Desperately seeking my inner domestic goddess

I love taking care of my son. I enjoy feeding him, playing with him, and I even enjoy changing his diaper. I look forward to seeing his smiling face every morning, and I start missing him the moment I put him to bed. I do relish a little quiet time, don’t get me wrong, but I genuinely appreciate every aspect of the one-on-one relationship I have as Mama to my little boy.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER… I am absolutely terrible when it comes to the other aspects of being a homemaker. I am never caught up on laundry, the dishes sometimes reach levels nearing bio-hazard, and I am nothing resembling a cook. I know, I know, many moms are not perfect in these areas, but I feel like my case is a little worse, and it gives me a good deal of anxiety.

When I read Twitter updates or blog posts by other moms who are constantly making mention of the housework they are doing, or the deliciously delicious dinner they are whipping up for their family, I wonder why I FAIL so miserably in these areas.

I do know one thing for sure, I need to get on the ball, and I need to get on the ball FAST! It is very important for to me that Evan have a good example of a well-run household as he grows up. I may not be perfect (scratch that, I KNOW I won’t be perfect), but I want to at the very least be able to provide a home-cooked meal for him every day.

I am supposed to be doing some spring cleaning right now, and instead, I find myself procrastinating online, WRITING about my lack of housecleaning skills. Lame, Crissy. Lame. Time to make a clean slate.

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  1. Tiffany, I need to check that site out, thanks!

  2. I really do need to find some good crockpot recipes. I’m on a diet, so I need to find ideas that are lowfat, but I’m sure there are plenty of diet-friendly crock pot recipes out there if I look! :)

  3. I second the crockpot idea. My crockpot is my saving grace on days when I have little to no energy left. I love that come dinner time when I’m utterly exhausted all the cooking is practically done for me.

    I think we all have what we think are our downfalls, but we excel in so many other areas. I’m horrible at couponing and organization, but I keep trying hoping one day I’ll be better at it than I am today.

  4. I used to be so on top of it before baby #4. Baby #4 is not 20 months old and I still can’t get back on track. lol. I also hate house work! lol. Oh and I looked at my floor and in the corners…UGH…I’m not a good housekeeper. lol. I will cook, bake, and….and…well…I homeschool..yeah..and I blog. Laundry? Always behind. Cleaning…I start on Monday hoping to have a clean week…well..I hope for that every Monday. Fly Lady helped me before…this online organizing thing site. lol. I think I will get back to that.

  5. Hello there! Found your cute blog on Lady Bloggers!

    I used to be SO anal about keeping the house perfect. Then I realized… These are PRECIOUS precious years with our little ones, that we can never take back. I would much rather have a less perfect home, and have ZERO regrets about not spending quality time with my little girl. Plus, my friends Mom always tells me that cleaning can kill ya! I believe it!

    I try to keep it tidy, but I also want to have some free time. It’s so hard to find a balance isn’t it? I’m sure you are doing a great job, so don’t beat yourself up too much. ;)

    New Follower! ;)

  6. If you read, you should do what she does. She prepares almost a months worth of dinners on her “cooking days” and freezes them. That way, all she has to do in the midst of taking care of 3 little ones, is defrost and re-heat. Also, crock pots are perfect for that reason too. Just chop up veggies and meat, put in the crock pot with broth and seasonings and just let it go for 8 hours, and *whammo*, you’ve got a great meal for you and your family. :-)

    It all takes some getting used to. You’ll find your niche soon!

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