Dear Crissy

Are stuffed animals and security blankets a good idea?

Mine does. In fact, my toddler has three special stuffed animals. Meet the guys. Yes, Evan calls them the guys, how cute is that?

Pictured from left to right are: Winnie-Pooh, Ted-Ted, and Lim-Lamb (the lamb is a Scentsy Buddy).

These are Evan’s go-to friends, and it never fails that every night about ten minutes after I put my kid in bed, I will hear him screaming, “Mommy! Dropped the guys! Lim-Lamb! Ted-Ted! Get it, Mommy!”

Evan has so many stuffed animals, that it’s really funny and interesting to me how he settled on these particular toys to become attached to. He will grab all three of the guys up in his arms and carry them around the house, or he will sit with them and snuggle and kiss them. It is truly adorable.

I am pretty sure that when I was little, I had a security blanket that I carried everywhere with me, and I can remember my little brother being quite attached to a couple teddy bears. Do your children have special stuffed animals, or blankets, that they are attached to?

I know that I want to keep the guys forever, as a reminder to me of this cute phase in Evan’s life.

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  1. please help my grandaughter summer rose has lost her blankie she had since birth she is lost without it and i spend every night searching i did find one on ebay recently ,but it sold in august it is a pink plush blanket made by disney but bought in walmart it had purplke stitching and in one corner it had a small cinderella coach a tiny butterfly and the words dreams come true hoping someone can make a little girls dream come true finding this blanket i will pay dearly for this thank you i have a thousand pics of summer and in every one there is blankie she cannot view the pics without crying for her best friend

  2. Goose can’t go anywhere without Hippo. Hippo was a baby shower gift from a friend – and luckily I was recently able to pick up a “back-up” Hippo on Amazon (thank you Amazon for carrying the Kohl’s Cares for Kids plushes!!) because I’ve heard stories of lost/mangled/ruined stuffed animals and the horror that follows (namely, sleepless nights & devastated children) so I’m currently swapping them out when one needs a washing, etc. to make sure they’ve got similar “use” :) So far, she hasn’t noticed that Hippo isn’t always “Hippo” – also – at bedtime she has to also have “Baby” (a waterbaby that my mom got her for Christmas) and her Nalgene sippy cup of water… oh, and we still haven’t managed to get rid of that darn paci yet. *sigh* she won’t go to kindergarten with it… right?

  3. You should pack them away when he outgrows them (if he ever does). I loved stuffed animals when I was little and was quite attached to them. I’ve noticed my nieces and nephews have at one time been attached to a particular toy. One of them was BoBo Monkey. Ugliest monkey EVER and yet my niece would NOT go to bed without him.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I wrote a post on this topic and credited your post as the inspiration!

  5. I have a bear named Cocoa. I got him for my first Christmas so I was almost 3 months old… my oldest son has now made him his teddy. :) Love that he’s getting love again.

  6. Thanks so much for this downright post;this is the kind of thing that keeps me going through out these day. I’ve been searching around for this site after I heard about them from a colleague and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for long time. Being a avid blogger, I’m happy to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my approval for your work as it’s very energizing, and many writers do not get acceptance they deserve. I am sure I’ll be back and will send some of my friends.

  7. My daughter Charlize is 6. She doesn’t have any specific stuffed animals she pulls around, but she does have a security blanket or should I say she has 2. She has carried around with these blankets every since she was about 9 months. They are fringe blankets and very soft. She had a pink one and had misplaced it about a year ago so we bought her an orange one that was similar to it. She was so upset that she couldn’t have her pink one back. Well about a week ago she took her sleeping bag out of her closet to play with it and she came running into the kitchen screaming “I found my blanket!!!” Her face was priceless. It was too cute. I guess she had left it in the sleeping bag the last time she camped out in the living room. She doesn’t go anywhere without it and she even stuffs it in her bookbag in the morning before she heads to school. The most adorable thing about it though is how she puts her self to sleep with it. She sticks the fringes in her ear very slightly and starts making little circular motions as if she’s tickling her ear. Just too cute.

  8. my daughter also has a favorite stuffed animal. she’s 5 and she never goes anywhere without her TY doggie. i wash it every now and then because it goes through so much: food stains, dirt, etc.

  9. So far, for my 4-year old Matthew, he sleeps with his new toy for just a few nights until his interest wears off. But every night, he could not sleep without his bedtime music. For my 9-month old Baby Mark, he stays fuzzy and won’t sleep if there is anything else other than himself in his crib.

    I think the photos of Evan with the guys are so sweet. You have a lovely child.

  10. OOOOOH, how I want a Scentsy Buddy for my kiddos. This just convinced me to order them!

  11. Too too cute. Thank you for sharing this. Most of all of us are “just” moms when you get down to it. No matter what else we do, write, create, make or review we are almost ALL moms! Being a “Mom” is the only true thing that is important. (This from a working mom to six)


    My son has two – but one is way favored over the other. Love the pic of your little dude snuggling his limlamb!

  13. James had that same little teddy bear blanket guy. Ethan (who is now 17) had “Puffy” – a blue puff-a-lump horse that he LOVED. We couldn’t go anywhere without it and even had a spare one for when Puffy needed a bath. Ethan could always tell the difference though. He especially loved the tag…. I’m like you – we saved Puffy – he now lives in Ethan’s closet and every once in a while I catch Ethan visiting him for a quick hug. (Hopefully he never finds out that I just shared this with the world.)

  14. My 2 1/2 year old has Bear Bear- a very soft plushy bear. What he doesn’t know is that this is Bear Bear #2. Original Bear Bear tragically fell out of the stroller while we walked down the Vegas strip a year and a half ago and after my husband spent over an hour retracing our steps (halfway down the strip and back), we found a very close replacement in Downtown Vegas. That night in dark hotel room, we slipped new Bear Bear in and by morning he thought nothing of it (Phew!) and treated him as his original Bear Bear!

  15. That’s adorable! I love that he calls them “the guys” – too cute :) My 2 year old daughter has a circa 1980’s Care Bear that was once my husband’s, she loves that thing probably more than he ever did! Like your son, she has 3 favorites. One is a handmade doll I did a review on for KD’s Doll Shop (on Etsy) and the other is a Mickey Mouse stuffy my brother brought back from Hong Kong Disneyland. She’s got eclectic taste, lol.

  16. I LOVE the picture on the right. His smile is adorable!!

  17. My daughter has a purple blankie and a cloud blanket names Te-Te.
    Don’t mix them up because she will tell you they are NOT the same. She has a tiny monkey named Cutie. She once misplaced it and I spent 2 hours looking for it while she cried as if her little life was over.
    I’m 34 and still sleep with my blankie or at least part of it.

  18. My little 2yr old little boy loves MICKEY MOUSE that he has to sleep with & each morning you are woken up to a cute little boy trying to carry it all. Two mickey mouse stuff animals, and his first stuff animal puppy and his blanket :)

  19. Yes! My daughter has her pink baby blanket that she has to have no matter where we are. My son has a Build a Bear and a lamb from when he was really sick. They sit on his bed and never move. He loves those animals. The lamb I held onto for months and months even slept with it when he was in the hospital for so long. And to tell you the truth, I still have my favorite animal as a little girl:)

  20. Aw, those guys are so cute. :)

    Mine all have lovies they need to sleep with. And OMG, if they can’t find them, there is trouble.

  21. My oldest never had a lovey, but I think it’s because his paci was his lovey until I took it away FOR GOOD at 2.5. (I was lenient and let him sneak them while his little brother had them.) But the little one, I took it away at 1. And I think that’s why he formed attachments to loveys … for the past year he’s been carrying a Ziploc with LEGO Minifigures in it. He sleeps with it, brings it to bath, in the car, on errands. I have to keep a close eye on it, since it’s so important to him.

  22. My step-daughter has a MILLION security things… but she has one EXTRA special blanket. She is 8. I think it is very sweet. You little guy’s “guys” look very loved, soft and cuddly too!

    (also my fiancee has a pound puppy still from when he was little, he calls it NOSE, ironically the nose is now missing)

  23. Mine both have faves.

    My 8yr old boy have a baby white tiger that was mine but I never loved him like Timothy does. He also have a whole cloth quilt that my grandmother made for him.

    My 3 yr old daughter also calls her animals her guys. She has “Po” the purple hippo from Eden and Snowflake bear that she built for her 3rd birthday. Her fave blanket is not homemade, its a hand-me down with butterflies

  24. My elder daughter just turned 9 and still HAS to have her Pooh Bear with her in bed, on the sofa when watching a DVD… He’s from the Disney store and is actually her v2.0 having lost v1.0 waaaaay back in 2005. My younger daughter is almost 7 and, whilst she loves her “yellow rabbit” (who isn’t yellow – she’s wearing a dress that used to be kind of yellow back in the day) and is desolate if she’s lost, she goes through phases when the favourite is someone else. Number 2 in her hierarchy is a yellow camel with red spots and orange/red striped legs (he’s from IKEA and she got him the Christmas she had chickenpox). I had a teddy bear (named Teddy) who was so much loved that he fell apart and my grandma had to made an all-in-one knitted suit to keep him together. He’s at my dad’s house now, somewhere and looks TERRIBLE (I’ve been told he was pink originally, but I only remember him without the plush so kind of a nasty grey colour).

  25. Crissy,

    Yes, my twins have stuffed animals galore and a few that are very special to them. One of them loves ALL of her horses and HAS to have them ALL in her bed with her right.there. The other one has a blankie she CANNOT sleep without. She has had it since she was a baby and took to it at about 4 months old. My chunkalove little man who is almost 2 also has a blankie that he became attached to around mmmm 8 months or so….and he cannot be with that either. The ‘obession’ with thier lovey’s get’s worse when they don’t feel well. I understand. I was also a blankie baby so I do understand :) Your little one is precious!


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