Making the most of family meal time

Following is yet another wonderful guest post for our Cooking & Kitchen month, this time from Tiffany, who tells us about the importance of family meal time.

MomNomTiffany is a wife to her best friend and a mother to two beautiful children, Bubs & Bubbette {No, those aren’t their real names. Sheesh.} When she’s not doing public relations for one of the top zoos in the country, she’s over-sharing at Mom-Nom.Com, the e-result of her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses, after nearly losing Bubs in an accident in July, 2009. Now? She’s just trying to figure out where they go from here…one post at a time. Big thanks to Tiffany for this amazing, touching, heartfelt post!

As the chaos of our day comes to an end, we constantly find ourselves gathering subconsciously in the same space each evening. After a long and hectic day, supper is the first thing on everyone’s mind, and our kitchen becomes communal. Supper is more than the perfect time of day in our home, it’s sacred and special and cherished.

There is something about the sound of a sizzling skillets and the smell of fresh baking bread that makes a house a home. And for us, supper is the one time when everyone comes together. When everyone sits and takes in the wafting smells and perfect sounds and talks about their day. We share so much more than food in that kitchen nook.

Some days it includes a father and son at the table, doing homework, while mom cooks and daughter strews tupperware across the floor from various cabinets. Other days you will find all of us circled around the island, participating in creating the feast. Regardless, the feeling is always the same.


As a parent, I find something therapeutic in this moment. Something comforting & familiar. I can physically feel my mind, body and spirit as they come together after the days work is through. As I continue to challenge myself to be a better parent and wife, I am constantly finding myself thinking about the perfection found during supper. As we sit around our quaint table, telling our stories and asking about the day…I soak in the happiness. I ooze joy. I feel inspired. These moments make up who I am. All that is good in the world.

It doesn’t matter who makes the most money, or what bills are left unpaid. No one cares about the laundry piling up or the grass that needs cut. We deliberately soak in the celebration of family as we sit down each day to break bread. The quality of the food is never as eloquent as the company. And, no one seems to mind.

The feast is more about feeding our souls than our bodies. It’s about the ones who are most important in our lives and how they spent their day & the time that couldn’t be spent with us next to them. As we take in the food and absorb its grace, I sit back and know that moments like this make a family strong.

And I know that it isn’t realistic to think that this can happen every night. Forever. But, I do know that I can make it a priority and be consistent with the celebration. If I make that extra effort, my family will follow. THAT is the beauty of being the woman of the home.

And, if it happens three nights one week and five the next, my soul can be content with that. My husband and I have made it a priority. And, I pray that my children are able to find just as much comfort in this routine, as I have. I pray that they seek this own ritual when they have their own families and that the breaking of bread continues as our lives get busier and our schedules get more full…

Family, it’s what’s for dinner.

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  1. It's hard to put in family time with everyone together with busy and crazy life's, but eating together as a family is the best part of my day. Great Post Mom-Nom

  2. Love that you shared this. I feel very much the same way. I tend to stress over dinner more than I should simply b/c it is such an important time for my family.

  3. Love this. We feel the same way in our home. Even at 2 years old Ry loves helping me cook dinner. I love the traditions we are starting. We sit down, at the table, and eat dinner together every night.

  4. You are too darling, and I agree. Family dinner is one of the things I miss the most while Taylor is deployed. Love this :)

  5. Beautifully written as always Tiffany! :) Family meals are always so precious.

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