun!!! :)

    I love your blog, because it’s full of all different things – not just giveaways, but stuff about you and your life as a mom.

    Keep it up!

  65. Hello and happy weekend

  66. Hi, I’m Linda. I’m one of your more senior readers. My “baby” is 28. He and his wife aren’t ready financially to have kids yet so I am grandma to a whole passel of dogs. I do a lot of lurking and reading but don’t comment much… social anxiety thing. Yes, it does translate to computers, too. But, I loved your de-lurking idea so thought I’d comment. I hope you have a fun weekend…and all of the commenters, too.

    • Hi Linda, thanks so much for saying hello today!! :) Crossing my fingers that you get your grandbabies soon – from what I hear, being a grandma is like the best thing EVER!

  67. I am a new follower on FB, and reader of your blog. I am a working mom, and just yesterday became an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields (the doctors behind the very successful ProActive line). They have expanded their line to include Anti-Aging solutions, and there’s an incredible tool on my website for finding the products that are right for you. The product line is relatively new, and I just opened the marketplace in Connecticut. Very excited. I also blog, but not as often as I would like, and I don’t have that many followers…another goal for 2012:

  68. Thanks for encouraging de-lurking! I’m a total lurker on this blog (and others), but it’s nice to come out of the shadows!

    My blog is a picture-a-day project. I don’t promise that all (or any) of the photographs will be stunning works of genius; I only hope to capture what is turning out to be a very busy, crazy, change-filled year in the life of our little family.

    • Hi Lenore! I hope you’ll register a gravatar and start commenting more often! I am off to check out your photo blog now! :)

  69. I have a weekly review and giveaway site I’d love you to check out and be sure to follow on FB to keep up to date on the giveaways! Thanks for asking :) Our kids are similar ages. I have my daughter Adah born 9.8.09 and Abigail born 10.6.11. I’m not a heavy lurker. I read all your FB posts and read the blog posts that I am interested in.

  70. I am not really a lurker, I only just “found” you last week. Thank you for all of the opportunities to win and I look forward to getting to know you better!


  71. Been a reader for years, Crissy! I don’t get time to stop by often, but I ALWAYS comment when I do. :)

    Tree @ Mother of Pearl It Is

    • Tree – yes, one of my lovely regulars! I think you have had a blog redesign since I was there last time? Your family is SO beautiful – love the photos in your header.

      Thank you for always being such a great reader and commenter, I appreciate it! :)

    • Thank you! :) Yes, I have a blog design business, Pearl Tree Designs, and I am a bit OCD.. and like to change out my own design every few months. lol

  72. Hello Crissy,
    I am a long time follower. Cant remember how I found you, but I have been following for a while now via facebook. I love your helpful blogging tips and photography. I usually read your posts (and most of my fav bloggers posts) from my phone! That is my lame excuse for not commenting, because my phone gives me problems when I try to comment. Its weird. But when I saw this post this morning, I decided to get out of bed and make sure to find it on my laptop so that I could be sure to “de-lurk” myself and say hello! :) So Hello Friend! ♥
    Well here is a little bit about me. My name is Maria-Isabel. I am 27 (28 in Aug) a wife and a mother to 3 kids 9 and under! I also am a photographer, I LOVE anything artsy and crafty. I have an etsy shop (Agape Love Boutique) because I adore making pretty things by hand. The Hubs said I needed to either sell my creations or stop spending money on supplies! haha SO I opened up shop to support my habit. I run two blogs the first and main blog is This is my artsy, crafty, photography, lifestyle blog. I share lots of crafty tutorials there, along with makeup/fashion, life & my weight loss journey, along with my photography and jewelry/hair making creations.
    My other blog is my Mommy blog. Mommy Made is like my online journal for my kids. I started it because I wanted a way to remember all the little (and big) things about my kids as they grow. All the things that are so often forgotten or taken for granted. I also wanted a place to keep special letters to my kids, a place to write my advice, and share the fun kids crafts and activities we do. A place to inspire and be inspired as a parent. And something to have my kids look back on, to show them their childhood in a whole new way!

    Well anyways, thats a little bit about me and my blogs. It was so nice to “meet” you and introduce myself. Glad you convinced me to de-lurk!! :)
    Much Love & Hugs,

    • Hi Maria-Isabel (love your name) – glad you decided to leave a comment today, because I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen your lovely face on my blog before?

      See, y’all need to stop lurking and start talking to me LOL!

      Sounds like you are a really creative Mama – love that. I hope to get to know you better, so keep commenting! :)

  73. I love your site and your blog. I have found some very interesting contests and information and check in just about every day.

  74. Hello Crissy!
    My name is Tiffany & I am a stay at home mother of 3 children. Abrianna is 6 years old, Dorian is 5 years old, and Maliyah is 2 years old. I love shopping, reading, watching TV, spending time with my family, walking, reading blogs, entering giveaways, and lots more! My favorite TV show is GREY’S ANATOMY! :) Not sure if you watch it & if you do watch it what did you think of the season finale last night?!? Intense!! I also own a blog called Pigtails and Mohawks. ( I just recently took a break from it because we just moved and it was getting a bit overwhelming. I am slowly coming back though. I enjoy reading your blog, I love your style :)

    • Hi Tiffany, thanks for commenting!

      I DO NOT watch Grey’s Anatomy – total loser, right? I’ve seen it a few times, and after everyone has been buzzing about the finale, I kind of want to know what happened even though I don’t watch it LOL. Wanna tell me???

  75. I’ m the praying mama. Pray without ceasing. I take prayer requests and repost different God things on my facebook page. Nothing is impossible with God.

    • Hi Karen, thank you so much for commenting and sharing a little bit about what inspires you – love it!

  76. Hi Crissy,

    This is my first time visiting your blog – we’re in a class together this week and I followed a link from there to here :-) I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very much as you described – disconnected from my readers – for a while now. Trying desperately to regain my mojo!

    • Hi Lana, so nice to meet you! I’ll be following the link to your blog too.

      Loving Content Brew, how about you?

  77. Hi Crissy,
    My name is Nikki and I live in Montana. I love your blog. I dont get alot of time to respond to everyone I follow because I follow over 5000 pages. Thank you for everything you do!!!

  78. Guilty! I’m a lurker. I follow your blog and facebook page and enjoy what you have to say and your sense of style. I’m Sandy- a Navy wife, a mom of 2 (ages 6 & 8), expecting our third munchkin in September, a stay at home / work at home mom, a coffee addict, a typographer / graphic designer. I own and operate an online shop for vinyl wall lettering and art, Vinyl Craze, designing and making all my products. I am terrible at blogging! I’m a reader, not a writer. I am also a clean freak that has fallen into a slump and gone on strike lately, as being preggo, fatigued, recently moving across state and busy with so many other things got the best of me. Finally pulling myself together lately, brushing the dust off (literally), nesting and preparing for baby, and getting back on track with my shop after our move. So, HELLO!! Pleasure to “meet” you, and now back to work I go. :)

  79. My name is Rachel, I’m mom to 6 kids (3 girls, 3 boys in that order) and owner of Mae Minerals (, an artisan-crafted, eco-friendly cosmetics company.

    Like a few other readers mentioned, I am trying to make an effort to comment on more of the blogs I read. Sometimes it just feels like everyone has already said what I want to say, you know?

    This was a great idea, I’ve enjoyed reading more about each of your readers, too!

    • Hi Rachel! Wow, 3 girls and 3 boys, what a great crew!

      Your site looks awesome, I adore mineral makeup! Thanks for saying hello, and I hope to see you more in the future! GET A GRAVATAR!

  80. I love your blog. I read it daily and I usually try to comment on every post I read. Your photos are amazing and your content is top notch. You’re unique and original.

    • Hi Tiffany, thanks so much! You rock! I go to your cute blog all the time since joining BSMB – thanks so much for commenting today and every day! :)

  81. Hello there! I am @rachelmarshall ans :)

  82. I don’t have a blog but I’m one of those silent readers who doesn’t really comment but reads everything. Just saying hello and thanks for all the time you take to post tips, recipes, giveaways and just things that make us think. Have a great day :)

    • Hi! I hope you’ll take the time to comment sometimes, if you feel inclined. Thanks for saying hi today, I appreciate it! :)

  83. Hi Crissy, guilty as charged lol. Lurker, but I do read your posts on Facebook :)

    • Ah, see! Caught you! Thanks for hanging out with me on FB but I’d love to see your smiling face here more often too! :)

  84. hi Crissy!
    I read your posts daily, but see that there are always so many comments and feel I have nothing else to add.

    Your photos always draw me in, but I stay because you write so well.

    • Hi Tazim, thanks so much! You always have something to add – because it is coming from YOU.

      Feedback and interaction are what keep me (and most bloggers, I think) inspired and moving forward, so thanks for taking the time to chime in today. :)

  85. Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog regularly for about a year now. I’m a stay at home mom; My daughter is a few weeks older than yours. I usually lurk and get inspiration from your photos, but your Serta giveaway has had me commenting more. :)

    • Hi kimberly! Get a gravatar so I can see you from now on when you comment! Thank you so much for the kind words and hope to see you here again soon! :)

  86. Hi! I’m Abby and I’m afraid I’m a lurker. It’s funny that you posted this right now because I’m trying to make myself comment on blogs I read and be more active with online friends and connections. I have three young kids (all girls) and horrific pregnancies, so I kinda come and go. I do have a blog, but it’s very small right now. I’m working on growing it, though, and have big plans for the next couple of weeks. It can be intimidating to see big and successful blogs and comment when you’re feeling like you just don’t measure up to that. My family comes first, but I also enjoy crafting, reading, food, geekery, decorating, party planning… We’re moving soon, so a lot of that is a bit on hold right now.

    • Hi Abby! 1. get a gravatar so when you comment, people can see you. 2. comment on blogs! :)

      See, if you had never commented today, I wouldn’t have gone to your blog and learned about your experiences with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I went through it too – no fun and why I will be stopping at 2 kids!

      :) Have a good day!

  87. So glad you’re getting back into the swing of blogging again, but we regular readers understood that you needed to spend some time with your new baby and son! My blog is Susan Heim on Parenting (, and I hope you’ll visit!

    • Hi Susan! Been to your wonderful blog many times – and yes, you are definitely one of my awesome regular readers who have been with me through the ups and downs of the past year.

      I appreciate that you still take the time to stop in!

  88. What a great idea! I recently found your blog and I am relatively new to the blogging world. I am a mother, a wife, and a full time career counselor. My first child was born in December and I blog about my new life as a mama at Thanks in advance for stopping by!

  89. Good Morning Crissy

    My name is Melanie I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband of 13 yrs in July. I have been an at home mom for 11 yrs and now I am a full time working mom. I am new to your blog and I look forward to checking it out. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

    • Hi Melanie, so nice to meet you (happy hearly wedding anniversary!) Hope to see you around these parts more often!

  90. Hi Crissy! I’m Sarah and I blog at In Total Disarray ( I am a stay-at-home mom to a 1 year old boy, a 4-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl. My husband is a professional firefighter, so I sort of become a single mom for 24-hours at a time. I think I found you through BlogFrog…if I remember right. I am the reader who grins and shakes my head knowingly as I read your familiar words! Glad you write and share your a bit of your life with us!

    • Total Disarray, I think that would be a good tagline for my life! :) Thanks for commenting Sarah, and I hope you’ll continue to join the conversation in the future – have a great weekend!

  91. Hi Crissy, don’t feel bad you will get back into the swing of thing and you have a new fan stuck on your hip now for 18 plus Since i started joining all these blogging sights i have a hard time keeping up with who ,who myself. I am a grandmother of 5 but a step grandmother of 10 and a great grandmother of of ONE. But they are all treated the same. Even the ones i hardly know. At least i try to be fair to all. I am disabled and Live in HOT Georgia. Good Luck on your little one. Joannie. Feel free to write any time.

    • Joannie it sounds like you are an awesome grandma! I hope I have a whole bunch of grandbabies someday! :)

  92. Hi Crissy!
    I’m Angela. I have been a fan for a while now (can’t put an exact time because I don’t know lol).
    I try to comment, but I am also a blogger and sometimes I just don’t have time to make my presence know :-/
    I am here though (:

    I am mom to 1 little monster and wife to 1 big monster. I have a dog that’s the least monsterous of the group. I love blogging and crafting and more importantly, I love being a mom.

    Thank you for reaching out to your readers, that makes a great blogger!
    I am going to take this fantastic idea, if you don’t mind (:

    • I know what you mean about being so busy with your own blog that it’s hard to comment elsewhere, I am guilty too. I am trying to get better about it! Thanks so much for commenting!

  93. I’m definitely guilty of lurking :) I’ve dabbled in the blogging world for a while, but this is my final blog: and I’m sticking to it!

    I love reading your blog. I always wished that I could be as successful in blogging as you are! You have a way with words and writing that I only can dream of having! Love all your posts!

    I hope you have a good weekend!

    • Hi Nomie! I love that you call it your final blog, haha. I did a lot of musical blog switching before I settled down with this one! Thanks for commenting!

  94. Hi! I love your blog and contests! I felt the same way being pregnant. I have had two babies in the past year and five months. They are 11 1/2 months apart. I have gotten involved in social media over the last few years and thanks to you, I now have a Twitter account. Keep the reviews, stories, and giveaways coming! Love your page!

    • Colleen, 11 months apart, whoa girl I’ll bet you are as tired as I am! :) You need to register a Gravatar so I can see your face next time you comment! :D

  95. I found your blog just a little while ago….I’m a live-in gram of 6 yr old twin boys, so lots of activity in our household. Some good, some not so much, but all of it appreciated. I don’t have a blog anywhere, but have been known to use FB as a quasi-blog …. some of my posts are really, really long! anyway, nice to “meet” you!

  96. Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m no one special but I come by every now and then.

  97. I love your site Crissy! I think I talk way too much though to ever be in full lurker mode! :-)

  98. Hi. My name is Cheyenne. I am a new fan who usually just reads. I have a wonderful husband, 5 beautiful children ages from 2-10, and a cat. I also sell Pampered Chef! Love it!!

  99. Hi. I’m Leti. This is my first time commenting here. Just recently found your blog. Im a Full-Time working single mom to a 3 yo boy! Im obsessed with shoes! :)

  100. Hi Crissy,
    I visit quite often because you’re a fun read. I’m Jill and I invited you to a blogger event we hosted (Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands) in the winter, but you had just had Cara. Would still love for you and your family to visit and review your getaway some time. I’m a mom of two also, so I enjoy checking out a bunch of bloggers. I’d say I follow you more on social media, but occasionally click over to see what you’re writing about. I’m sure you’ll get your groove back soon!

    • Hi Jill, thanks for leaving a comment! I definitely want to take you up on that trip, believe me. As soon as Kara gets just a little older I am going to be emailing you! :)

  101. I am Kristen, writer of Fun Being Frugal. I was not always a lurker, but since going back to school full time it was all I could do to keep up with my own blog, my house, my family and my studies.

    I hear you about the disconnect! It seems less and less people are actually commenting on blogs these days. And yes, I have felt the loss myself!

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for stopping by. :) I hear you on being busy and trying to find the time for everything, it is really hard with kids, home life, and work. I struggle every single day!

  102. My name is Tami. My blog has sat neglected for a year now. I do read your blog! I live in Alaska where we are currently at 17 hours of daylight per day and growing. So…………….hello :o)

    • Alaska, 17 hours of daylight? Fascinating!!! Isn’t it dark most of the day for part of the year too? What is that like?

    • Yes winter does not have as many hours of sunlight however we are more south so we do not get hours and hours of total darkness like the north does.
      Spring is lovely here, it is baby moose time! And we actually get into the 80’s in the summer. :o)

  103. I LOVE your blog! :) always nice to see another mommy’s day and you go through the same things I am or have been through :)

  104. Hi I’m Kelly and I blog at about motherhood and money. I have 4 kiddos (14, 10, 8, and 6) and one fabulous husband. I read your blog whenever there’s a new post, but don’t always leave a comment. I’m spending some time commenting today, and love this idea. I may steal it (with credit of course). ;)

    • Hi Kelly, thanks for saying hello! :) I love your blog, you know that — feel free to use the idea, this has been a really fun post for me!

  105. I’m mostly a reader, but I do leave comments now and again. I found your blog through Twitter. I really enjoy your down to earth writing style. :)

    I have a blog, Mommy Knows What’s Best, but I also write parenting, family and teaching articles at HubPages as ThePracticalMommy. It’s great because I’m doing somthing I love, writing, while being home with two little people who are the real loves in my life.

    Have an awesome Friday, everyone!

    • Hi Marisa, thanks for taking the time to say hi today!

      I was just on your blog, and boy, we just had a fit from my almost 3-yr-old who was wanting to go with his daddy today. It is hard when they don’t understand!

  106. Hi,

    I found your blog this week and fell in love. I am a mommy of 4, a high school teacher and proud firefighter wife. I started blogging 2 years ago, more for therapeutic reasons than any other. Not near as large as yours, but I have made a few friends and more connections than I ever imagined. Great job! Happy Friday!

    • Hi Trina! Sounds like you have a great family. Going to go check out your blog — hope you’ll stop by again!

  107. Hi. I was a stay at home mom but now I am a working grandma. I have two fantastic grand babies ages 1 and 2 and unfortunately they live on the other side of the country. I am also addicted to face book. lol.

    • Mary, ugh, it must be hard having your grandbabies so far away. I know my parents wouldn’t be able to tolerate it if I moved.

      Thanks so much for reading, I’m addicted to FB too!

  108. Hi! I’m Amaris…and my big sister Nita I guess follows you and linked me to you via facebook.

    Keep up the blogging!


  109. I’ve read your blog from time to time when I see it pop up in my news feed. I don’t comment on a whole lot of blogs, especially the big ones for fear of sounding like an idiot or a stalker lol! Your blog is wonderful, and congrats on the new baby!

    • Melody, I love your domain name – so cute!

      Please comment if it’s a topic you’re interested in, you won’t sound like an idiot or a stalker, I promise lol!

  110. Hi Crissy! I’m Devon. I as a stay at home mom with my almost 1 year old son. I have recently started my own business making wool dryer balls. I either attend events to sell them or sell them on my web site. I subscribe via email so I read most of your posts through that and I usually enter most your giveaways! I enjoy reading your posts and following you on facebook.

    • Hi Devon! I just checked out your products, wow, really neat! I had never heard of wool dryer balls before but it sounds like a great idea.

      Register a gravatar (might even wanna use a pic of your dryer balls!) it will make people more likely to click over to your site when you comment on someone’s blog! :)

  111. Hi Crissy! I love reading your blog! We have very similar interests, food, photography and babies! I follow you mostly through facebook!

    I’m a new momma from Ottawa, Canada. Currently my life revolves around my new baby girl Ava. We are both just trying to figure “it” all out!

    • Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for reading! You should get a gravatar, so the next time you comment, I can see YOU! :)

  112. Just found you today :)

  113. Hi Crissy, I am a avid reader and commenter when I am not enjoying
    my fave past time of traveling. Will be returning home today from
    Charleston, SC where we had an enjoyable visit. Traveling somewhere and
    want a heads up, just give me a holler we get around and might be able to
    give you some insight! Other interests include yoga which I have practiced for 30 years and bicycling. Have a fabulous weekend.

    • Hi Nancy! I wish I could travel more, it’s really a goal for the future!

      You need to get a gravatar so I can see your smiling face!

  114. Hi Crissy: I’m Doreen. I have been following for awhile now. I love the new products you bring to my attention and of course … your giveaways Rock. :)
    I have 3 boys in their early twenty’s now. Wow. I just got married this april. So, yes … I am a newly wed. I live in a very tiny town in Northern Ontario and absolutely love it. Being a massage practitioner and contestor keeps me busy besides taking care of our beautiful new home. Have a super wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Doreen! Sounds like you are at a wonderful place in your life – that is so awesome. Glad you stopped by today, and I look forward to talking with you more in the future!

  115. Hi Crissy! I’m a former home school mom from Nebraska. All of my kids are out of school now but I still enjoy reading blogs and yours is one of my favorites. I’m not a blogger myself but I am the sister of a a wonderful blogger!

    • Hi Debi! So awesome that you homeschooled your children. I love the idea, but don’t think I have the patience or organizational skills to pull it off. I’d love to hear more about your experiences though, thanks for stopping by!

  116. My name is Angela and I am new to your site. I follow you on Twitter (angepace) and have just found your site/blog. I am a working mom who lives in Ohio. I am a Marketing Manager by day and mom to a 3 year old little girl and 4 year old little girl. I am also a Step Mom to a 13 year old girl and 10 year old boy. Throw in a furry Goldendoodle and I have alot going on. Nice to meet you – love your blog and Twitter comments. =)

  117. My name is Shannon. I’m a big lurker. I just discovered your blog. I can’t remember how. Anyway, I’m a SAHM to 3 kids, well 1 adult kid, 1 kid & a baby. :) I’m not a big commenter on anything. I usually update my Facebook status once or twice a month. I lurk on there too! :) Good to “meet” you!

    • Shannon, you update your FB twice a month? I wish I was a little less hooked on social media, I’d get more done! LOL

      Thank you for saying hello, hope you continue to do so in the future!

  118. Hey Crissy! I think I’ve commented maybe once before, but I know what you mean. I think the connection amongst bloggers is what keeps me going, too – I love the idea of a ‘de-lurk’ post and I might just steal it too!

    By the way, I blog over at Binkertation… all things grad school, work, mommyhood, and wifery – a big old balancing act, like any mama knows! I’m Amber and my kiddos are Audrey (4) and Jameson (10 months). Nice to ‘meet’ you officially :)

    • Hi Amber, so nice to meet you too! Love your daughter’s name, Audrey was on my short list for Kara actually!

  119. Hi Crissy, I’m Jean Parks AKA “Geekbabe” your hopelessly tech addicted, cupcake loving, wine sipping friend. I’m from Boston, MA & have 3 grown kids, one who still lives at home & attends college. Oh and I have one cat, Resident Evil :)

    • Hi Jean, so glad you chimed in! I always think of you as Ms. Twitter, and I envy your awesome social media skills. You are a great connector!

  120. I think you have one of the best connections out there…the readers feel a part of your blog. I was surprised to hear you think you’ve lost touch. I think you’re doing a wonderful job!

    • Rosey, that means a lot to me, I’m glad you feel that way and I hope you’ll continue to stick around.

      You need to register a Gravatar so I can see your smiling face next to your comments! :)

  121. This is a great idea, and I may just go try to delurk my readers today :)
    Hi Crissy! I’m Adelina, and I comment periodically. I’m a mom to 3 girls and 1 boy. Baby boy is 1 month old, and the best baby I’ve ever had. I love coming to browse your photography!

    • Hi Adelina! Best baby ever huh? Do you have one of those mythical “good” babies who sleeps at night? LUCKY! :)

  122. Great idea! I’m Lisa, and I blog over at it Keeps Getting Better – I love being a SAHM to a 10-month-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. :)

    • Hi Lisa, always happy to see your smiling Gravatar on my blog. :) You are one of my regulars, and I appreciate each and every comment!

  123. Dear Crissy,
    I am a subscriber, grandmother and parenting blogger. I too enjoy photography. I love reading blogs by moms to experience some of the highlights of their lives in 2012 as opposed to what I remember as my young mom life in the 80’s.
    I am also looking to increase my blog writing skills, comments, and readership…I would love to do some branding from a mom/grandmother perspective. Frequently I take care of a three year old little girl and am amazed everyday how the basics of parenting remain the same but the world is certainly very different from 1980.
    My blog is slowly growing but I recently had a redesign and am self-hosting so I have lost some followers…
    Another fact about me is that I am a maternal child nurse and a clinical social worker.
    MOM 2.0 Summit in Key Biscayne was the highlight of May…it was wonderful to meet bloggers like you and actually make virtual friends real ones.
    I hope all is going better with you and that you keep writing and sharing pictures. Thanks for asking about your readers…it was so nice to be encouraged to share something about myself with you.

    • Lorette, I really love the fonts used in your blog header – so attractive.

      Your post titles are right up my alley, as you know, I’m also interested in parenting topics!

      Speaking of soothing babies, my Kara is one who has been colicky and doesnt respond to the 5 S’s much at all. She doesn’t even like riding in the car. Figure that one out for me!

  124. Hi!! I’m here. But you already know me :)

  125. LOL I admit it.. I do lurk.. but I read most of your pages.. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    • Donna, I lurk too! :) I’m glad you said hi today, and I hope you will continue to join the conversation. I love it when people chime in, makes it all worth it for me!

  126. I always comment :) But this is exactly what I felt like doing on my blog (and probably will soon), I feel like my readership has grown but people comment less or at least in less meaningful ways. I’m always reading your blog, looking at your photos. Stop by Eco-Babyz!

    • Anastasia, you are an awesome reader, I always love seeing your smiling face on my comments. I’ve been to your blog before, of course, but need to swing by today and see what’s up!

      You are so right about people commenting in less meaningful ways. With so much communicating going on via Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc, the blog comment has lost some of it’s value. Sad.

      I hope you’ll keep joining the conversation on my blog – have a great day!

    • I just attended MOM 2.0 and one of the speakers talked about the drop in comments for just the reasons you mention. I too try to comment as well…it is important to keep this tradition alive in the blogging network.

    • Wow, that’s a lot of comments so far! I think I’ve been reading Dear Crissy for about two years, but I’m not sure, maybe longer. Totally going to do a de-lurk post :) Thank you for the idea!

  127. Hi. Good morning. I’m a relatively new subscriber to your blog. I love your giveaways. I’m way past the age of child-bearing , but I hope to have a grandchild within the next five years.

    • Jo-Ann, you will love being a grandparent, I know my mother sure does. She had to wait a while on one from me, but it was worth it. :) So glad you took a moment to comment, and hope to see you again.

  128. Shall I go first then? I’m relatively new around here. Found your blog through a link on twitter (I think) a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been following along via email since. Hello! :)

    • Oops – that doesn’t really tell you who I am does it. I am lots of things – wife, mother, blogger, technical writer, trainer, iPhone addict, boardgame lover, bookworm, failing wannabe domestic goddess…and more…

    • Hi Lisa! Please @ me on Twitter so I know who you are there too! Thanks so much for taking a moment to leave me a comment today, I really appreciate it.

  129. Howdy! I’ve been a reader for a few weeks now – knew about you for awhile, but finally decided to check you out…liked what I read and stuck around. I blog over at Feel free to drop by anytime :)

    • Hi Lindsay, I’ve noticed that you’ve been popping on here recently! I’ve been to your blog several times in the past! :)

      Have a great weekend, hope you’ll continue to swing by when you have something to say!

  130. Hi! I am your newest fan! I am really looking forward to reading your blog. We seem like we would be friends outside of the computer. ;)
    I am a working mom whose contract ended at the end of March. I have been wanting to start a blog for a few years now. Since I have some extra time while I job hunt, I finally took the leap & started my blog. I would love for it to be my career, but I know that will take awhile.
    So for now, I am trying to learn as much as I can to have a successful blog.
    Very nice to meet you.

    • Hi Jessi! Thanks so much for de-lurking today. Starting a blog really can feel like a LEAP, but getting right into the mix and learning/networking as much as you can is the way to make things happen. I was on your blog last night, very cute!

      Have a great weekend!

  131. Hello….I’m a regular reader of your blog! Love the pictures you take, so professional and beautiful. Love the giveaways posted, hoping to win once at least, hasn’t happened yet but soon I hope!! Happy Friday to you! enjoy the weekend

    • Hi Peggy, thanks for commenting! I’m glad to hear you find the giveaways fun, and I have my fingers crossed for you on a win!

  132. Hello & Good Morning Crissy!

    My name is Rose and I am the proud owner of Immutable Ramblings (, I’ve been blogging for about a year now, give or take. Your blog was one of the first blogs I’ve ever followed, and one of the few blogs that I continue to keep up with and not just because you host giveaways, but because you provide posts that are informative or posts that I can relate to, or just posts that I can connect with, I’ve always appreciated that about your blog, but also your photographs, you’ve got quite the knack! Don’t let that go, get back into it.

    I’ve been allowing life take me away from the few pleasures I have all for myself, my blog being one of them, sometimes to reconnect, I’ll post about it, but most times, I avoid it all together, but there is nothing better than creating an exquisitely juicy blog post that makes me beam from ear to ear. I hope that one day I’ll get back to that. In the meantime. Thank you for a great idea. I have a hard time grabbing and maintaining active readership, its actually rather disappointing. I have 100 followers and I have roughly 5 people who comment. I’m going to be using this idea ;-)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)


    • Hi Rose, thanks so much for stopping by. I love the little note on the Pringle on your blog. That’s a Pringle, right? What did your kid write the message on there with? LOL

      Gaining an active readership is hard. I am really lucky to have great readers, but there are still days when I write posts that I feel are AMAZING and it’s total crickets with no comments.

      That’s hard for anyone to take! You just have to keep chugging along and the engagement will come!

  133. Hi. My name is Beth, and I’m a lurker :) I do way more reading than commenting. I bookmark recipes and try them out. I look for new products in the stores and online. I follow blogger’s family stories–it makes me feel connected to real people. Why don’t I comment more? Maybe I just think my comments are kind of lame. On a bigger blog like yours, I sort of feel like an anonymous person in the crowd, so I follow along without really putting myself in the front row.

    So, Hello!

    • Mary Beth, thank you so much for taking a minute to introduce yourself! I am fascinated that you feel like you feel like my blog is too “big” to comment on.

      Please don’t feel that way! As Twitter and FB have began to rule the scene online, I miss comments so much, and each one matters to me.

      I’m going to try to post more recipes (it is a goal), so I hope you’ll comment on those posts, or any other you feel inclined to do so on! :) Nice to meet you.

      Now, go get a Gravatar so you have a picture by your name!

    • You got a gravatar, awesome!!

    • I did get an avatar! The instant I read your suggestion :)

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