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Wordless Wednesday: Fall leaves in Ohio

fall leaves

Beautiful Fall Leaves in Ohio

This photo of fall leaves in Ohio (in my yard, actually), is a few years old. After spending a few minutes outside today, however, I’m really ready to bust out my Nikon and shoot some more photos like this. A little boring? Maybe, but I could really stare at beautiful fall leaves against a bright blue sky all day.

Are the fall leaves beginning to change color where you are?

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  1. I agree that here in Ohio, for a short while anyway, we get some beautiful fall foliage! I didn’t realize you were here an Ohioan! Glad to hear it :)

  2. Gorgeous colors in the fall. We love taking a drive to see all the changes.

  3. We’re in NW Ohio and ours are just starting to turn. One great thing about living in the midwest are those gorgeous colors!

  4. I lived in Akron for almost 10 years…I surely do miss the foliage, which was really amazing. I, however, do NOT miss the nearly daily snow. My husband lived there for three months with me before we made the move back to Philly (in fall) and he was astonished at how it snowed at least some amount just about every day…in fact, it was such a regular thing, it wasn’t even something notable in a weather forecast. He’d wake up and look out the window and start going on and on about how could it snow AGAIN?!?! LOL. There are things about NE Ohio I miss, though…*sigh*

  5. gorgeous! I need to head up to the mountains and get my fall leaves fix.

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!

    I can’t wait till the peak for foliage, that’s when i want to do out family pictures. We have some leaves changing but, nothing insane yet! Can’t wait!!

    In our sea of love

  7. Simply gorgeous!! I love the weather & the leaves, this time of year!

  8. I am in Ohio and totally jealous, our leaves look no where near as beautiful as those!

  9. Beautiful! I miss the fall in the Midwest. Chicago has gorgeous trees like that too. Here in TX the leaves pretty much go from green to brown in one day and then the next day they are laying on the ground. No fun.

  10. Gorgeous and so not boring! I’m loving fall here in Alaska (after 17 years in Phoenix, AZ) and am now known as the family “Leaf Thief”. I drag them everyone collecting fall leaves. Now….if I just knew what to do with them! :)

  11. Very pretty! I live in the Poconos, and we used to have gorgeous falls. Lately it seems the leaves are changing late and falling faster. Right now, I see some brown mixed in with the green. Hopefully we’ll at least have a week of pretty fall colors here.

  12. Love the fall colors. Have not noticed to much in michigan the the color change yet.. Here is my wordlessWednesday of a Fall Sunset!

  13. Those pictures are not boring in the least. I think they’re great, but then again, leaves changing colors is one of my favorite sights ever.

  14. So pretty! This is my favorite time of year.

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