Dear Crissy

Feeling somewhat sentimental

Every few, this wave of panic washes over me.

Have I taken enough pictures of Evan this week? Am I going to remember all of his little changes and accomplishments in the future? As much as I want to spend all night and day documenting him, I have to spend most of that time just enjoying the moment and knowing that someday the memories will probably fade. It breaks my heart in a way to see him grow so quickly, even though I look forward to all of his changes as well.

Sentimental? Yes

I even feel incredibly guilty for not writing here more often. Just look, my last post was titled One Month Baby Milestones and now, he’s almost three months old. THREE MONTHS OLD. How is it that three months during my pregnancy seemed to last an eternity, and now it is everything I can do to just capture as much of each day as I can before another day dawns?

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