Today is the first day of fall

Can you believe that fall is officially here? Last year at this time my baby was just shy of 2-months-old, and doing a lot of sleeping (when he wasn’t crying, that is.) Honestly, last fall was really a blur for me, so it’s nice to be more settled into motherhood, and able to enjoy the shifting seasons at this point.

Also, my little boy loves being outside, and seeing him stoop to pick up every colorful leaf that catches his eye is a beautiful thing.

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  1. What an absolutely precious picture of your little one! Autumn is my favorite season ever. If only NW Florida had a little bit more fall. *sigh*

  2. So cute! And as if you don't already know this, WOW them some mad photog skills. And yeah, I think I need a new camera!

  3. Such an adorable pic!! I LOVE Fall and can't wait for it every year..although it barely lasts a few weeks here in South Carolina lol

  4. Happy Fall! Lovely photo of your lovely baby boy!

  5. Love autumn!! Cant believe that it is here alreaday, summer just flew by for us this year…just posteda piece on fall on my blog and a calendar of local events for october…check it out

  6. Oh that looks so nice! We are still waiting for a break in the heat down here!

  7. Oh, I love fall, my favorite season! What a great photo, can’t wait till the leaves start turning in Tx!

  8. What a beautiful picture! Happy Fall! :)

  9. Man, I wish I was where you are. I am waiting on the leaves, it is still a thousand degrees in Ga.!!! What a cutie pie!

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