Dear Crissy

Do you ever feel run down?


About a month ago, I came down with a really nasty case of sinusitis and bronchitis.

These are not conditions that I’m unfamiliar with—in fact—I have chronic sinus problems. However, this particular bout of infection was pretty severe. I actually don’t think I have been that sick in many years. I ended up having to see a doctor twice, and only after a second round of powerful antibiotics did the infection begin to leave my body. I was totally down, and coughing severely for about 14 days.

When the antibiotics finally started working, though, I got better rapidly. The cough disappeared and the sinus infection subsided.

Honestly, though, I haven’t felt quite right since I was sick.

I’ve been feeling really tired and I have this strange recurring sore throat. It’s mild, but it is there every few days. Last night I looked in my throat and my tonsils looked white and enlarged.

I’ve also noticed my fingernails are papery thin, and I just feel off.

I know that what I need to do is start eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking water instead of Diet Coke, and taking vitamins. I am just not taking care of myself and I can feel it.

I also feel less motivated, and this is why I haven’t been posting much here.

Do you ever just feel completely run down? How do you right the ship?

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  1. I am going through the same thing right now .
    Exhausted . It’s been going on for 5 weeks now
    2 antibiotics . I have had blood work done .
    Thyroid normal . Everything normal . I haven’t been
    Eating right but take vitamins . A weird thing happened
    I would crave tuna fish while I was sick and I hate tuna fish
    So I would down tuna fish sandwiches.I looked to see what
    The main ingredient selenium it’s a crucial
    Vitamin in repairing cells in the body in healing.
    Look up 90 essential vitamins in repairing the body .
    It will take care of all vital diseases

  2. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes which will make the
    largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. I feel your pain. My family was recently relocated due to my husband getting a new job and boy did it take a toll on me. I found myself getting sick and being tired like never before. I realized that the stress of moving and preparing for the transition was taking it’s toll on me and started thinking just like you…I need to take my vitamins, drink more water and cut back on the sodas! In the busyness I was forgetting/neglecting to eat breakfast and do all the things needed to take care of myself. I am feeling better now that I started paying attention and we are settled in our new home. I don’t ever want to feel like that again!!
    Feel better!

  4. I have been so crazy tired lately. I’ve had the same problem with my nails being so brittle. They just break nonstop. I know for a fact I need to start eating better & doing some physical activity. Knowing it & doing it are two totally different things.

  5. I take 15,000 units of Vitamin D every day 5,000 of Vitamin C these are to boost my immunity and keep it strong to guard against getting sick. If I feel like I am coming down with something I take 30,000 every 2 hours when I feel better I take it 3 times a day for 3 days. I very rarely ever get any illness, I haven’t had a cold for 3 years.

  6. I agree that you should go to the doctor, and don’t let them tell you that you are fine if you don’t feel right. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition 9 months ago that CHANGED my WHOLE life. Take every symptom seriously, and write it all down for future reference. Our bodies sometimes have symptoms that are very odd and we need to find the root of the problem. If nothing else, see a naturopath. Sometimes they can help suggest ideas that can help eliminate problems instead of masking them with medications.

  7. Hi Crissy,

    That is a serious round of antibiotics your body had to process. Glad you are feeling better in that respect.
    I can relate to feeling off, just not yourself. The last couple of months I’ve been a little off my game, lacking the energy or motivation that I am used to. I attributed some of it to lack of sleep. The kids went back to school and I get up way too early with my middle-schooler. :-)
    After being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I looked at where I need to go and made a plan to get there. I’ve put myself back on my To-Do list. Cuz, as the saying goes, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!
    I drink water every morning before I pour one drop of coffee. I started my walking dvd set again and I’m adding one more fruit and veggie at most meals.
    And, just Saturday I went out and bought me good vitamins! The ones made just for women, no more of those one size fits all things I’d been taking with hubby.
    I think these small, positive changes will help me and I bet you’ll find the right combo to help you too. Sounds like you are on the right track.

  8. See an ENT doc and get on Budesonide nasal rinses. That was the thing that finally cured my sinus infection after three months of feeling tired and worn out and having drainage. Antibiotics didn’t do it.

  9. Having two young children can wear anyone down. As in the past when your daughter had colic I am again recommending that you have a little down time even if it is just an afternoon when you can take a long nap or pursue your love of photography. I also suggest you take probiotics with your vitamins to restore the healthy balance of bacteria in your body since antibiotics and illness can throw them off. Diet coke has no nutritional value but is full of chemicals. Carbonation is not all that good either. Please read up on it and make your own intelligent decision about consuming it. I hope you are feeling better soon. xox

  10. I do a number of things to boost my immune system when I’m feeling run down:

    — hot tea with lemon and 20 dried goji berries

    — oil of oregano

    — water with lemon

    — plenty of rest

    — a lymphatic drainage massage focusing on the abdomen, which helps the body detoxify

    — relaxation exercises

  11. Hi Chrissy!

    This link will take you to a page that lists many vitamin deficiencies and what the symptoms of each are…

    You should check out Zinc, Calcium and the B Vitamins especially…not to mention, you may have symptoms that you don’t even realize are symptoms.

    (I recently started taking either B-12 or a B-Complex and it has helped me with my memory, alertness, motivation and fatigue. I noticed a difference within the first week. I hope this helps!!! Feel better soon! : )

    ~Tammy D~

  12. As much as its less fun, what you wrote is correct. Vitamins, drink a lot of water, eat better foods. Amazing how we have the tools for better health and ignore it. Hope you’re feeling like yourself soon. E

  13. I had that exact same sickness in college. Yes really improve your nutrition. Look at Cooking Light and Healthy Cooking magazines for food ideas. I’ve been using Nature’s Way Alive vitamins. Be sure to check ingredients list to make sure you aren’t allergic to anything.

    Exercise try Pop Pilates You Tube videos their some beginner and short videos there. Also Fitness Blender You Tube videos are good. They have a few low impact workouts. They plan to add more. Tara Stiles Yoga You Tube videos are nice. There beginner and short videos there.

    My your nails try Nailtiques Formula 2 or Formula 2 plus. prep nails with alcohol, nail polish remover or facial toner so it won’t peel off.


  14. I get sinusitis a lot. I hope I don’t any more because I’m now allergic to the one antibiotic that I wasn’t allergic to, Biaxin, that I have took all winter long for 25 yrs. In addition to taking that, I drank lemon ginger echinacea juice all day long till my symptoms were gone. That is fantastic juice. It gets the job done and naturally. Feel better soon!


  16. It is the time of the year when new things are in bloom and causes havoc to the sinuses. Nasal drip causes issues with your tonsils. I have had chronic tonsil issues for over 20 years now at it flairs up during the change of season. It has gotten to a point where I am now getting ear infections because of my tonsils. (I do have an appointment to talk about getting them removed) you definitely need to eat more veggies and fruits and less soda. Soda w/sugar causes issues never mind the aspartame in the sugar free versions. DEFINATELY go to the dr to get some bloodwork done b/c you never know what could be causing the other symptoms. Up here in the NE we are getting a lot of strange cases of EEE and other stuff b/c of mosquitoes. I wouldn’t mess with trying to resolve it yourself, get a professional opinion! Good luck and feel better!

  17. I understand about feeling run down. I was sick for over 5 weeks during the spring. I remember coming home from work one day in tears, asking desperately, “Am I EVER going to feel better????”

    I strongly encourage you to get some probiotics, to build up the good bacteria in your system, because antibiotics are a nasty, yet necessary evil at times. Your digestive system will thank you. ;D

    I haven’t done as well as I would like with consistent exercise and vitamin taking. I think today’s sunshine is calling to me for a walk…

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

    :) Rhea

  18. Probiotics to get your digestive system back on track and add a green juice at least once per day. Get tested for mono and full blood work up.

  19. You need to take probiotics to build the good bugs up in your gut! Antibiotics kill everything, good or bad,.so now you need to replenish!

  20. You may want to consider going to an ENT or Allergist to make sure you don’t have something else going on. Antibiotics can take a toll on the body that can take several months of recovery, too. Also, you may want to have your family doctor check you for mono.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon! :)

  21. Hi Chrissy,
    I know that other people have already said this — but please go to a doctor for a full physical including bloodwork. Ten years ago I had a nasty case of the flu. I felt like I never quite recovered. And then I got more and more tired, and had more and more aches and pains. After a year of wondering if I was going crazy and seeing my family doctor every few weeks, I asked him to take blood to test for EVERYTHING — autoimmune, lyme disease, even AIDS. Turns out I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and lyme disease. Don’t worry! I don’t think you have all of that! But if I hadn’t gotten the diagnosis, I wouldn’t have learned all of the proper things I need to do to take care of myself including medications, exercise, healthy eating, etc.
    Hopefully, you are just suffering from a case of the “over-extendeds.” But it is much better to find out for sure so that you know what is needed to make things better.
    Thank you for having the guts to put all of this out there!

  22. Oh my, I really hope you start to feel better and get your mojo back :) I can relate to what you are going through, about 6 months ago I was in and out of hospital about 5x in 3 months and I was just so exhausted and completely OVER feeling sick. I just felt like doing something for myself and forgetting the crappy way I was feeling.

    I somehow ended up at my local YMCA. They were having a great special so I joined with the promise I could cancel my membership if it wasnt for me. I decided to do some aqua cardio classes in the pool because that was the lowest impact exercise I could think of, and also I felt I would be less conspicuous if I couldn’t keep up.

    Within two classes, I had learned valuable things from my instructors about diet and exercise that I never knew. They noticed my balance needed work (previous ankle surgeries) and taught me to stop unconsciously shortening my stride, which can aggravate the issue. Within 5 weeks of going to class 2-3 mornings for aqua cardio and aqua bootcamp classes. I had lost 30lbs barely trying.

    My husband and I shared a car so at first I thought that taking this time for myself would be a challenge. It was alot easier than I thought, I would drop hubby off at work and ride down the street to YMCA. After my classes I would shower and change in the locker room and let me tell you, everytime I walked out that gym door to my car, I felt so WONDERFUL! It was exhilerating and made me feel inside like I had made the right choice for myself. It did not take long for me to treat my YMCA days as precious, because they were – they gave me the time I needed for myself and I got healthier and happier almost instantly. It was such a revelation. I really hope you can find something like that for you.

  23. Sometimes the best thing I do when I feel run down is to pray. This world right now is crazy and when we bring ourselves closer to the Lord, He’ll show us what needs to be done in our life.

  24. Probiotics are a must after taking antibiotics.
    Antibiotics are great but hard on the body, get the good stuff going again with a probiotic supplement and do not forget the yogurt.

  25. After a couple of rounds of antibiotics, your body isn’t at it’s best – they kill both the good and bad bacteria in your body and it does take time to rebuild yourself. Having small children makes it tougher as you can’t rest as much as you should. When your body is tired, it’s telling you to slow down. If you still have the sore throat – check with your dr. I agree it could be a low grade infection still – sinus infections can be really hard to treat. It could be compounded by environmental allergies – have you ever been tested for hayfever type allergies? They are bad this year and that can also contribute to the persistent sore throat – and if it’s noticeable after sleeping it’s often a sign of allergy/infection.
    try adding a multivitamin w/iron to your diet and look into probiotics (or eat a lot of cultured organic yogurt) Your gut needs to get the good bacteria back – which can help. It’s important to put back in the good stuff after antibiotics – and yes, yeast can grow after that. Another thing to check for or think about. It can make you tired if it’s systemic.
    After I got very very sick (asthma, bronchial issues, sinus issues etc.) I’d been on three rounds of antibiotics, still couldn’t walk across the room without being exhausted, I finally consulted a naturopath – I was pretty skeptical, but you know, I was feeling 90% better in about 3 weeks – after over 3 months of being off work for that illness. Mostly it was due to coming off the antibiotics, building back the good nutrients and being given a better diet.
    After all that – consult your doctor, work on the diet, add some nutrients/probiotics (no matter what these can only help) and if you’re strong enough, go for a short walk or some other light exercise. It’s a pick me up.

  26. I am also feeling very rundown. Ever since returning from BlogHer, i just cant seem to get caught up on sleep or on motivation. I guess it doesnt help that I have been working some crazy shifts at my jobs either… I am trying to figure out how to get my energy back up – so i can get back into my blog… Poor thing, its been neglected lately! :/
    Hopefully you feel better soon

  27. About 2 years ago my boyfriend got a really bad sinus infection. He has always had some sinus issues but this one was so bad he went to an urgent care center where he was put on antibiotics. When the sinus infection didn’t go away he was put on another antibiotic. In the end, he was put on probably 5 courses of antibiotics in a 4-5 month time period before his sinus problem got better.

    After taking all the antibiotics, he began experiencing a lot of problems such as fatigue, depression, and stomach problems. He just wasn’t himself. After more urgent care/ER/doctor visits and even an EGD and colonoscopy with biopsies, he was diagnosed as having diverticulitis, gastritis, esophagitis, you name it (which he believes was caused by all the antibiotics he took). He just recently got put on some medications that will hopefully take care of his problems and get him back on track.

    Maybe in your case the antibiotics you took are making you feel rundown or maybe they’ve caused another problem that just hasn’t fully surfaced yet. I know antibiotics are supposed to help but sometimes they end up curing one problem and causing another. Best of luck to you. : )

  28. Honestly, I struggle with this a lot. I work a lot of hours and that means not enough sleep and too much caffeine. I am really trying to improve but it is baby steps. Just change one thing at a time.

  29. You need some rest girl! Not like that is even possible with little kids. Sigh. Are you taking probiotics at all? That’s a must after a round of anti-biotics, which kill all the flora in your gut – and that in turn weakens your immune system even more. I’m sure some food based vitamins wouldn’t hurt either, I keep forgetting to take mine every day lol

    After having second baby I am too feeling the toll on my health, but not nearly as bad as you. I can attribute that to the fact that I eat really healthy. Even though I completely lack sleep and stress is involved, I at least eat nourishing foods to keep myself going, I drink water and occasionally juice. I haven’t had soda in over 6 years. I recently learned that diet soda is linked to preterm labor, if it can do that, I wonder what else it does in our bodies. What you describe, come to think of it, sounds like aspartame side effects. Keep us posted and I sincerely hope you feel better soon!
    (if you’re interested in any more info on things I’ve mentioned above, let me know)

  30. I agree with the others – go see a doc & have bloodwork done to see if there is anything very bad going on inside.

    I’ve had that sore throat you’re talking about. I’ve had it on and off for years. Sometimes, I’d have it for a month at a time. Eventually, I’d just go to the doc to be put on antibiotics. That said, I’m finally starting to appreciate what a truly amazing thing our body is. From getting sick to having babies, it was created to take care of itself. I think the more we medicate ourselves, the weaker our body becomes, and the less our body is able to heal itself naturally. Once I stopped the antibiotics for my sore throat, I stopped getting it as often, because my body was strong enough to fight it off on it’s own.

  31. Rest, vitamins, probiotics and exercise always help get me “right” again….I hope u feel better soon

  32. When I get run down I try to get plenty of sleep and eat lots of fruit.

    Hope you feel better and its nothing serious!

  33. Sometimes it is more than just eating better (which is a good idea regardless!). I was feeling “off” with recurring vomiting and nausea for almost 5 years… some days I just couldn’t function. Tests did nothing.. then last year I was having (what I thought was) back pain and a few bouts of (what I thought was) food poisoning.

    Turned out I was having gall bladder issues. dang stone went IN my pancreas. I had to have surgery asap.

    So I agree with the suggestions about being seen again.

  34. Hi Crissy, feel free to delete this if you feel like it’s too spammy. I just wanted to share with you what works for me and what I believe in. I blog over at Sweet Tiny Blessings and often share about Shaklee. It’s the number one natural nutrition company in the US. I love and believe in the products so much, that I now sell them to my family and friends. The products have changed my life. You can read my story here:
    I felt the same way you did after I was on many antibiotics from an E.Coli infection. Shaklee is so great, that if you don’t like their products, you get your money back. I hope you feel better soon.

  35. There are a lot of good recommendations here, and I especially support the need for more sleep! I know it’s almost impossible, but just try to get as much rest as you can.

  36. Sounds like some bloodwork is in order! Until then, load up at the farmer’s market while it’s in season.

  37. I would just go to the Dr and not try anything until you have an answer. One year after I had my first baby I was a mess, (crying ALL the time, which I never do, and just felt off) I was diagnosed with depression. I was embarrassed at first, but once I knew what was going on I felt much better and realized that several people are on anti-depressants.. Depression can cause pain and and other related symptoms. I’m actually about to visit the Doctor to check for a Thyroid issue. Feel free to let me know if you need someone to chat with.

  38. I feel this way sometimes after an illness. You might want to look into a simple cleanse. Maybe eating fruits and veggies with limited carbs and proteins? Or lots and lots of water to flush your system out?

  39. Sounds like you need to be taking a good probiotic to counter the anitibiotics you had to take . Your nails indicate a weakened immune system. Stay away from all sugar because it weakens the immune system and also caffeine because because you need to be hydrated as much as possible. I know that is hard when you have no energy! When you take the probiotic make sure you drink a lot of water to help flush out the toxins in your body. You probably need to take a good multivitamin. I recommend going to a health food store and buying Solaray because they are made with pure ingredients and have the levels they say they do; their are other good brands also. You don’t need any more impurities in your system. Some use ingredients from India and China which are the most poluted countries. Also the probiotic you want to buy are the kind that are refrigerated if you can afford it. Get someone that works there to help you and give you good advice on taking them. I know all this because I used to abuse my body with a lot of sugary foods and caffeine for years until my body fell apart. I was always thin so thought nothing of how I ate. But now I am getting back to being healthy again. It has been a long road but I have no one to blame but myself! I went through years of sinus problems, throat infections, flu symtoms and bronchitis before I changed my ways!

  40. Great post! What I love about this is that you have recognized your not eating enough fruit or taking in enough water. I really know exactly how you feel…I too have changed the way I eat, and I drink plenty of water along with my daily vitamins .

  41. You’re talking about my life! I’m on the same search and was hoping you had found the magic button already! I agree with you that water instead of Diet Coke is a good move, a hard one, but good. Also, as hard as it is to say and digest, white sugar and white flour are evil. I love them both, but my body doesn’t. There are other good options if you’re willing to try them that are satisfying, but not as easy as grabbing a quick candy bar. I’ve been to doctors and all my labs come up perfect. Go figure! I’d go get the total physical checkout and if you have no answers, there are other options out there worth checking out.

  42. Antibiotics can really mess up the flora in your digestive track. Once that is out of wack, you can start having a problem with absorbing your nutrients. I’m no professional, but check out

    Dr Wallach can also be heard life on the radio at

  43. The use of antibiotics can cause a yeast infection which affects your entire body. All of your symptoms could be due to that.

  44. You already know the answer… you gave it above. “I know that what I need to do is start eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking water instead of Diet Coke, and taking vitamins. I am just not taking care of myself and I can feel it.” Life is about choices. If we continue to choose not to do the right thing there are consequences. Not trying to be uppity or snotty. Just start with one of those things you mention and make it a habit. Then add another.

    • I agree with Marci. I used to drink diet coke as it was the only thing that kept le awake. Then I read about aspartame. That’s an ingredient that can cause a number of health problems on its own.

      But the more veggies that you eat (and the more you sleep) you should start feeling better. I would suggest seeing a naturopath as well…the methods they use are much less harmful (and chemical). Might help more than going on another medication with different side effects.

      • I second seeing a naturopath or holistic doctor! Ours is awesome, I love the non “there’s a drug for that approach’, they really understand that the human body is directly affected by our diet and stress.

  45. My life story until I realized I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Green smoothies and veggies, some acupuncture and plenty of rest daily and I’m feeling great. That it’s a what I did after countless trips to western medicine docs.I did a lot of research and diagnosed myself! Probably not a good thing, but I have never felt better and alive!

  46. When I want to know about anything for my health or diet, etc. I check out Crunchy Katies Rants and Raves. She has a blog and you could probably ask her anything and she would do all that she can to help you. She has great insight to the Super Foods, healthy living thing. She can direct you to various web sights that will guide you the Natural way… Blessings…

  47. Are you drinking a lot of coffee or pop! Are you sleeping okay? I had to quit all coffee and pop because it was affecting my health! It gave me insomnia! But then I am post menopausal and a lot of different things affect me. But first are you getting your sleep?

    • I get basically no sleep, I have an 8-month-old and 3-year old. I know the sleep deprivation must play a MAJOR role!

      • That is def part of the problem, take care of yourself I learned the hardway, several auotimmune conditions later to listen to my body. Take a nap and rest when you can. Also does sound like your b12 and iron are low, they need to specifically check your iron level and B12 level not a regular CBC.

  48. I’ve had sinusitis and bronchitis before and was very tired and worn down for several months after I’ve stopped the antibiotics. I’ve have pneumonia this winter and it was very long to fully recover as well. Never a bad thing to get everything checked in case you still have an infection of some kind, but personally think it takes a while to fully recover from such infections, even when in good health. And not a bad thing either to eat well and take vitamins. Good Luck! :)

  49. I would go get recheked it could be thruch which you can get after taking an anititiotic, however with the other symptoms, I owuld suggest going to the doctor and getting a good physical, your body is trying to tell you something the doctors need to listen. Let us know what happens. I wouldn’t wait on it.

  50. Hi Crissy,

    If I were you I would ask for a complete blood work up. Low iron comes to mind, but also thyroid issues. The sore throat can be a symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia…which are both known for overwhelming fatigue. (I know…I have both) If YOU notice something wrong then you definitely need to get it all checked out…even if you have to push your doctor a bit to find out what’s going on! Good luck!!

  51. Have them check your thyroid. After having my oldest son, I just couldn’t get back on track. I was run down, thin hair and nails and etc. After what seemed like forever, I wad diagnosed with an over active thyroid. They shut my thyroid down and that threw my thyroid into going underactive. THEN.. I continued to get worse, extremely tired, pain and other weird symptoms. After another year I wad diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Doctor told me sometimes illness, childbirth and stress can cause you to develop it. Get checked, and I hope you feel better soon!

    • Nikki said what I was going to suggest. Get your thyroid checked, and you should also get complete blood work done to rule out everything else. i got hashimoto’s thyroiditis probably starting after the birth of my first daughter, but it really went into overdrive after the second. when i get sick, it takes me longer than the average person to recover. it can take me two to three weeks sometimes.

      • I’m also chiming in on having your thyroid checked. I have Graves Disease – an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I have kept my thyroid and take a suppressant, but my levels can go up and down. I know when it’s veering one direction or another by my energy level (most often my lack of energy), my hair and fingernails, and my general mood.

  52. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us. It sounds to me you need to have a conversation with your doctor. It may very well just be that you need to eat better or it could be something entirely different. Hubby went to the doctor because he didn’t feel right and he was able to head off a major health crisis. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You don’t need a specific complaint to see your doctor.

  53. Did you have your sinuses rechecked after the last round of antibiotics? It sounds like you might still have enough post-nasal drip to cause the sore throat, or you might still have a low grade infection.

    The fingernail issue is probably unrelated.

  54. Odd that you should say this. My sinuses have been insane this year and I’ve had the off and on sore throat thing, too. I don’t know about my tonsils; they were left behind about 45years ago. I’m almost tempted to believe that it’s environmental, somehow.

  55. The symptoms you described are indicative of a physical illness. Get to your Doctor NOW for a complete physical with bloodwork.

    Don’t self-diagnose. Don’t wait.


  56. What kind of antibiotic did they put you on? It can affect you in a way you’re describing. I’d look into it. Have you seen your doctor yet?

  57. exercise that isn’t going to knock you out and frustrate you. That isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg and mean going someplace. Try T-Tapp. Go ahead and look it up online. There’s lots of info about why these exercises work, how long T-Tapp has been around, and where the system came from. I started using the system about a month ago, and love it. 15 minute workouts.
    Not an answer by it’s self, but a step toward rebuilding health.

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