Why I Imposed A Family Time-Out

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Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

Every year, my husband and I promise each other that we won’t overbook ourselves during the holidays, and every single year, we fail to fulfill that promise.

It’s just a really tough time of year for us between busy work schedules, ongoing home improvements, and activities at school and church.

As much as the kids crave mommy and daddy time, my husband and I also really ache for some quality moments relaxing at home with the kids.

Sometimes, the whole family just needs to take a time-out, and that’s exactly what we did last Friday night.

The first rule when taking a family time-out is that everyone must put on their pajamas and put away their devices. Done and done!

To keep things really casual, fun (and delicious), I set up this super easy RITZ Crackers taco bar. The kids loved being able to get hands-on to build their own unique taco masterpieces!

Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

I just browned up some ground beef with taco seasonings and then created a little buffet of everyone’s favorite taco toppings.

Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

These were sort of like little mini tostadas, with the toppings spooned on top of RITZ Crackers. Every bite was beyond yummy.

Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

Don’t tell anyone, but I secretly wish every single evening of my life played out like this. Pajamas, scrumptious finger food and no one checking their email or their online games for a few hours solid was like bliss.

Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

After playing a few of our favorite board games, we all cozied up in the living room to watch a movie.

Now, here’s where things had the potential to get hairy. Evan’s pick was full of action and Kara’s was all puppies and kittens.

Just when the kids had started to reach a low roar, as they passionately argued their choice in movies, I let them know that we were going to do something really crazy…

I told them that we were going to watch BOTH MOVIES.

Peace was restored, and we got down the business of relaxing, laughing and spending some much-needed quality time together as a family.

As time-outs go, this one was pretty awesome.

Family night fun with a RITZ Crackers taco bar!

Of course, watching two kids’ movies back-to-back made me and Zach just a little antsy. Luckily, we were able to sneak into the kitchen a couple of times to grab another taco-topped RITZ Cracker or two.

Okay, in my husband’s case, maybe three or four. Hey, they were GOOD!

If your family is caught up in the craziness of the season, you might want to consider imposing a little time-out of your own. I know I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!

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