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Dear moms: Do you have a tiny tot?

Yesterday, at Kara’s 9-month well check, I found out that she’s 28 inches long and weighs 14 lbs.

This puts her below the 5th percentile for weight, and at about the 50th percentile for length. It’s official, she is a tiny girl, even though she nurses and eats like a champion. She’s still just really small.

She was born almost the exact same weight as my son — 7 pounds and 7 ounces. From that point, she’s just put on weight really slowly, whereas Evan chunked up at a much faster pace. In fact, I swear it seems like Evan was almost twice Kara’s size by the time he was 9-months-old.

Kara’s pediatrician has assured me that she’s growing perfectly, and that she just happens to be petite. She is still nursing 4-5 times a day and eats 3 meals a day with a bedtime snack. She adores solid food, and really eats like a horse.

I have to say that she is just absolutely adorable, and being extra-small kind of accentuates her cuteness even more. She’s still wearing size 6 months clothing for the most part, so she’s going to be able to wear those really cute baby clothes much longer than Evan did.

I’m really curious to know if she’ll continue to be small, or if she’ll hit a growth spurt.

So, Moms, did you have any tiny babies?

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  1. My son was only 5 pounds at birth and he was quite small but now is growing at a much faster rate. She is beautiful and is does not matter what her size is now or later.

  2. My oldest, a boy, was 8lbs 10oz. at birth which seemed HUGE! He was always tiny though – usually hitting the lower percentiles for height, and mid percentiles for weight. He was happy and healthy, just small. He often would wear clothes several years in a row. This summer he was 5, and he could have still fit some 2T and 3T shorts – but I did buy him new ones. He is now in grade one, and is one of the two shortest in his class for the boys. He doesn’t seem to notice or mind – and so far no one else seems to notice either! My daughter who is 3 is nearly catching up to him in height. Pretty crazy!

  3. So freaking adorable :)

  4. My 16 month old son is super tiny too, even though he eats crazy large amounts of food! At 9 months, my now 3 yr old daughter was the same size that my son was at 15 months – 30 inches long and 20 lbs!! It’s crazy to think how different they are! My 3 yr old is always getting mistaken for a 5 yr old, and my 16 mo old is still wearing 9-12 mo clothes! After my daughter though, I’m glad to have a little guy! Makes snuggle time so much better! :)
    Since my tiny one is still little, I don’t know whether he’ll hit a growth spurt or not, but my MIL says my hubby was always really tiny, and had a hard time gaining weight too….and he’s now 6’2 and weighs 190 lbs. :)

  5. She;s absolutely adorable! We were thinking my 7 month old grandson is a little on the small side (about 40th percentile in weight), but we’ve recently seen him next to some other 7 months old and realize he’s actually quite big. Big or small, children are all adorable. I love the smile you captured in the top photo. :)

  6. My pediatrician assures me that my son is still following his 15th percentile curves just as he should. He was born 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long and is now a little over 15 pounds and 26 inches long at 6 months old. He’s just going into 3-6 month clothing now, so just like you I’m glad he got a lot of wear out of his newborn and 0-3 month clothing! I think he looks huge until I compare him with my friend’s baby. She was born exactly a month before him but was 10 lbs at birth, and now weighs at least 20 lbs.

  7. Both of mine were early, so yes, they were very small. But my ped was never concerned. Developmentally they were just where they were supposed to be, so no worries!

  8. I had one tiny baby out of my three, I had a chubby one, a long lean one, and my last one he was a tiny little guy :)

  9. Well, first thing to consider is — what size are her parents?? If you or your husband aren’t 6’2″, then she’s not going to be either!! If you, or anyone in your or your husband’s immediate family is “petite” then she will be, too. All of my children weighed way less than 7 lbs. 7 oz. — my 22 year old daughter is 5″2″ (so am I) my 18 year old son is 5’10” and my 16 year old is 5’11” My husband is 5’11” It’s more genetics than diet…..

  10. My babies were big boys ~ both off the chart at the time of birth and continuing into adulthood. They now measure up at 6’2″ and 6’3″ respectably. I’ve been looking up to them for a very long time for lots of reasons! xox

  11. She is such a GORGEOUS little girl!

    My six year old daughter has always been tiny like that. She was just about the same size at that age, and we always heard the same thing from our pediatrician. Now, she’s about 40in and 32ish pounds…at 6. She’s just meant to be petite :)

  12. My oldest who is 14 was a small child he was always in the bottom 10% for everything. He is now almost as tall as I am. He does not think he will be taller then us but I think that he is going to be since he is only 14 and almost as tall as me. He was only 6lb 15oz and 19.5 inches long when he was born. Now he is 105 lb and almost 5’3.

  13. My youngest weighed in at 14lbs 6oz at her 12 month check up, she was born a healthy 7lbs 3 oz at 3 weeks early and seemed to gain weight very slowly until she turned 4 years now at age 6 she is the biggest of my 4 children at that age, I never worried her petite size but rather enjoyed carrying her around longer than I could my others.

  14. my son was born 8lbs 7 oz, at 1 year he was 17lbs and then he was 21lbs at his 2 year check-up! (not even on the charts for boys his age)

  15. I’m glad to see this post! My daughter is the same age and about the same size! Like your daughter, mine loves to nurse and eat solids. At her appt last week, her ped said she was perfectly normal but I still always worry and wonder (esp since I always hear people talking about their same-aged babies being twice her size). So it’s refreshing to hear that another little cute girl is the same size! Thanks for sharing :-)

  16. I currently have a tiny tot. He just had his 1’st birthday. He was 19lbs 2oz and 28 1/2 inches. He’s below the 10th on his height (can’t remember %) and 7th% for his weight. A friend of mine shipped me a bunch of Carter’s Small onesies last winter that her son, the same age, had already outgrown. They were long sleeves, so once the weather got above 70 here in TX, I totally forgot about them. Well I put one on him the other day when it was in the 60’s overnight. It fit, even over a bulk cloth bum. 9 months later, the things still fit! He’s allergic to practically everything, so that doesn’t help us at all, but I’ve been giving him breastmilk, with cereal AND a scoop of formula in it, just to keep him on that 7th%tile standing. I initially did it, hoping that he would gain weight, but he just hasn’t. He was a preemie too, so I think that doesn’t really help him, but he’s doing fine.

  17. She’s beautiful! and clearly healthy and thriving. My firstborn, a girl, was the same weight and length at 9 months as your daughter. She was so petite that people would make rude comments about her stunted growth. I used to fret until I realized that it was just how she was. Now she is 3 and at 50th percentile for weight and 70th percentile height. Still long and lean. Her baby brother is 5 months and already over 16lbs. He is going to lap her, LOL! I breastfed/breastfeed them both. genetics can play a big role too in my opinion

  18. She is precious. Yay for cute baby clothes! My daughter has always been short but has a large head. The doctor says she has a big brain. LOL!

  19. I worried about my daughter too. She was born a very hefty 10 pounds then around three or four just seemed to stop. She is now 8 years old and only 44 inches tall and a very tiny 42 pounds. She does not even register on the growth charts and looks like a baby compared to all those in her 2nd grade class. She still wears a size 5 and a toddler 12 shoes. I forced the issue and had tests run, everything from a bone age test to bloodwork. Everything came out normal! The doctor thinks this is just her “normal”. It is nice to hear from other parents on this end of the spectrum who worry about their tiny ones. I have quit worrying for now.

  20. My boy is also a tiny one. We have tested him for several things, but he is healthy, just a slow grower. He finally reached 20 lb at his 18 month check up!

  21. Although we are not that small at this point, we have a petite one on our hands as well. She is 8 months and weighs just under 17lbs and about 26in long. I think it is absolutely adorable that she is so small.

    The doctor told us the same thing. She is just petite and slow to put on weight. She weight 5lbs 15oz at birth at 19in long, so she was tiny to start with.

    My oldest was 8lbs 6oz 21 1/2 in long. I was looking at her baby book & she was 26lbs at 6 months. So, having a 8 month old still wearing 6 months clothes seems sooo tiny, lol.

    She is precious.

  22. Oh my cuteness! My Baby E wore the same exact shirt when she was little, this is sentimental! :) She was born 6 lbs 12 oz and was always tiny. She will be 4 in January and she still wear size 3 clothes, even some size 2T. But she is healthy, much too smart, and has a ton of energy! She was always a lot higher up on the WHO chart, not the US version that generally has kids who weigh more. Even then it would be below 18%. :)

  23. My daughter is much smaller than my son ever was. She’s 2.5 years now and is just starting to show a growth spurt big enough to get her back into 2T clothes. I was in the 10th percentile myself growing up, too. She looks happy and healthy and absolutely adorable. My guess is her smile would be in the 90th percentile, if they measured that sort of thing. :)

  24. I have a 6 year old daughter who has never made it on the growth charts! She was 7 weeks early at 6lb 8oz. and 18 inches. She has always been tiny. In May I took her for here 6 year old check-up, she is 35 pounds and 40 inches!! She wears 4t-5t clothes and 2t panties. She is very little. But our doc does not worry, for I am only 5’1″, and her faternal grandmother and great grandmothers were shorter than me. Also, my great-grandma was only 4’10”. So, have no fear, she is just going to be a little lady!

  25. She is so cute! both of my Granddaughter’s are tiny and I agree, it makes them twice as cute. You have a beauty on your hands!

  26. My middle daughter was 7lbs 11 oz and 21 inches at birth. At about 6 months of age (when genetics kicks in), she started on her own curve. My doctor was not worried since she followed her own curve and didn’t drop dramatically off of it. She is now 9 years old and only two inches taller and two pounds lighter than her 6-year-old sister. She is in the third percentile for height and weight. I’m only 5 feet tall and my husband is very slender. Between the two of us, we made a tiny little girl. Fortunately, she has no trouble holding her own at soccer and in running club because she knows that her size will not hold her back.

  27. Yes, my Jasmine is the same way. She was 6lbs 4oz when she was born. At her 3 yr old checkup she was in the 5th percentile for height and weight. I’m only 5ft so I know she won’t be super tall. She’ll be 4 in a few months so we’ll see how she’s progressed. She’s just now fitting her 3T clothes.

  28. I must admit, I always check on your posts about Kara…seriously, she is just the cutest little thing…and i think your right, tiny babies have that same adorable factor as big, chunky rolly ones! I think the ones who are exactly on target for height/weight (like both of mine were) are the least exciting to “ooh” and “ahhh” over. lol. But, I guess I should also add that my boys are adorable & since they were born exactly 4 years & 23 hours apart their being on age/weight target has meant I can keep all the same clothes for the 2nd one. bonus!

  29. My son was the same way. He was 7lbs, and exclusively breastfed. He rode in his infant car seat well past 1yr old and his feet barely hung over. Now he is 8 and you would never know it. I just kept breastfeeding him and introduced healthy solids when he was ready.

  30. My boys have always been tiny tots. My 5 year old is now long bones with no meat on him =). Our 18 month old son is small too for weight he just made the 20%percentile but his big head is in 95%. He was considered small in the womb and is small now. I love it because its easier to carry him around than my girls who were both chubby chubs! Someone has to be on the bottom of the chart or else there wouldn’t be a chart =)

  31. All 3 of my babies were born super tiny but were enormous in the first two years! Now they are all super thin :)

  32. I’ve got kids on all ends of the spectrum. My 2year old though, is like Kara. Very petite. Size 2t clothes are quite large around her tiny little waist, so she often runs around in just a shirt. With weight and height she’s around the 15th percentile. My 5month little boy though, is massive, he’s been hanging around the 90th percentile.

  33. My husband is 6’8″ so all my babies were gigantic. They went through baby clothes so fast. :( such a pity as we spend good money on adorable clothes and they wore them for a couple weeks. My older children (I have 5 total) have mostly leveled out even though they are taller than their classmates but my youngest is four and wears a size 6. She will probably be the tallest. I love babies of all shapes and sizes and your little petite one is darling.

  34. My first son Ethan who is know 6 is small. He only weighs 42 pounds and is not that tall, he can still fit into 4t shirts and some 3t and pants are a size 4 as well. My other son who is almost 10 months is growing at a much faster rate than his big, but small brother. My 10 month old is in a size 4 diaper and wears 18 month onesies and size 2t shirts. He is in the top 25 percent for children his age and everyone thinks he is at least one and a half years old and are surprised when i tell them he is only 10 months. It is crazy at how much different they are when it comes to growing my youngest will be bigger than his brother in no time at all! I keep hoping that Ethan will hit a growth spurt and shoot up in height and put on some pounds, but I dont think that will be the case. He is just meant to be a small guy and that is perfectly fine. As long as my boys are healthy and happy, that is all that truly matters. :)

  35. After three very chunky and fast growing babies, I have a little one. Nursed babies chunk up later and slower than formula babies. What is most important, according to our family doctor, is that their growth trajectory remains constant. E4 eats and sleeps like a champ, too. He’s happy and healthy and being small has allowed him to start learning to move much earlier than the others.

  36. I think my daughter is “slim”. I can’t say she’s petite, because her height is in the 75%. Weight-wise though, she’s also in the 30% range at 18 lbs. (my daughter is a few days older than yours, I believe). It’s the craziest thing. Genetically, I think she’s going to be like her dad; he’s not a big guy. I was a big baby and am a toned, “solid” woman. I was born 10 lbs even and was 22 inches long. My husband was premature and has no idea how much he weighed. Baby girl was a decent 8 lbs., 7 oz. at birth. I just KNEW she was going to fluff up from there. Nope. She’s very dense though! LOL! She’s long and lean, but she feels like she weighs a ton! I don’t know what she’s doing with all the food and milk she’s knocking back! Like your daughter, Kendall eats a good 3 square meals a day in addition to milk (and a fruit or veggie snack in between). Where is it going? :-O

  37. Sounds like my daughter! She was born 6lbs 10oz. She’s now 23 months old and weighs 22lbs. She is very skinny but steadily grows…and is smart as a whip. Her development is great so I’m not worried. She was under the 2percentile on the old chart but the new one she’s a little higher. She eats very well and is super active too.

    I’ve been noticing more people who talk about petite babies, especially girls, and I think with more woman shifting back towards breastfeeding we are seeing that more and more.

  38. She is so adorable. :)

  39. My middle daughter was born at 9lb 7 1/2 oz 20 inches. She very quickly became tiny. She didn’t grow for a while and then began to grow at a steady pace. She was just growing with the curve of the growth chart… well below the 0%. She eventually evened out. Now at 20 yrs old she is average height but (of her own doing) is still very thin.
    My son was also 9lb 7oz at birth. Now at 18 years old he is nearing 6′ tall and has a 26″ waist.
    All babies are born & grow at their own pace. They don’t follow textbooks.
    I do have a friend who has a little girl that is extremely tiny & undergoing a lot of testing with no real answers. They know something is not ‘right’ but have no diagnosis.

  40. She’s adorable! Coming from a 5’11 mom and 6’5 dad, my kids were always in the 90%+. LOL But, my son was a very chunky baby but he has thinned out a lot and is a good weight. So, I had one that went in the opposite direction as yours. :)

  41. my oldest, my now 25 year old son, was always small in stature, but his weight was always right for his size. i think that came from having too short parents. i’m 5’4″, his dad is only about 5’5″-5’6″. unfortunately, he didn’t get any of the height that his dad’s family had running in it (his uncle and grandfather from his dad’s side were all over 6′) my son is around 5’6″-5’7″ right now. he’s still the right weight for his height, too. that, plus his somewhat baby face, has people thinking he’s 18. they used to think he was 16 until he turned 21 lol my 15 year old daughter is as tall as he is now, and my 13 year old daughter is an inch shorter than my 15 year old. the girls have different dad than my son’s. their dad is 6′, but that’s not really tall these days. my son used to tell the girls they were freakishly tall (always taller than most of the kids in their class…even taller than the boys), but he’s at peace with his height since some of his inspirations are around his height.

  42. My daughter was smaller than both her brothers when she was born at 6 pounds 4 ounces and she still continues to be petite. She will be 5 next month and only weighs 36 pounds and is in about the 50th percentile for her height. She does have type 1 diabetes but other than that she is completely healthy. She is just is and always has been a slim girl!

  43. She is adorable!!

    All of mine are tiny. My 3 year old is still fitting into 18/24 month clothes. My 7 year old is smaller than my 6 year old (both of which still fit 4/5T) and ALL of them eat like there is no tomorrow LOL. My oldest has hit a spurt in the last year and finally is getting some height and a little meat…but still below the average for her age.

  44. My daughter has always been tiny, well my middle daughter. She is 4 now, and still fits very comfortably in the waist of 9-12month clothes. She has never reached the 5th percentile for height or weight, but she is thriving
    You have a beautiful “tiny” little girl!!

  45. I have a 4 yr old that is only 36lbs, and a 2 year old that is only 28 lbs. My 8mth old is 14 lbs, they all eat like teenagers, but are very active! I love my tiny munchkins and wouldn’t have them any other way.

  46. My first son was in the less than 5% range for weight from about 9 months – 2 years! My 9-month old is also small – he’s been in the less than 5% on his weight since his 1 month checkup! He’s also short – only 10% in length.

  47. Such a cutie!! I have the exact opposite! at 4 months, my little guy is, well not so little! He is a whopping 22 lbs!!! My first son was a chunker too but only 16 lbs at his age!

    Each baby is different:)

    • My fourth baby was 24 pounds at 4 months and people made comments wondering if I was worried she would be overweight when she grew up. Seriously!! She was strictly breastfed at that time. People are so strange. Anyway…. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who had a chunky monkey. :) She is 7 now and no, she isn’t chunky. Tall and gangly. Haha.

  48. My oldest daughter (now 9) was VERY small for her first few years. Also at the low end of weight, I constantly worried: Is she eating enough, healthy enough, do we need supplements, etc. My doctor assured me she was healthy, just tiny. Makes since as my mom was very petite too. While she’s still more petite than other kids her age, she has zoomed past them in height. So, you’re not alone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little smaller and I’m certain your sweet angel will hit her growth spurt years too. She is so precious by the way!

  49. The little girl that we’re adopting is the same age and a similar size. It’s fun to see pictures of your little girl that size :)

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