Essie eternal optimist nail polish

Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish

How much do I love Essie’s Eternal Optimist nail polish? Well, I love it a lot. The color is so soft and pretty, described on Essie’s website as, “A spiced tea rose with a dash of cream.”

This is my second post about nail polish, and you know, as someone who hasn’t worn much nail polish in the past three years, I think I’m starting to enjoy this little experiment.

Nail polish is fun — who knew? :)

Essie Eternal Optimist

I found that Essie’s Eternal Optimist actually went on a little better than the Sand Tropez color that I talked about in my last post. It only took 2 coats to get a smooth, even finish with this nail polish.

Unfortunately, it did start chipping within just a couple days, but I just think I need to find a good topcoat to help preserve my polish a little longer.

Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish

I do really sort of adore this color, and I tend to go for these dusty pink shades when it comes to lipsticks as well. The color just looks pretty on my skin tone.

As cute as some of the Essie colors are, I think it’s time for me to get adventurous and get out of the Wal-Mart aisles.

What are your favorite brands of nail polish?

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  1. I totally agree about nail polish being fun. I finally kicked my nailbiting habit and nail polish has been a great way to keep reminding me! My favorite Essie is grey shade it’s neutral, but trendy too!

  2. I love Essie’s Eternal Optimist! It’s my go-to neutral that I always come back to.

  3. I love Essie polish also. have found it last longer and doesnt chip as often as other brands

  4. I love this color I just got a few autumn colors from Essie that I absolutely love their nail polish goes on so smooth

  5. Did you know Essie was a salon brand before Loreal bought them. I have Essie Big Spender. I only did my toes with it. I’m testing with Essie All In One Base Coat ( retail line) and Essie Good To Go(retail and salon line) I want to try Essie 3 Way Glaze(salon line) Only a few of their salon products are Big 3 free and they can be found at Ulta.

    Try these: They can be found online also.
    *China Glaze -Sally’s Beauty and Ulta
    *Orly- Sally’s Beauty and Ulta
    *OPI- Ulta
    *Zoya- Ulta and Whole Foods

    My favorite low cost brands: They are at Dollar type stores, some drug stores and online.
    L.A Colors
    LA Girl

  6. My fave Nail polish is Essie, but I like Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen and a few others too

  7. Essie, Essie and more Essie!

  8. my daughter is a nail polish junkie and loves this brand.

  9. That color is gorgeous!

  10. oh I just came across ESSIE nail polish, and I am loving their colors too. I’ve got on their new Penny Talk from the metalic line right now, and I think it’s my new favorite!

  11. I just found this nail polish company a little while ago (I actually apparently won a bottle that came in the mail unannounced) and I really do enjoy it/them!

  12. I love Essie polishes! So many pretty colors… for a top coat, try Sally Hansen’s…uh… I forget what it’s called, but it’s a shiny silver, lol. It works really nicely!

  13. I became an Avon representative several months ago, so I have been using their Nailwear Pro+ polishes this Summer. I absolutely love them! They have 45 gorgeous shades to choose from (wow!!). They also have a line called Mosaic Effects, which is really cool. They are metallic and go over your regular nail polish color to create a really neat mosaic look. Their nail polishes dry really fast and they stay on for a REALLY long time. I painted my toenails with the Orchid Splash color (one of my faves!) forever ago (so long that I can’t even remember HOW long) and it hasn’t chipped at all yet! I really love a nail polish that I don’t have to keep maintaining due to chipping. I just don’t have time to deal with that! Now I only repaint my nails if I am bored or want to change the color, not because I have to! :)

  14. I have tried them all and the only one I buy now is OPI. My nails are thin and split into layers if I go without nail polish but with a basecoat of Nail Envy and a couple coats of any OPI color and then a coat of Rapid Dry I’ve got a manicure that will last at least a week and usually closer to ten days. Pedicures last a month. OPI is so worth it.

  15. Essie is my favorite. I have so many colors in my selection that it’s hard to choose which one to wear next.

  16. A great top coat that I have used for almost 10 years (I think) is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat [red bottle]. Once you apply your polish, wait for 1-2 minutes, then apply this top coat. The polish sets immediately and then your manicure lasts for 1-1 1/2 weeks, depending on how punishing you are on your nails…LOL! When I use it on my pedicure, it lasts much longer – approximately 2-3 weeks.

  17. I LOVE Essie and their base and top coats are a must!!

  18. I love Essie, but also love OPI.

  19. I love Julep (I’m a part of the Julep Maven program and for $20-30/month I get 4-5 high end nail polishes in great colors I can choose), A England (wearing Lady of the Lake right and it’s SO love) and Essie.

  20. I love Essie as well but right now I’m wearing my fave Maybelline Express Finish color in Beach Plum #627-Limited Edition. It’s a bright and fun color for the summer!

  21. I am OBSESSED with OPI. I buy it in bulk from sellers on Amazon and it usually saves me $2-$3 dollars a bottle. I could totally turn into an infomercial right now – I love the thick lacquer, the wide brush, the variety of colors. A new drugstore brand I’ve found that I’m also really starting to like is Sinful Colors. It goes one well, it’s a little more watery than OPI, but it’s a great back-up.

  22. I’ve been a fan of Essie for a long time. I try new colors but always go back to Wicked for my toes and Mademoiselle for my fingers! I love that it’s available at CVS now…so convenient for those of us who don’t go to the nail salon!

  23. I love me some Essie. Never chips, always has awesome colors.

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