Emani Minerals Makeup review — Love Collection

I adore Emani Minerals Makeup. Like, seriously… adore. I can hardly believe that it’s been almost two years since I posted my first Emani Minerals review, and now I’m finally back to talk about some new Emani Makeup product!

emani minerals makeup

Emani Minerals Makeup

As I have mentioned more than once in the past, I am a bit of a makeup junkie, and I love trying new products. While I’m looking for cosmetics that make my skin look and feel great, it never hurts when you run across a makeup brand that is also safe and healthy for my skin, and Emani Minerals makeup does just that.

I had the opportunity to check out Emani’s Love Collection this month, and really, it was like falling in love with this brand all over again.

What makes Emani Minerals makeup so special?

Emani creates vegan-friendly makeup that is also talc, gluten, and paraben free. Emani uses no animal derived ingredients, and they believe strongly in “beauty without cruelty.”

Using certified organic ingredients, Emani Minerals makeup offers natural sun protection using Titanium Dioxide, a healthy alternative to chemical sunscreen ingredients found in many other cosmetic brands.

emani minerals makeup

More about the Love Collection from Emani Minerals

I think this description of the Love Collection from Emani really articulates the mood that this makeup creates. It truly is lovely.

The essence of Emani’s Love Collection is to replicate the happy love feeling from within; our “Feeling Love Mosaic bronzer & illuminator polishes your skin to perfection and allows your natural glow to shine brightly. The New Trio and Mosaic Eye shadow colors create the dreamiest eyes you’ve ever seen and the Organic Lip Shine completes the romantic look ensuring you’ll end your night with the perfect kiss!

emani minerals makeup

What’s in the Emani Minerals Love Collection?

  • Bronzer/Illuminator: Feeling Loved SRP $16
  • Mosaic Eye Shadow: Feeling Mischeivous SRP $16
  • Trio Eye Shadow: Feeling Divine SRP $20
  • Organic Lip Shine: Blush SRP $16
  • Organic Soy Mascara (Brown): SRP $20
  • Bonus: Organic Cotton Tote! SRP $15

What I love about the Love Collection

So, as for my favorites from the Love Collection, I am a huge fan of Emani’s Bronzer/Illuminator, and I actually often use Feeling Loved in place of a foundation. I find that as I get older, I need to use less makeup on my face. This bronzer gives my skin a soft focus, and a nice healthy glow.

The Mosaic Eye Shadow and Trio Eye Shadow both offer rich smooth color, and create a really romantic eye.

The Organic Soy Mascara goes on very smooth, never clumps, and I notice if I get it too close to my eye it doesn’t make my eyes water like some mascaras can.

Finally, the Organic Lip Shine. Oh, how I love this product.

I am very particular about the lipsticks and glosses I use, as I don’t like anything that has a chemical smell or taste. Emani’s Organic Lip Shine smells sweet, almost like a sugar cookie. It goes on smooth and offers a delicious splash of creamy color without being sticky. Major makeup win!

I highly recommend Emani Minerals makeup to anyone who is a fan of high-quality mineral makeup.

Emani provided me with cosmetics to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine

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  1. Tell me please, is Emani cosmetics better than Avon?

  2. I would love to try this! I am all about natural and am stuck on juice beauty and 100%pure, but with these I am limited on my cosmetics. Please help me expand my beauty products and looks. I would love to try this

  3. I should try this products they sound good

  4. I just have to say your photo’s are awesome! I love the different settings you have for the make-up. Sorry, this is more about your photography than the make-up itself…but you are good! The make-up looks great too! :)

  5. I just sent off my mailing information to you. I hope you get it. Thank you so much! Lisa Brown

  6. I like the Social Butterfly lip gloss

  7. Organic Soy Mascara.

  8. I love the eyeshadow colors

  9. 1120 Rock Groupie Lip Gloss. I love the color :)

  10. I like the 0353 Drama Queen Hydrating Lipstick!
    Thank You!

  11. I like the Parfait Color Dust

  12. I think that the Rock Groupie Lip Gloss looks divine!

  13. I love the trio eye shadow!

  14. I love the duo concealer and powder compact!

  15. Organic Lip Shine

  16. Organic Lip Shine!

  17. Plush lipstick

  18. Organic Lip Shine social climber

  19. prettty =]

  20. I like the Organic Lip Shine.

  21. Like the Hydrating Lip Color in Plush.

  22. I would love to try the Crushed Mineral Foundation

  23. i would like to try the magic sealer

  24. The liquid mineral. I am having a hard time finding a good foundation for my aging skin.

  25. 0914 Orient Express
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  26. Glitter Dust

  27. The Serum Primer looks interesting

  28. I like the Feeling Devine eye trio

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  29. i would love the co-dependent cream shadow.

    danielle b

  30. I really want to try the Soy mascara! :)

  31. I like the Trio Eye Shadow in Feeling Devine

  32. I like the Vegan Brush set :)

  33. I’d like to try it all out. Is that an option? :)

  34. I would love this: Eye-Trios – 0246 Feeling Divine


  35. The organic lipshine sounds amazing! I tooam picky with which lipstick or gloss I use and this one seems like it is just what I am looking for! :)

  36. The Organic Soy Mascara looks amazing. The brush looks like it would do wonders.

  37. great!

  38. I love the 0244 Feeling Mischievous

  39. Their Soy Mascara looks amazing!

  40. They all look wonderful, but I especially would like to try the lip color. Thanks!

  41. i love the brow & liner in coco/black

  42. The Hydrating Lip Color Plush looks divine.

  43. I love the bronzer!

  44. I like the 0291 Ginger (Golden Medium =G) foundation

  45. I’d love to try their Hydrating Lip Color in Dolce.
    Dana B. / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. I’d love their Hydrating Lip Color in Plush!

  47. I’d love to try the glitter dust!

  48. love addict hybrid cream (eyes)

  49. The hydrating serum primer looks amazing!

  50. Love the Mosaic eye shadows!

  51. The Organic Soy Mascara looks awesome!!

  52. I want to try the Organic Lip Shine in Rock Groupie.

  53. I’d like to try the bronzer/illumimator! (:

  54. I want to winn!! :D

  55. I would like to try the Organic Lip Shine.

  56. What a great find! I can’t wait to add it to the site. Thank you thank you!

  57. The mosaic eye palettes look really neat, would love to try! :-)

  58. I like Cancun Heat blush.

  59. feeling loved bronzer

  60. I like the glitter dust pink

  61. Lip Shine in Social Butterfly

  62. The Mosaic Eye Shadow looks really pretty ((:

  63. Mosaic Eyeshadows

  64. I would really like to try the Organic Soy Mascara.

  65. 1114 Social Climber Organic Lip Shine

  66. i like the 0247 Feeling Loved blush

  67. i like the Pressed Foundation:
    290 Natural Sand

  68. i love the organic lip shine..

  69. I’d like to try #210 Natural Beige Liquid Foundation

  70. organic lip shine

  71. bronzer/illuminator 247 feeling loved

  72. I absolutely love everything!! I cant go with out bronzer and lip gloss in the summer time!!

  73. Beauty Queen Lip gloss seems amazing!

  74. Would love to win this set!

  75. I would LOVE to start with the Organic Lip Shine:1114 Social Climber. Thank you!

  76. i wanna try soy mascara!! never heard of it! imnotarunner {@} {gmail}.{com}

  77. The Pressed Foundation in Nude Beige looks great!

    jill (dot) watkins (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. I want the bronzer!

  79. I like their 0713 Enzo duo eye shadow

  80. great contest, would love to win!

  81. great collection

  82. I’d love to try the Liquid Mineral Makeup in Creme Beige!

  83. Miss Crissy, make me beautiful

  84. Hydrating serum primer would be neat to try.

  85. Glitter dust, all of the make-up and glosses I love.

  86. The brow & liner in the coco-black.

  87. I would like to try the Crushed Mineral Foundation.

  88. The Bronzer/Illuminator Looks devine! All of their products look awesome, I would love to try them!

  89. I’d like to try the Organic Soy Mascara.

  90. I love the makeup!!!

  91. I would want the pressed blush in:
    1028 Miami Tan

  92. Personally, I really want to try the mascara. I love mascara & something more natural would be fantastic!

  93. the mascara of course!

  94. I like the enzo duo eye shadow

  95. I love the Chameleon color dust. The color is gorgeoussss!

  96. Rain Maker lip shine!!!! LOVE IT!

  97. The Feeling Loved bronzer looks sweet!

  98. I think the crushed blush is fabulous!

  99. I would love to try the duo concealer makeup. I have sensitive skin, so this looks like a good option :)

  100. I would love to try Emani minerals makeup. I have sensitive skin, so this looks like a good option :)

  101. Duo Concealer & Powder. I could really use this

  102. Love the Feeling Divine eyeshadow trio!!

  103. the mascara!!! i am a secret mascara junkie!!!

  104. Hydrating Lip Color in Plush

  105. I was introduced to Emani products by a friend who’s aware of the issues of sensitivity that I have to make-up products and big-brand lines. I used what she bought me and LOVED the products. My only ‘beef’ with Emani is that there are some great products that are only available to the US and living in Canada you’d think we’d be able to get them too but we can’t. I’d use more and buy more if there product lines were available – heck I’d even stop buying everything else I use.

  106. I would love to try the Liquid mineral foundation!!

  107. The organic lip shine in Blush looks nice!

  108. i like the organic lip shine!

  109. I like Pressed Foundation:
    290 Natural Sand

  110. the trio eyeshadow looks devine to me

  111. I am totally intrigued by the Organic Soy Mascara. I have never tried anything like this before :)

  112. What a beautiful collection! I, too, am a makeup junkie!!!

  113. •Bronzer/Illuminator: Feeling Loved. Looks like it would be great, because I can’t wear much makeup and this would just give that healthy look!

  114. the crushed mineral foundation looks amazing.

  115. Would love to try these products!

  116. I would love to try the Organic Lip Shine in Social Butterfly.

  117. i like the Glitter Dust

  118. The Enzo duo eye shadow looks awesome. Thanks for the chance to win!

  119. I like the blonde brown eye shadow

  120. I absolutely love their Feeling Loved bronzer and their organic lip shine rainmaker :D

  121. They Organic Lip Shine looks like something that I NEED!!!

  122. That lips shine is fabulous- can never have too many of those.

  123. What girl doesn’t like a little goodie bag full of fun things like this. LOVE it!

  124. I really like the Organic Soy Infused Mascara

  125. i would love to try the Pressed Foundation:
    290 Natural Sand

  126. I love the Emani minerals lipgloss in shade Rock Groupie! Looks awesome!

  127. I’d like to try the Name dropper lip color

  128. This looks really pretty, especially the mosaic Bronzer. Is it shiny though?

  129. I think the plush hydrating lipstick looks great since my lips get chapped so easily.

  130. I think it all looks divine! I have been wanting this for a LONG time but unable to afford it. I think if I had to choose, I would choose the face makeup. I know it looks wonderful on my daughters.

  131. The Magic Eye shadow looks amazng!

  132. I am a bronzer girl and would love to try the Bronze Illuminator

  133. This collection looks amazing, I would love to win!

  134. Love the mosaic eye shadow, so cute :)

  135. I love their brushes!

  136. Lip gloss I never go without, especially keeping my lips moisturized is an added plus!

  137. Totally organic/vegan here, so vegan make-up is my cup of tea…Thanks for keeping us healthy!!

  138. I’d love the organic lip shine (1126 blush). Whether I wear any other makeup – I have to have something on my lips. :)

  139. Bronzer/ Illuminator:
    Feeling Loved

  140. The Mosaic Eye Shadow looks beautiful!

  141. The lipgloss whore in me that the lip shine is purty :)

  142. I like the Bronzer & Highlighter

  143. The Bronze Illuminator looks divine!

  144. Would love to try Emani!

  145. I love that they have a vegan brush set. It is so hard to find goo quality brushes that are not animal hair.

  146. I want to try the crushed foundation

  147. I like the Brow & Liner.

  148. I want to try the Bronzer/Illuminator.

  149. 0244 Feeling Mischievous

  150. I love all natural cosmetics

  151. Organic Lip Shine:
    1116 Rainmaker looks divine to me!

  152. I would like to try the eye mosaic eye shadows!

  153. like the pressed mineral foundation

  154. i think the glitter dust for the eyes looks absolutely divine! :)

  155. love the lip base transformer!!!

  156. I would love to try the Hydrating Serum and Foundation primer

  157. Duo Concealer & Powder

  158. 0244 Feeling Mischievous

  159. love make-love to win

  160. 0297 Copacabana .. I only seem to wear bronzer and lipstick

  161. The Vegan Brush Options look divine!

  162. I love the entire V-Series Brush Collection! I especially love the Kabuki brush.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  163. I love the feeling devine eye trio


    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  164. The bronze illuminator looks amazing!! I have patchy looking skin, with dark circles, so an illuminator would be perfect for me!

  165. As i get older i can tell i need different kind of makeup. Face is dryer and makeup seems to bother ne more. I hate wasting money since i am on disablilty so i would love to try this and see if it is as good as it sounds and if it is my daughter in law could use some good natural make up her skin is so sensitive. I would like to try the eye shadow because my sye makeup melts on my eyes in the summer Thanks joannie jscddmj at[aol] dot [com]

  166. I love the Bronze Illuminator Feeling Loved ♥♥ so would like to try :)

  167. I love the 1129 Vegan Series Brush Set :-)
    Thank You So Much for this awesome giveaway!

  168. The Eye Trio ‘Feeling Blessed’ looks amazing!

  169. Liquid Mineral Foundation Oyster Beige.

  170. I love the bronzer/highlighter duo

  171. i love the look of their lip glosses. i’m a sucker for sparkly good smelling things :)

  172. I would get my wife the Day Diva Box

  173. i like the 0244 Feeling Mischievous eyeshadow

  174. I love the mosaic eye shadows! What a fun way to achieve a different look with one product!? Awesome giveaway!

  175. 1061 Moon Raker color dust looks lovely! I love Emani’s!

  176. this look really great and i love that it is organic it’s awesome

  177. I like the Feeling Blessed Eye trio.

  178. I’d love to try the The bronzer illuminator Falling in Love!

  179. the soy mascara looks awesome, love that idea! It’s crazy if someone women knew what they were actually putting on there face in some brands…

  180. Blush in 1089 Cosmopolitan—divine! :)

  181. the dusts look great:-)

  182. Would love to try the Serum Primer

  183. I think the Eye Mosaic looks devine!

  184. I love the colors of the eye trios especially 0246 feeling divine

  185. I want the organic lip shine.

  186. I would LOVE to get the 0270 Ivory (Fair 1C) Crushed Mineral Foundation!

  187. I think the bronzer ^ highlighter would be devine!

  188. The lip shine in social climber

  189. I’d like to try the liquid mineral foundation.

  190. I really like the organic lip gloss!

  191. I would love the Natural Illumunator Bronzer -Feeling Loved

  192. Peach Attitude Color Dust!

  193. The lip base transformer sounds so unique! Would love to try it!

  194. I love their lip glosses!

  195. i’d love to try the ‘feeling inspired’ eye shadow mosaic

    annae07 at aol dot com

  196. I love the Bronzer/ Illuminator…perfect for summer!

  197. The hydrating lipstick in Drama Queen looks devine!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. I would love the 0210 Natural Beige (Fairly Light =N) foundation. It looks so great

  199. I like how they separate the different colors for each shade of skin so it makes it easier to see what would look good on you. I want to try the rainmaker lip shine!

  200. I like the 0246 Feeling Divine eye shadow

  201. I love the hydrating lip colors! I want them all.

  202. LOVE , LOVE, LOVE the bronzer,… Perfect for summer!!!

  203. I love the organic lip shines!

  204. The Lip Base Transformer is something I would like to try.

  205. totally loved this one!
    Brow & Liner:
    719 Brow & Liner

  206. Truth be told, the entire line of Vegan Make Up Brushes look great!

  207. I love love love makeup,and would just be tickled pink to win this. Every piece you offer looks amazing! Hope I get to call them mine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  208. The 0247 Feeling Loved Bronzer/Highlighter looks divine :)

  209. I think the mosaic eye shadow looks great.

  210. I’d love to this mascara in the shade Midnight: http://www.emani.com/mascara/

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  211. I’d love to try the hydrating lip color in 0355 Dolce

  212. I like the Liquid Foundation:
    220 Creme Beige

  213. The Color Dust in Cran-Me-In is absolutely gorgeous!

  214. I like the liquid mineral foundation

  215. love the pink glitter dust

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  216. love mineral cream 1040 Love Addict

  217. Hope to win looks like a good product.

  218. Glitter Dust Siren!

  219. I like the liquid mineral make up, I’ve been wanting to try some. Hope I win

  220. I like the organic lip shine in ski bunny.

  221. lip gloss – looks very divine!

  222. I would love to try the Liquid Mineral Foundation. Mineral foundation for dry skin? Yes please!

  223. What a great giveaway!

  224. Social Climber Lip Gloss

  225. I would love to have the lipstick called: 0362 Plush

  226. I love the Eye Mosaic shadow !!

  227. I’m loving the Crushed Mineral Color Dust! From your description, I think that I would love the mascara as well. My eyes are also very sensitive and water with many mascaras.

  228. I would love to try the Liquid Mineral Foundation and the Soy Mascara!!

  229. I love all the colors of the eye makeup…the glitter dust is great

  230. i like the liquid mineral foundation

  231. i like the mosaic eye shadow

  232. I think the V8 Kabuki brush looks fabulous! Seems like it would do such a good job at applying my makeup :) I have never heard of this company before, so thanks for the chance and sharing them with me

  233. I would love to try the Organic Soy Mascara, I have very sensitive eyes, and this may be the answer!

  234. I love the 1089 Cosmopolitan blush

  235. 1120 Rock Groupie
    1120 Rock Groupie

  236. love the shadow brush

  237. I’d love the pressed blush in South Beach.

  238. I like the crushed mineral foundation in the bisque shade.

  239. Organic Lip Shine:
    1120 Rock Groupie

  240. I like the 0102 Extra T.L.C. Crushed Mineral Color Dust.

  241. I’d like to try the Organic Lip Balm!

  242. I’d love to try the Hydrating Lip Color 0353 Drama Queen.

  243. I like the Crushed mineral color dust

  244. I like the organic lip shine in rain maker.

  245. I would love to try the lip base transformer

  246. I like the crushed mineral foundation

  247. jaguar brown eyeshadow duo looks nice.

  248. I think the Duo Concealer & Powder sounds awesome!

  249. i would love to win this!

  250. I think that the V8 – Kabuki brush looks absolutely divine!

  251. I love the Mineral Hybrid Cream

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  252. i need some new makeup brushes! these ones look great.

  253. I really want to try the blush in Miami Tan.

  254. I like the Crushed Mineral Color Dust 0102 Extra T.L.C.

  255. I love the Day Diva Box. love the brush kit as well. :)
    Thank you for the chance!

  256. I’d love to have the Brow & Liner in Coco/Black!

  257. Love the crushed blush!
    x Hilary

  258. I LOVE the Drama Queen Lip Color!!!!!!!

  259. I like the 0247 Feeling Loved Mineral Bronzer.

  260. Would love to try the Serum Primer!

  261. The organic soy infused mascara looks wonderful

  262. i love the organic lip shine

  263. I like the feeling mischievous eye mosaic. Thanks for the chance.

  264. I love the V8 – Kabuki brush

  265. I love a dark eyeshadow so i would chose the Love Addict Mineral Hybrid Cream shadow

  266. Hydrating Lip color in Plush

  267. I would love a mineral brOnzer. Thanks!!

  268. i would love to try the bronzer

  269. I’d love to try the Midnight Soy Mascara

  270. I like the Magic Sealer.

  271. I have to at least have foundation on when I leave the house, so I would say I would love the pressed mineral makeup. I like that it is infused with organic rosemary and grape seed extract.

  272. Crushed Mineral loose powder

  273. the crushed mineral foundation!

  274. I’d love to have the pressed mineral foundation in Natural Sand. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this.

  275. I think the organic lip shine looks fabulous!!!

  276. I have really dry lips, and love the sound of their lip shine! Thanks for the chance. :)

  277. I would really like to try the crushed mineral makeup.

  278. I really like the Feeling Divine eyeshadow Trio.

  279. I love the 1040 Love Addict

  280. I owuld like to try their medium pressed foundation.

  281. i like the the Organic Lip Shine

  282. I’d love the Vegan v-2 blush brush

  283. Organic lip shine. Tore923@aol.com

  284. I like the crushed mineral dust. The colors look really pretty.

  285. The crushed mineral dust and the eye shadows look awesome. I would love to try anything from them.

  286. I would like the bronzer

  287. 0353 Drama Queen lip color

  288. soul sisters color dust

  289. Never tried this brand before but the colors look gorg. The trio shadow is so pretty but I also love a good gloss.

  290. I love the Color Dust eye shadow in Bamboo. Thanks!

  291. Mosiac eye shadow

  292. Love the Emani Organic Lip Shine in Rain Maker & Social Climber!

    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  293. I like 290 Natural Sand

  294. I love the Organic Soy Mascara in Midnight

  295. I’d love to try te trio eye shadow

  296. I like the mosaic eyeshadow.

  297. I love the Hydrating Lip Color! Especially in a peach bronze color!

  298. Hydrating lip color. thanks

  299. great review! thanks for the giveaway!

  300. Social Climber Lip Shine:)

  301. Would love the Eye Trios

  302. I really like the Duo Eyeshadow 0703 Mercedez

  303. Ohh, I would love to try the mascara and blushes! But those shadows look amazing as far as color payoff too

  304. id love to try the
    Park Avenue Box!

  305. The spring goddess collection is very pretty!

  306. 718 brow & liner for fair skin

  307. Crushed Foundation:
    270 Ivory

  308. Crushed Foundation:
    272 Bisque

  309. i think the Pressed Foundation:
    290 Natural Sand

  310. I like the glitter dust

  311. I’d like to try the mascara.

  312. I would love to try the pressed foundation

  313. The bronzer/illuminator Falling in love looks soooo amazing!

  314. crushed mineral foundation

  315. I like the Organic Lip Shine in Social Climber.

  316. I am pretty new to wearing makeup so I am always looking for something to fall in love with.

  317. I love the organic lip shine in Social Butterfly!

  318. i love the Organic Lip Shine:
    1121 Mood Swing

  319. Love your photos of the products and since I’m a subtle lipgloss kinda girl, I’d love to try their rainmaker organic lip shine..

  320. im love makeup…and like you im also into bronser

  321. I love the Bronzer/ Illuminator:
    1092 Palm Beach

  322. The eye shadow trio in Feeling Blessed looks fantastic.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  323. I think the Organic Lip Shine: 1120 Rock Groupie looks really cool!

  324. I would love to try the eye color dust in Sand!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  325. the Organic lip shine in Social Butterfly looks beautiful!

  326. I like the Dolce lip color.

  327. would love to try this makeup!

  328. I think I would like the Pressed Mineral foundation

  329. I like the organic lip shine

  330. I like the Duo and Concealer and Powder

  331. organic lip bal in rock groupie looks cool

  332. Would love to try the organic lip shines!

  333. Brow & Liner is my choice!

  334. I like Emani Crushed Mineral Foundation.

  335. I’d love to try the Organic Lip Shine: Rock Groupie. It sparkles!

  336. lip glosses

  337. I would love to try the bronzer

  338. I am preggers with my third child and my hormones have taken over my face (a lot different from previous pregnancies)! I would love to try any part of this collection!!! At this point I am desperate for any kind of help!! Thanks for the education on the brand!!!!!

  339. It looks wonderful! I would love to try this makeup

  340. Always looking for new make up and I love it is animal friendly .

  341. The Organic Soy Mascara look awesome!

  342. Would love to win!

  343. I would love to try the soy mascara.

  344. I would love to try these products! :)


  346. I love using all natural products, anything that is safe and better for my skin, without harming others…including animals is a huge plus in my book!! :)

  347. Nice! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  348. I am interested in trying the liquid foundation. Foundation is the hardest product for me to find.

  349. I would really like to try the Organic Soy Mascara. I think it looks divine!

  350. I hope I win.

  351. Bronze Illuminator Feeling Loved

  352. (Hello from a fellow blogger in Ohio!)

    I love the hybrid cream in Scandalous.

  353. I think the Organic Lip Shine looks divine!

  354. Pressed Foundation:
    290 Natural Sand

    Would look great on me!

  355. Love make up! :-)

  356. I would love to win this, I have never worn a lot of makeup but I love the mineral makeup because it’s always a soft natural look. I’m a mother of four and don’t often spend money on myself for things like make up, but always like to try new things! I’d love an opportunity to try this, the colors are just beautiful!

    Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  357. I’d like to try the Feeling Loved Bronzer! Thanks for the chance! :)

  358. I like the Bronzer/ Illuminator:
    297 Copacabana

  359. I am so new to bronzer but have fallen in love!!

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