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My little dragon

Trick or Treat

A little boy certainly can change a lot in one year.

Trick or Treat

Last year, the post-Halloween photo roundup was titled: My Little Charlie Brown. This year, we have a little dragon.

Beggar’s night started with grey skies, and cold rain, followed shortly by fleeting sunlight and a double rainbow!

Trick or Treat

I was surprised at Evan’s choice in costume, since we’ve never really talked about dragons before, but he loved it. Roaring and showing off his tail were highlights of the evening.

Trick or Treat

We were really proud of him for saying “Trick-or-treat!” and “Thank you.” at every house.

Trick or Treat

How was your trick-or-treating experience this year?

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  1. So sweet! We had perfect weather here in Dallas. It’s always sort of a toss up on whether it’s going to be cold, hot, or perfect and you never know until the day of. Both kids had fun – we ended up walking around for about 2 1/2 hours! Oliver got banished to the stroller after a handful of houses. Chasing after a toddler while trying to keep track of another child in the dark was just too hard. He still had fun playing with a glow stick though. Next year should be interesting for you trick-or-treat wise!

  2. He’s an adorable little dragon!

    Our oldest (11) went out by himself with a few friends this year, which was a little stressful. But we all had a blast :)

  3. Too cute!! Love the pics. =]

  4. I love, love, love that first photo!

  5. What a cute costume! We took my 3yo for the first time and he loved it so much. Such a fun time of year. :)

  6. Oh, he’s so precious! Not sure if a dragon can be precious, but he totally is. But don’t tell him I said that! If he asks, tell him I said he was very, very scary! :) Great pics. You’re such an awesome photographer.

  7. That’s adorable. My 2 year old son was a dragon this year. His three year old sister talked him into to because she wanted to be Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty ;)

  8. Gosh he is getting big!

    You take the nicest pictures , and he makes a great dragon :) ROAR!

  9. Awwww….man what a cute kid!! He looks adorable!

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