Dear spring: I love you

first day of spring

Tomorrow is March 20th — the first day of spring!

The kids and I have been going stir crazy this winter, and after today’s gorgeous weather, I am really ready for more. I just hope we don’t fall into another cold snap before summer, but this is Ohio, so it’s hard to tell.

A lovely spring haiku

Spring air —
woven moon
and plum scent.

Matsuo Basho

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  1. I also love spring because it’s so relaxing, we can do lot’s of things like outdoor gathering, parties, playing with my kids and most of all it’s not cold.

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  2. that is really pretty!

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  4. You take some of the loveliest pictures! We dont have the blossoms here yet, but close- spring is wonderful!

  5. aww so pretty :) i love that the cold weather is gone. not looking forward to allergy season though :(

  6. Great haiku! It has been really cold here compared to usual so I hope spring brings good weather :)

  7. So excited about spring too, for the warmer weather and more importantly, the end of this cold/flu season, it hit us hard!

  8. My kids are RIDICULOUSLY excited about the first day of spring. I didn’t even know that it was A Thing. It is kind of nice to see all the green again, though, after a pretty rough winter.

  9. Beautiful picture! We woke up yesterday to snow, but then the sun came out and melted it all. I hope that was our last cold day for this winter!

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