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Will I have this baby early?

Everything about my third trimester feels intense.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge, waddling mess during the third trimester of my pregnancy with Evan, however, I never at any point felt any pelvic pain or pressure.

I think that this was probably because Evan was breech for such a long time. What I felt with his pregnancy, was a giant baby skull pressing into my rib cage, nothing like what I am feeling now, which is more like having a bowling ball nestled in my pelvis.

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I’ve talked to a lot of moms who mentioned that pelvic pain and pressure can feel worse with each pregnancy, so, I am hoping that this is just a symptom of being a second-time-mom. There are moments, however, when it really feels like this little girl is just going to drop right out, and that is a scary thing to me.

Someone also suggested that perhaps my previous c-section, and the damage that it did to my abdominal muscles, might be part of the reason for these feelings of pressure down low. That makes sense, too.

I do know that at almost 32-weeks, this baby is getting big. She also moves a lot!

I’m starting to reach the point in my pregnancy where I am stressing about everything, from my unclean house, to the bills, to making sure I have the baby necessities we need, to whether or not we’re going to have an ice storm the day I go into labor.

Oh, and the biggie. Am I going to deliver this kid VBAC, or will I have a subsequent c-section? If someone could just clear that up for me, I would appreciate it.

Did you feel increased pelvic pain or pressure during your second, third, of fourth pregnancies? Do you think this is a sign that I might deliver early?

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  1. I am 27 weeks and this is my 5 pregnancy and I have so much pressur I have never felt this much pressure! I do have a plecinta privea with this baby so I don’t know if that would be the cause of more pressure!

  2. I’m 37 weeks i cant lift my legs up to put on clothes i can barley walk i als had a had time getting in and out of the tub .i feel so much pain right on top of my stomach.l dont know what to do.this is my second one

  3. I’m 37 weeks on my 2child i cant left my legs to put on my clothes .my stomach keeps tighten up really bad i dont know what going on with me.

  4. Goodness… I couldn’t imagine having more than one child. I’m pregnant with my first, and due July 18, 2013. I’m going to be 42 this coming week, and was told long ago that I couldn’t have children…so needless to say this was a shock. I was on the pill as well. So, I have a lot of factors making this a high risk pregnancy, so far so good. However, the pelvic pain is almost debilitating at times. I thought it was constipation at first, but that was resolved, and yet here I sit with TONS of pressure. I’m 30 weeks and for the last week I’ve had constant pressure. I’m afraid of delivering early. I don’t want to sound like a wuss, but with the first pregnancy ever, I haven’t a clue what to expect. I’m glad to read other women said that the pressure lasts throughout the last few months of their pregnancies. I’m not looking forward to that, but as long as no harm is done to my daughter to be born yet, I can live with it. It just worries me. I can barely make it through the grocery store without wanting to curl up into a ball… doubling from the pain. I also have a lot of painful pressure when going to the bathroom. I’m hoping this is normal. I’m planning on calling mg doc today just to be sure. Ant first timers out there who can offer advice?

  5. I am 31 weeks. Im currently feeling some pain in my pelvic area along with pressure.
    My lower back is burning and i am freaking out. Is any of this normal for 31 weeks?

  6. I am 33 weeks pregnant an they said I am at high risk of preterm labor . I been having my palvis hurt when I walk it has sharp pains I been getting cramps from my sides torwdes my belly button and my lower back has been hurting. I need some advise idk what to do

  7. I am 26 weeks with my third child. with my first 2 i didnt have any pains until the last few weeks. i have been having really bad pains in my pelvic area since yesterday. can it be a sign that my baby can come before my due date where the pains are coming sooner?

  8. Can’t help you on the c section front, but the feeling of the baby falling out is totally normal. I actually had it with both my girls. My first came 2 weeks early (and not early enough) and was 8.5 lbs. The second one decided to take her sweet time. She showed up one week early and weighed 9 lbs 4 Oz. I literally thought she was going to drop out while I was walking. She didn’t. My labor for número dos was waaaaaaaaaay longer – 32 hours compared to 16 the first time around. As for stressing…don’t do it! The house will be a mess, the essentials you need for the baby are easy to get and you can’t control the weather anyway. Just breath!

  9. Crissy, I’ve had 4 kids. All were vaginal deliveries. My 3rd pregnancy was 10 years after my 2nd. I can tell you, with my 2nd and 4th pregnancy (maybe because they were each 14+ months after the last), each time, i felt that little bowling ball feeling in my pelvis. it became disturbing after about 28 weeks with both pregnancies. Pretty heavy and made it difficult to bend. No to mention, when my bladder filled up in my sleep, oh boy! Hubby would have to roll me out of bed. But the first 3 kids were burn full term, my youngest was 5 weeks early, but all was well. If your OB isn’t worried, then be cautious, but don’t stress it.
    Good luck to you and lots of hugs!

  10. I don’t necessarily think its a sign you would deliver early. The baby can drop as early as a month and half with you to go, and yes it does feel like you are sitting on a bowling ball (you described it perfectly), then when that oxytocin hormone kicks in that helps soften up your pelvic bone (and helps bring breast milk in), you’ll feel like you’ve been riding a bike all day and your pelvis will just ache and hurt, which is perfectly normal for having a baby in the head down position that you didn’t experience last time. But that being said, second and third babies do tend to be a little early, but not too much early. Good luck, I hope you get your vbac. One of us should! ;)

  11. Hey Crissy,
    I am a mom to 4 kids as well but dont remember any increased pelvic pain with subsequent pregnancies but like many commenters above me have said everyone is different and so is ever pregnancy but hope maybe she comes a couple weeks early for you like my 3rd did. I just knew (had a feeling) he was coming early and sure enough 2 weeks to the day before my due date he arrived (planned at home delivery). Just think about the sweet baby girl you will be holding very soon and put your feet up. :) Best wishes

    • Everything was definitely more intense for me the second time around. Graham had to be forced out (1 week late) and Davis came the day after his due date. I remember my doctor saying that everything feels more intense the second time because your body is a bit weaker in that area (pelvic muscles, abdominals, etc). I’m so excited for this new little life you are about to have! What a blessing.

  12. Oh girl, I could barely walk during my first pregnancy. He was just so low. I had contractions from 31 weeks on and started progressing that early. But guess what? I ended having to be induced because he wouldn’t come out!

    You just never know. But I hope she stays in there for much longer!

  13. I had a c-section with my first too. He was 9′ 6″ at 39 wks and he LIVED under my rib cage. The heartburn with him was unreal. My second stuck straight out my belly button, but I was certain he had his feet (and toenails) crammed into my pelvis. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It just hurt.. I sat on pillows just trying to bear it at work. An ice pack seemed to help (basically numbed it!). Hang in there! You’re almost there :)

  14. I had pelvic pain the last few months of my pregnancy. It was so bad my pelvic bones started separating. I could barely sit or even lay down. Even standing hurt, so I paced the floor in tears. And no, the baby didn’t come early, in fact he was a few weeks late. Why my dr. didn’t induce is beyond me. Of course, it was 32 yrs ago. Maybe they didn’t know how to handle stuff like that back then. On the positive side, once I had that baby in my arms, all the pain was just a memory and so very much worth it!

  15. I think it is very, VERY normal to feel increased pain and pressure. That is definitely what happened with me!
    #1 – minor pain and pressure in the last month, which sometimes felt like a bowling ball in my pelvis; a few Braxton Hicks; born on due date.
    #2 – more Braxton Hicks and more pressure; most of the pain in my ribs, though; born 3 days before due date.
    #3 – many more Braxton Hicks; extreme pain and pressure at times; sometimes couldn’t walk to do the grocery shopping; born 1 day late! UGH!

  16. I’m 38 weeks and this baby has been head down for more than two months. It does sometimes feel like he/she just wants out! My first was vaginal so this one will be too. I don’t think what you’re feeling necessarily indicates the baby will come early. Take it easy! I’ve been stressing about everything big time, feel bad for my husband to have to deal with my moods! We still haven’t finished our renovation and my toddler’s bedroom looks like a big storage closet, sheesh…

    PS: Wearing a support belt really helps relieve some pressure, I love my bellyUp :)

  17. I experienced the second pregnancy pelvic pain! It was shocking at times because I had never experienced anything like it but, to ease your mind a bit, I delivered on my due date. I always thought it was because Devlin was big (9 pounds big lol) but I have learned that lots of women have gone through it. You’re almost done though so keep up the good work!

  18. My 2nd felt like he was going to fall out from 4 months till he came out (4 days late), my 3rd didn’t feel like that at all, it was like carrying my 1st all over again but now my 4th I am already feeling pressure and sore and I am only 9 weeks. I have no explanation for it other than every pregnancy is different.

  19. I definitely felt more pelvic pressure during my second pregnancy. However, during my first, while my daughter was head down as she should have been, she was high up, and didn’t really drop down until about two weeks before I had her. With my second pregnancy, my son then flipped transverse around 37 weeks, and he was born via c-section at 41 weeks. I DEFINITELY recall that basketball-under-the-ribs feeling – and you know what? I swear my ribs were somehow relocated or damaged, because ever since then my ribs give me pain at random times.

    Push for a VBAC if at all possible. C-sections are so much riskier and more stressful on both you and your baby, try to avoid one if at all possible.

  20. If your feeling all that pressure you baby will be coming soon. Your baby is laying low and ready. It got hard for me to walk.

  21. The pressure you feel could be because this is your second child, and things have a way of loosening up after the first. All my girls were super active, my boys were not. The girls always felt like they were doing somersaults and punching me all the time. Don’t you just hate it when baby starts kicking the bladder? I do hope you get your VBAC. When you do have your natural delivery, try to remember the feeling of giving birth. It actually is a wonderful feeling to remember. With my fifth child, I really remembered the feel of him when I gave birth. I just had a feeling that the next one I would end up having a c-section, and I did. Doctors hate it when you start having a lot of children, and were threatening me with c-sections since my fourth.

  22. Ive been a dear chrissy follower for.a while but have never.commented. Until now. As the parent of a micro preemie born at 27w5d things like “will I go early” really aggrivate me. Do you realize that at 32 weeks you are looking at nicu time? the probability that you will leave the hospital without your baby.? The nicu is the scariest place on earth .especially when your baby is 1lb 15oz.
    before my daughter was early I too felt the same. With my first I couldnt wait for him to be born.

    all im trying to get at is this title may offend other preemie moms who would give ANYTHING for a whole 9 months.

    • Kim, first off, thanks for reading.

      Second, what do my legitimate concerns about going into labor early (and they are concerns), have to do with mothers who have had babies prematurely?

      As the aunt to a little girl who was born at 26 weeks, I have seen first hand how devastating, scary, and traumatic a very early labor can be. I am not naive to this.

      Believe me, I fully realize that 32-weeks would mean time in the NICU, hello, that’s why I am writing about my concerns.

      What in the world makes you think I don’t want to go a full 9 months?

      That’s all I want. I am not over here chugging castor oil, or praying my baby comes early, I’m simply writing a blog post, documenting my symptoms, and wondering aloud, will I have this baby early?

      I am sorry that you found my post title offensive, however, it is extraordinarily presumptuous of you to assume that I am in some kind of hurry to have my baby, because clearly, the opposite is the case.

      • I didnt mean for my comment to come off snappy but the title got my juices flowing. I totally read that you are,concerned about going early. I pray you dont. again I didnt mean to come off like that byt the title of your post struck a nerve.

      • OK, Kim, thanks.

        The title was really just an honest question, to the universe, maybe. Trust me, the number one goal on this end is to have a long, uneventful pregnancy and birth! :)

  23. When I was pregnant with my son I had a lot of pelvic pressure and pain. It was so bad that at around 5 months and on I had to sleep sitting up. I couldn’t lay down. Not even with a pillow between my legs. The pain and pressure was just to intense. I did go full term but had to have an emergency c-section because my son was a very large boy. His chest was very broad and he weighed in at 9 lbs 14 ounces with a length of 22 inches. lol. But everything turned out well.

  24. I’ve had 4 kids and it got worse each time for me. I’ve had 3 big babies (2 were 9 lb 13 oz and the 3rd was 10 lb 7 oz) and my ab muscles are shot. I’ve had 4 c-sections and all were scheduled. Despite the pain which got worse with each pregnancy, I didn’t “go” early with any of them. With my 4h baby (born in January) things got so bad I couldn’t walk anymore (I couldn’t put any weight on my leg as it went numb and would just collapse) and after an amnio confirmed my baby’s lungs were mature, the doctor did the c-section at 37 weeks. That was tough and I am glad we are done having kids. I don’t think my body could take anymore.

    I dont’ really have any good advice because the “end” is so tough, especially when you’re having pain like that. Just hang in there and know that “this too will pass.” Good luck!

  25. Oh mama – you can SO do this! Have you tried sitting on a exercise ball and rolling your hips, getting adjusted by a chiro or DO who does Osteopathic Manipulation? Do you know what position she’s in? (check out

    I had a VBAC in January (in my dining room!) after my first was a c/s (big baby, blah blah). I was nervous and my little guy must have known because he was 18 days ‘overdue’. But in the end, once things got rolling, all I kept telling myself was I can do this, I had a lot of pressure in my pelvic bones and knew I just had to stick it out through the contractions and at the end I would meet my beautiful baby. Not once did I think about my scar. Not. Once. If you haven’t yet, check out – lots of support there, facts, info. Your body was MADE to give birth, I’m rooting for you!

  26. You and I are due days apart, each with our second, and I am right there with you. I had the “falling out” feeling for the longest time and then he must have turned head down, because now his little legs are so jammed against my diaphragm I can’t breathe (literally). I do get the pelvic pain though; I just figured it was my hips prepping for the big moment. All I know for sure is that this pregnancy is much more uncomfortable than the first!

  27. I felt a lot more “pressure” down there with my second pregnancy…. at the end of my first trimester, I thought he was right there…ready to come on out and say hi at any minute! Hang in there! You are almost the AMAZING finish line;)

  28. I just want to say thank you for your honesty in everything you write Crissy! I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first and I feel like you and I have very similar pregnancies, it has been a relief to read that I am not alone in many of my struggles.

    Only this week did I get this sudden onset of pelvic pain that seems to weave into my hips and tail bone too, its awful! I’ve been put off work and there’s a threat of bedrest in my near future. I was told that the level of pain can be different for everyone, some women don’t have any at all and some are completely immobile for the last few weeks of pregnancy simply because of the pain and discomfort. All that to say, I think every pregnancy is different and I don’t think this symptom in particular is a second, or third pregnancy symptom… its just bad luck! I hope you can try to relax and find some relief, best wishes :)

  29. I have had the pelvic pain and pressure with this pregnancy (my 2nd). I too was told it’s normal for 2nd, 3rd etc. pregnancies. I am due Monday so I don’t think it is a sign of baby coming early.

  30. It’s possible you’re just carrying lower. My 1st carried very low and it felt like having a watermelon in between my legs. It was not comfortable. But it wasn’t so bad. Especially since not carrying high meant less heartburn.

  31. It might be either just the 2nd pregnancy pains, or your body could be getting ready to go into labor. Not anything that would happen immediately, but I started thinning out and dilating around 32 weeks – not at a rapid pace or anything like that.. but I definitely had pains in my lower pelvic area, not just my son’s head, but could definitely feel everything getting ready.

    Two things to try to help relieve that pain: lots of potassium – eat bananas! My midwife-nurse told me this and it helped. Also, I wore a support band (that closes with velcro so you can you go loose or tight) under my belly, and like Beth said, just lifting the belly relieves so much pressure/pain.

    Good luck! I keep checking your FB posts and blog just to see how you’re doing!

  32. I really don’t have any advice to offer as I really can’t remember my second pregnancy as compared to my first. But I think the different position and previous c-section really do make a difference. I do hope maybe she shifts a bit (but is still head-down!) and relieves a bit of pressure.
    And I hope you do get the VBAC!

  33. It’s funny that you post this, because I was just googling this yesterday. I’m also in my second pregnancy – 27.5 weeks, and I have intense pelvic pain and pressure too. It doesn’t hurt when I’m sitting, or really even when I’m standing, but when I’m walking there are times when it’s almost unbearable.

    From everything I understand, it’s pretty normal. The best thing for us to do is relax!

    Good luck with everything!

  34. My first was transverse breech – so I can totally relate to the basketball under the ribs feeling. My second child was an attempted VBAC, which ended up being a section anyway, and my son was also a section. During both those pregnancies, I felt like they were just going to fall out while I was vacuuming or something. I agree, it’s a totally disconcerting feeling. My son was actually delivered 6 weeks early because his head was up against the scar in my uterus from the previous section – but honestly, I didn’t feel any more pressure that pregnancy than the one before it.

    I did get into the habit of holding my belly up during the last few moths of both pregnancies – it didn’t make a difference, but it made me feel better, mentally. Crazy, I know.

    Hang in there!

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