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Diet Coke detox

I’m still going strong on my mission to kick a heinous Diet Coke addiction, and so far, so good.

The intense headaches that I suffered with for most of the first week of my Diet Coke addiction detox are gone now, but after ten days, I’m definitely still craving Diet Coke.

I’m not sure if it’s an increased water intake or the elimination of the diet soda, but I’ve noticed a major positive change in my skin this week.

Now, let me give you a little backstory on my skin. I usually have a minor monthly hormonal breakout, but generally, my skin is normal. It’s not movie-star gorgeous or flawless by any means, but it’s normal.

I should say, It’s usually normal.

For the past four months or so it has been so terrible. I’ve had constant breakouts that I haven’t been able to remedy, and I’ve tried. I’ve tried everything!

Again, I have no idea if it can be attributed to getting off the diet soda but my skin has made a dramatic transformation this week. The texture is so much smoother and the acne and inflammation has all but completely disappeared.

Of course, in the place of the Diet Coke, I’m drinking water—much more water than I was drinking before.

Regardless, I’m happy to see such an immediate positive change.

P.S. in case you’re wondering, yeah, I’m still craving pop like crazy. CRAZY.

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  1. I am giving up my addiction to canned coffee. I think the amount of sugar and carb in it are the ones who are responsible for my massive weight gain. So yes I am drinking more water these days and I hope it would work rapidly :)

  2. The aspartame in all diet sodas has been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses. The same goes for Splenda… Read all labels and stay away from these ingredients, you would be surprised how many foods they are found in.
    Congratulations on your detox- stay strong and healthy, all the best to you on your journey!

    • The research is not definitive on whether artificial sweeteners put people at higher risk of cancer. That said, moving to a more whole food / natural diet is definitely beneficial.

  3. I think it’s awesome that you kicked the Diet Coke habit! I used to drink several Diet Cokes a day and while I didn’t lose any weight after kicking the habit, my frequent headaches improved and I felt less bloated! I still drink a soda now and then as a special treat, but I can’t imagine going back to drinking it every day! Good luck with the cravings – they will subside after time! Every once in a while I crave one (it’s been about 6 years since I stopped drinking it) and I can’t even finish the can because now I hate the way it tastes!

  4. Awesome!! Congratulations. Keep up the good job!!

  5. I think this is a good article about eating your way to good skin! >> Eat Your Way To Great #Skin: The Importance of What You Put in Your Body > by @alywalansky

  6. Keep it up and your cravings will disappear. I have finally kicked my addiction to diet coke (within the past year), and I feel great.

  7. Hey- I was addicted to Diet Coke as well. I had to have one by 10am every morning to function. Alongside my addition I also had severe stomach issues. I went to many doctors and had several colonoscopy and endoscopies with no conclusive findings. I stopped diet coke and within a week my wretched stomach pains went away. Many days I was bed ridden with such bad stomach pains and have yet to have one since I stopped diet coke. It was poisonous to my body and everyone should be aware of their how different things effect their insides. L

  8. You are gorgeous and I love that haircut. I wish I still had the skin I did when I was younger. I had acne free skin until my adult years. I also have had that monthly break out thing going on for a while. Tried medication the dermatologist prescribed but it caused side effects so I stopped taking it. I know many foods will help with clearing up your skin and I also started taking zinc in January. I have not had a break out since starting it. I read this from another blog and am doing several of the things suggested. So far I’ve seen a vast improvement.

  9. That’s terrific. I cut out my diet mt. dew about the same time but my goal was to cut the artificial sweetener from my life. I replaced with water and green tea which I have been drinking by the gallons. No skin change for me :(

  10. I’ve never cared for diet sodas, but I do love regular sodas. However, at one point I went on a diet and substituted diet soda for my regulars, as well as using artificial sweeteners in place of sugar. I ended up with bad headaches the entire time. All those chemicals are soooo bad!

  11. I quit Diet Coke 13 months and ten days ago. The first week I wanted to die. The second week I wanted to kill people. Now, more than a year later, I still crave it, but my digestive system is MUCH happier!

  12. Glad your kicking the diet soda habit. Diet soda is worse than regular soda as it contains sugar that is not made for our bodies and therefore it builds up in your system. The extra water is also flushing toxins out of your system that your body was unable to do before because you weren’t giving it enough water. You can do it, and keep doing it!! You are already seeing positive improvements. BTW, the headaches are due to no caffeine, and not necessarily the diet coke. You could always drink iced tea, unsweetened as a replacement for diet coke for the caffeine :)

  13. I stopped drinking Diet Coke about a year ago (after about 20+ yrs of no less than one a day)- I still want it BAD. But, I have to be honest, the couple I’ve caved in to over the last few months don’t taste good. Good luck, it’s tough.

  14. Your skin looks amazing!

  15. I gave up diet coke about 3 years ago. I had given it up because I was just plain giving up soda. Then about 5 months ago, I stopped at Chipotle, and filled up my small cup with diet coke. We are all allowed a little indulgence every once in a while, aren’t we? Well, that whole afternoon I got a splitting headache, that eventually turned into a migraine, and it took about 3 solid days of being in a dark, quiet room to shake it. Since then, I have decided that diet coke will no longer be my indulgence. I attribute the migraine to the aspartame that is in diet coke, and have avoided it in every other product I, and my family consume. Glad to hear that you are having a positive experience giving it up as well.

  16. congratulations!

  17. So glad you gave it. Not only is the overall ingredients horrible for you, but the artificial sweeteners are awful! Give it a little more time and you will not crave it at all. I gave up all soda in 2010 and once I got through the initial first couple of weeks, other than the one or tow root beers that I have every year, I don’t have that deep constant craving ever.

  18. That is great! I am sure drinking water has really helped! I sent you an email about something I am taking that is full of natural ingredients that really helps with cravings like that and sugar cravings! Also helps with weight loss…..balancing blood sugar levels …..fibromyalgia symptoms…it is great!

  19. I gave up diet sodas (Coke Zero being my drug of choice) in favor of Zevia, a stevia-sweetened cola. Sort of the least of all evils – not tons of calories like HFCS/sugar sodas (which not gross me out when I drink them anyway), and not the (alleged) poison that aspartame is.

  20. Way to go!!! :)
    Congrats sticking with it even when it got hard.

    Your right your skin looks GREAT!

    You said you have tried everything for your skin.
    Have you tried Norwex Facial Cloths?

    People SWEAR by them!,737,204.aspx

    It is just this luxury microfiber cloth + water.
    No harsh chemicals!!!

    It is embedded with silver which is anti bacterial.

    Let me know if you want to try it out! :)


  21. I’ve heard of many people giving up soda, by replacing it with homemade Kombucha. Food Renegade just posted something about it on Facebook the other day. Also water kefir can we quite fizzy on the second ferment and it quite delicious :)

  22. What do you drink in place of DC? I have a Sodastream that I use to make plain seltzer and, believe it or not, it’s a pretty good substitute. It’s not sweet, of course, but it gives you that nice bubbly burn.

  23. Good for you!!! I quit at the beginning of January 2013 (and trust me I drank enough for a small army to remain caffeinated for a WHILE). I still haven’t noticed anything particularly miraculous but I am convinced it was a step in a healthy direction.

  24. I keep saying I’m going to quit Diet coke. I quit smoking 11 years ago and I think quitting Diet Coke is harder! I drink 2 cans a day and I know they are not good for me!

  25. I broke my obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper a few years ago. I still look lovingly at it, but it is not required in my daily life. Two things helped me: the price of a 12 pack/drink out/quick fix increase and drinking decaf iced tea sweetened with stevia. (Follow Food Babe’s recommendations on stevia.)

    I think the sweetened change, plus avoidance of carbonated drinks have helped my overall health.

  26. Crissy you have aways been gorgeous! I am glad to hear you are kicking the Coke habit (that sounds bad but likely it is as hard to kick as a drug!) I bet all the extra water is doing your skin a world of good.

    You look like you have lost weight too- your face is much thinner than it used to be. Agagin you look terrific!

  27. I gave up diet dr pepper for over 2 month. it was such a amazing feeling. I had also given up sugar at the same time. but i drank a soda and i was back on. I am addicted to diet Dr Pepper and i think of doing it all the time. Wishing you the best, hugs, karen

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