Doctor mom, detective mom

So, if you’ve been following along with me on Twitter, Facebook, or in real life, you know that Evan has a little rash on his face. I know, I know… kids are going to have some kind of minor ailment at any given time. Nevertheless, I’ve been a complete nut this week worrying about his skin, and what is causing the flare-up.

After an unfruitful trip to his pediatrician, I was considering calling a dermatologist. I had already changed our detergent to something dye and fragrance free, reduced the number of baths, and tried a gentler cleanser, to no avail. His face seemed to become more red after sleeping, so my mom and I deduced that it may be an allergen in crib bedding. Low and behold, my son was sleeping on sheets and blankets made mostly of polyester.

Again, I’m still not sure if polyester is the culprit, but after changing to 100% cotton, his face seems to be calming quite a bit. I guess only time will tell. It’s funny the adventures we go on as mom in an effort to find the root of our kids’ issue. It’s so important sometimes to keep digging for information, and trying new things. As moms, we are the most motivated advocates for our kids.

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  1. Charlie, I love how these doctors seem to have such little concern, and are so quick to say “just have the doctor look at it again when he comes back for his regular check-up.” Ugh! Thank goodness these kids have moms who are super OCD, right? :)

  2. We are sorta going through the same thing. Only on Sophia’s back. I can clear it up, but it will come back and I have NO IDEA what it is that is causing it. Such a stressor!!

  3. A mom’s job is never done! Hope your son feels better

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