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The first French braid

Her first French braid

While Kara devoured a piece of pumpkin cake today, I gave her a French braid.

Her first French braid

It isn’t easy to weave those ultra-silky and uneven locks when the head they’re attached to is constantly bobbing from left to right. She kept trying to look back to see what all the fuss was over, so I had to work quickly.

Someday, when her hair is a little longer and she can sit still for more than three seconds, her first perfect French braid will come, but this little milestone seemed special to me.

I have a daughter old enough to wear a French braid in her hair? Insane.

As the daughter of a hair-stylist, myself, I think I could probably give my dolls French braids by the time I was 5, and I can remember the feeling of my mom’s fingers expertly sectioning and braiding my own brown hair as a child.

There is just something so sweet and innocent about a little girl with braids in her hair. I actually got a bit of a lump in my throat while I was finishing the braid.

She’s still a baby to me, but I can definitely see glimpses of a little woman, too, and that’s just almost more than I can take at times.

Did you have a moment the first time you saw a French braid in your little girl’s hair?

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  1. I remember the first time my mother-in-law did a french braid on Jasmine’s hair. I flipped out! I loved it! I wish I could french braid, but I can’t. My MIL does a great job with Jasmine’s hair, it’s past her bum right now and so much fun to play with. I need to learn how to french-braid.

  2. My daughter was probably around 18 months and I put two French braids in her hair. After some trial and error, I found it was easiest if her hair was wet and I distracted her with a book or show so that her head wouldn’t be moving very much.

  3. I remember the first time I did a french braid on my daughter. It was so bad I have only done two since then and I had done the first one four years ago lol

  4. My mom visited us in May and gave my oldest daughter her first french braid. I had lots of french braids growing up too. However, I can’t figure out how to do them myself. And my 4 year isn’t the most patient for letting me try. Hopefully someday I’ll figure it out. Though I did figure out the fishtail braid recently, so at least we’re not stuck with a “normal” braid. :-)

  5. My oldest was 14 months old when her hair was long enough to french braid. Talk about having to move super fast! I kept her still while a friend braided, and it was so unbelievably cute! When she was 4, she was in her uncle’s wedding and wore her down-to-her-butt length hair in a heart-shaped french braid with ribbons and flowers intertwined – so beautiful! The first time I was able to successfully accomplish a french braid in her hair she was in 1st grade and had swimming lessons. (Neither of us wanted her to wear the swim caps, and this was the acceptable alternative.)

    * sigh* memories. We aren’t always aware that we’re making them, but they’re not any less precious. Thanks for reminding me of some great times. :-)

  6. Unfortunitly I have no girls :( But on the bright side I have four hamsome sons. I remember for the longest time my oldest son, but much younger then, had beautiful curly locks. So I let them grow and occassionly would pracice braiding his hair. He hated it but with four boys running around, I just can’t seem to get any of them to grow there hair so I practice on my Hubby. LoL He has the perfect hair to practice with ;) But one day, I hope the Lord will Bless Us with a baby girl :) Not anytime soon, I hope* Love Your Blogg Crissy*

  7. My oldest wore braided hair from the time it was long enough to braid (started with mini pigtails lol) up until last summer. She turned 9 and wanted an older cut for her age :-( BUT there’s always my youngest – can’t wait for her hair to grow enough to do cute little hair styles lol :))

  8. I loved french braiding my girls hair. It was so fun!! Now they are older and I taught them how to do it themselves. Every once in a while, they’ll ask me to do it which I drop everything to do it :). (My girls are 19 & 16)

  9. It took me a little longer to attempt the first french braid on my girl! You’re brave :) But now I love doing it!

  10. With 4 girls I always had fun putting ponies and barrettes, regular braids in, but never learned to do the fancy fishbone? or the french braid. They are so gorgeous. Yes little girls are squirmy! It looks so precious Crissy!

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