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DIY Cat Tent for Kitties Who Play Hard

This post is part of a series brought to you by Temptations Cat Treats, part of Mars Petcare, who is committed to “a better world for pets.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

I feel very lucky to live close enough to my parents that I can spend a lot of time at their house. We spend so much time there, in fact, that I sort of feel like their two cats, Punkin and Lucy, are my cats too!

Lucy, in particular, is such an active cat who loves to play. Her favorite pastimes are batting milk rings around the kitchen, chasing the laser pointer up the wall and getting her TEMPTATIONS™ Snacky Mouse to submit to her will.

In case you haven’t seen the TEMPTATIONS™ Snacky Mouse in action, you’re in for a treat (ha ha!).

We love Lucy’s happy spirit. That bonding time with the cats is special to all of us, but I also know that cats love their down time.

I recently did a fun little DIY craft at my mom’s house as a special treat for her cats. This easy homemade cat tent gives your cat their own little cove of solitude where he or she can feel safe and comfy between play sessions.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

Full instructions for this DIY cat tent can be found at the bottom of the post. Note, my attempt is modified just slightly from the fantastic original tutorial which you can find at Instructables.

What I love about this craft is that you can make it using items that you already have around the house.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

It really warms my heart to see Lucy loving her life so thoroughly. She actually showed up on my parents’ doorstep in the middle of winter a few years ago.

After searching for her owner to no avail, my mom and dad decided to bring her inside and make her a part of the family. She melted everyone’s hearts immediately and she’s been a part of the family ever since.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

After we finished the DIY cat tent, Lucy was a little hesitant to check it out. We decided to sweeten the experience for her by placing a few of her favorite TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Dairy Flavored Treats inside.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

Needless to say, that did the trick!

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

Punkin and Lucy Love TEMPTATIONS™ Treats. I assume it has a lot to do with their crunchy texture on the outside and their soft, meaty middle. The brand continues to offer a wide variety of different flavor combinations that will satisfy the most finicky of felines. I know Lucy loves the Creamy Dairy Flavor and Punkin prefers the Tasty Chicken and Turkey.

As I mentioned above, if you haven’t picked one up yet you HAVE to try the TEMPTATIONS™ Snacky Mouse. Just fill up your TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE™ Toy with your choice of TEMPTATIONS™ treats and watch your cat’s natural instincts unfold!

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

It is so rewarding when you take a little time to treat your cat. Whether it’s with a special DIY cat tent, play time with a new toy or even just a few of their favorite treats. Each of those little acts make your cat feel loved and that’s what being a pet owner is all about.

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

What simple steps do you take to treat your cat?

DIY Cat Tent - This easy DIY cat tent craft is so cute and your cat will adore you for it!

DIY Cat Tent


  • Two wire hangers
  • A square piece of cardboard (about 15" x 15")
  • Duct tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • X-acto knife (if you need to trim your cardboard or foam board)
  • Hole punch (if you have a strong one, otherwise poke your holes using your wire or a knife)
  • A medium t-shirt


  1. Clip your wire hangers below the twist on both sides and bend roughly straight. Then bend both wires into an arches that are about the same size.
  2. Poke holes into the 4 corners of your coardboard or foam board, about 1/2 " from the edges. You can use a hole punch, but if your cardboard is too thick simply poke holes using your wire hanger or make holes with a knife.
  3. Insert your first hanger-arch into one of the holes, then push the other side into the diagonal hole. Using your pliers, bend the wire on the bottom of the box to prevent it from slipping through. Repeat using the other hanger, crossing your first hanger. Center the arches at the top and tape together using duct tape.
  4. Tape the bottom of the box to cover the bent wire on all four corners.
  5. Slip your t-shirt over the box. You may have to do some arranging to make it line up so that the hole/entry is centered. Pull the excess fabric tight and wrap on the bottom. Pretend you're wrapping a gift. You'll need to pull the sleeves down and wrap them on the bottom as well. Many of the tutorials I read said to secure the extra/loose fabric with safety pins. I would prefer not worrying about a safety pin coming off near my cat, so I just used duct tape to secure the t-shirt under the cat tent. Maybe not the most sophisticated way of doing things, but hey, it works!
  6. 6. If your cat enjoys laying on fluffy things, you can put a towel inside. If your cat has more peculiar tastes, like my mom's cat Lucy, you can put your latest issue of Cat Fancy or today's newspaper in the bed. What can I say, Lucy loves to lie on magazines and newspapers!
  7. 7. Sweeten the whole deal by putting a couple Temptations cat treats in the tent for your kitty!

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  1. Thank your family for taking Lucy in. We all need one another. Your Lucy’s Cat Bed is wonderful, simple and fits most kitties hiding and nesting needs. Yay team!

  2. Weirdos that my cats are, all treats get snubbed. However, newest family member Mr. Mojo, 3 weeks old now, obviously needed some space. Not much, he tends to go about on my shoulder, but he likes the occasional bit of privacy. The tent is perfect! He absolutely adores it…thank you so much for an easy & low-cost project, it truly means a lot to me and Mr. Mojo.

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This would work great using the left over carpet tile also!

  5. I just love this idea! I am going to make it for my cat with dementia. She loves her hideaways!

  6. Hi, Crissy! I was just wondering where you got the pink t-shirt used in this cat tent. Sincerely, Mathilde

  7. I thought it looked cute but I couldn’t get it to work!

  8. Would like to make these for 4H project day for our youth. Can you please clarify: is t-shirt adult Med or child Med? Also, about what size should cardboard/foam board be? Thanks!

  9. You are so creative. I never would have thought of doing this.

  10. This is actually SO COOL. I can’t believe your cat will have a cute place to rest! 

  11. What a great use for an old shirt!  Cats can have a lot of fun with a tiny shelter!

  12. Oh now this is clever! Super easy and who doesn’t have a spare t-shirt laying around. I could see my mom’s cat loving this!

  13. Aww. I should make one of these for the cat! That is such a cute idea.

  14. I need to make this tent for my cats immediately!  This is AWESOME!

  15. Now this is a such an adorable idea. Super-simple and I am sure cats will love it. Thanks so much for putting this together

  16. This is  a great idea – good for finding another use for some old shirts.

  17. This is such a super cute idea! I have a really fat cat, so I am not sure if she could fit in the neck hole of a short!

  18. This is such a great idea.  This is definitely something I have to try out.  Cats do love to hide in small spaces.

  19. That is so cool! I’ve got to show this to my mom. She’d love to make this for my sister’s cat.

  20. Look how creative this is! I don’t have a cat, but this would be fun to make of friends. I am not a sewing expert, but this looks simple enough! Very cute! 

  21. I’ve made two of these for my kitties. They just loved them and they held up pretty well, until one would start climbing it and the other either tried to get on top of it too or just pounced on it from above. So easy to make, though. I’ll have to make a couple more, soon.

  22. That is so adorable! Brilliant idea and easy to make, looks like your kitty likes it! 

  23. What a cute idea!  My MIL is pretty crafty and she could totally make one of these for her cats.

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