Essie sand tropez & glitter nails!

Essie Sand Tropez

Nails above are painted with Essie’s Sand Tropez and Spit Fire from Pure Ice.

I know that at least a few of you must be asking yourselves why you are seeing a post about nails and nail polish on my blog. Don’t worry, I’m also asking MYSELF why there is a post about nails and nail polish on my blog.

In short, I blame Pinterest.

After looking at about 500 images of cute glittery nails on Pinterest, I was inspired to pick up a few bottles of polish and play.

The funny thing is, I haven’t painted my nails in about three years, and I’ve never been super creative with my nails even prior to having kids.

Also, I quickly realized something.

It’s basically impossible for someone with small children to do their nails.

Seriously, unless you plan on having a sitter or completely neglecting your kids while fifty coats of nail polish dry (not recommended), you’re in trouble.

Pure Ice Nail Polish

Luckily, I was at my mom’s house when I started my nails. Still, about half way into the project Kara woke up from her nap wanting to nurse. Of course, I had to let my nails dry first, so picture me running around the house blowing on my nails like crazy while Kara screams bloody murder because she’s starving.

Note, she wasn’t really starving, but being the drama queen she is you would have thought it.

Sand Tropez

When I showed my husband my glittery nails, he said, “What are you, 14?”

I had to laugh.

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  1. Oh these two shades look great together! I am going to give this a whirl.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. I really love this color and this look!

  3. I love your nails they look too pretty.

  4. nice nails! i’m the type that’s ocd about balance and matching patterns etc… and so when i tried the glitter polishes, i was really REALLY frustrated about how the glitter wasn’t even or symmetrical and i couldn’t get it to be… and i also had a hell of a time getting it off – polish remover wasn’t working and even straight acetone wasn’t helping.
    needless to say, i found some from wet n wild (read: cheap!) that was sparkly metallic without being straight glitter and easier to go on and remove.
    i have it on right now, for the holidays… nice silver sparkly color called “Toast” :-)
    i’m also the type that doesn’t do 10 coats of polish… just one coat of the color, two if it’s not as pronounced as i think it should be… and occasionally a clear top coat – and by occasionally i mean i think i’ve done it once or twice. lol

  5. Very pretty! Love me some nude polish.

  6. Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am 28 with two kidlets myself — they’re a bit older than yours though, at 6 and almost 8 and in first and second grade (whee!) — and I still LOVE glitter. Seriously, half of my 200+ collection of nail polishes consists of glittery ones. :)

    Is it bad that I was able to instantly identify the brand & name of the glittery polish you used for this look, just by looking at the bottle? LOL

  7. beautiful!! will have to try this soon

  8. Lol I like your husbands reactio. My hubby is the opposite I wasn’t much of a colorful girl I played it safe with neutrals even when it came to my nail polish hubby actually went out and purchased some nail polish for me one day he brought back 3 different shades of blue, red and even purple.

  9. I like this! I’ve seen Senior Citizens at my church wear nail art and trendy colors. So go ahead and have fun with it.

  10. Love this. I need to spice up my neutrals like this more!

    This looks great


  11. I so LOVE glitter nail polish!

  12. Hey, connecting to your inner teenage girly-girl is needed every now and again! So is painting your nails :)

    I think you did a great job; they’re SUPER cute!

  13. Don’t listen to your hubby. Mine said the same thing to me. I was so sad when he said that, cause I thought it looked neat. But I got loads of compliments and decided to ignore him ;)

  14. You have beautiful fingernails! I love the polish, too! You’re truly an artist!
    What is your secret to having healthy long nails? I can’t get my nails to grow, they always seem to peel and break. UGH!
    Again, I love your nail art!!!! =)

  15. Love the nails- very red carpet!

  16. Crissy,

    I LOVE Sand Tropez! It’s one of my favorite Essie colors… right along with Ballet Slippers and Marshmallow! This look is gorgeous… I’ve been seeing it on Pinterest myself and have been tempted to try it!

  17. Two tips for having your nails done and having small children. 1. get a shellac manicure – they last for ages OR 2. Pick up so Seche Vite top coat, you put it on while your manicure is still wet and it helps it dry really fast.

  18. Oh, the things Pinterest makes us do! I gave up on my nails years ago for the same reasons. I paint my toenails instead. I can still chase kids around with wet toenails. I think your nails look pretty btw.

  19. Hey, we all need to feel girly and sparkly at times; especially when we’re used to being elbow deep in poopy diapers and dishes.

  20. as a nail blogger, I have to say.. I love seeing this post :)

  21. Pretty! I used to paint my nails all the time – until I started dating the Ogre, who can smell them for at least a day afterwards. :(

  22. You did an awesome job! My kids are always interrupting me as I polish so I just wear bare nails now.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  23. very cool! chic, but casual

  24. I have a 1 1/2 year old. I love painting my nails but it only happens at night after she is down. I am also doing 50 things on the computer waiting for them to dry in between coats.

  25. super cute and this is exactly why I don’t do my own polish but I am in love with my nailshields since I can do them and referee in between without messing anything up.

  26. I hate nail polish, it never stays on long. I think they turned out cute though!

    • I too love a good manicure. The no-fail way to make it last logner is toapply it with top coat every day or at least every other day. You’ll besurprised how much logner your mani lasts.Sincerely,Mich (Fashionista from Chicago).

  27. I don’t want this to sounds like an ad, so I will say a few things first – I 100% get what you’re saying, I tried to do my nails the other day with plain nail polish (just my toes) and could barely get them done because my 22 month old decided that was the perfect time to get into something so I couldn’t stop her! How frustrating is that! Not to mention the drying time (like you said) and the mess (with the polish on your cuticles, etc.) – it was a pain in the rump! I vowed I won’t do it again…
    However, if you would like to have your nails look cute, but don’t want to use nail polish, I have an alternative you might be interested in – they’re called Jamberry Nail Shields – they are heat and pressure activated nail shields that are non-toxic and can be applied by you at home and cost less than going to a salon and look like they are done at a salon. There are over 100 designs to choose from (including sparkly, plain/solid colors, swirls, etc.) and they will never chip, fade or lose their shine! They are super affordable too! If you’re interested, I’d love to speak more with you about it, and you can go to my website (above) to learn more and check out some of the designs.

  28. they look super cute!

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