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First haircut

Well, we made it to 19-months before giving our baby his first haircut. I would have been fine allowing it to grow, however, it was thin, somewhat stringy, and quite often tangled. He needed a trim, and while the results may not seem dramatic to you, they are for us. He looks so much more grown up after his first haircut. Heartbreakingly grown up.

Yes. I cried, and I’m not even sure that I can enter into much introspection about this little milestone without crying again, so, here are some photos. Stylist is none other than my mom (Evan’s Mamaw.)

First Haircut Photo

This is the before photo. Notice his little wings on either side?

First Haircut

Yes, we let him eat during his haircut. YES, he ended up picking hairs off his tray. Maybe not the best idea, but, I think the food distraction curbed the attitude. A little.

First Haircut

Notice the face? I can just see him wondering why Mamaw is yanking on his hair.

First Haircut

Umm, get off me!

First Haircut

No, seriously, get off me!

First Haircut

Love this.

First Haircut

By this point in the process, the food has been removed, and in it’s place, a bunch of random things within our reach.  A whisk, a mouse, a watch, and a spoon.

First Haircut

Finished, smiling product. This calls for an emoticon. :)

First Haircut

I told him that he looked SO HANDSOME, and he gave me this big, borderline-bashful smile.

First Haircut

Not a lot of hair gone, but, the tears were coming by this stage.

First Haircut

Hello little boy, what have you done with  my baby?

First Haircut


Moms, did you cry when your little ones had their first haircuts?

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  1. Awe how cute. We just had our first haircut as well – 20 months and Buggy freaked out. She was not having any of it. I had to nurse her while they cut her hair. I did not cry but she did enough for the two of us – LOL!

  2. Chrissy, your little man Evan is too cute for words! These are great photos. I’m sure his mamaw got a thrill giving him his first haircut. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. gorgeous!
    I did not cry ‘coz I gave them their first hair cut :)

  4. Awww, yes a small amount cut off but a world of difference. He did go from baby to little boy. I cried at my older daughter’s first hair cut as well. I’m waiting to cut baby’s hair since I don’t want bangs on her. And I need to buy a keepsake box for her first curl… Don’t make me cry and run into my 5 year old’s room to pull out that box, please! Oh, why do they grow so fast?

  5. He is so cute, your big boy!

    Aw, I’m tearing up just seeing this! I so remember how traumatic L’s first haircut was. I wrote this about it:

    My Baby’s First Haircut — Why I’m Still Crying

    Will have to compose myself here in a minute… I will never get over not getting that one, long curl to take home. That only one ever…

    His hair never curled again after his first haircut.


  6. My daughter’s 2 and still hasn’t had a haircut yet. I imagine I will cry though – such a milestone! Evan is such a handsome little man!

  7. You better believe I cried! Buckets and buckets. The worst was, I asked them not to cut it TOO short and they gave him a wicked mullet. So I had to give him a SECOND haircut once we got home!

  8. He is such a little cutie! Love the pictures.

    My oldest didn’t have his first haircut until 26 months & I cried like a baby. Heck, he is 7.5 now & just had his hair cut on Thursday & I cried. It was so pretty longer, but he is a hair twirler & tends to give himself bald spots……it had to go. My youngest (DD) is 3.5 & has only had her hair trimmed twice, the waterworks weren’t quite so bad with her. I guess, cause it was just a trim.

  9. Awww, he looks like a little man! So cute!

  10. Awww. The first haircut killed me with my son. He looked like such a big boy. So cute though!

  11. I don’t remember being upset when my oldest got his first haircut, maybe because we were so frazzled trying to get it done because he was soooooooo against it! I did get upset a little when we cut our youngest son’s hair the first time…it changed his looks soooooo dramatically he didn’t look like my baby anymore (I cried even more when he needed another and my husband took the clippers to his head! We both said no more clippers for him)

    I teared up a little when my daughter got her first haircut….which was just the other week and she’s 4 1/2 lol. Her hair was in a V in the back, so thick and curly…it was always a tangled mess…I had about 3-4in cut off…her daddy was MAD at me…said I cut too much…but it’ll grow back and I did save the first cut, which is a curl :(

  12. Yep. I cry at every milestone.

  13. When my oldest was little, we would get his hair cut in a ‘Dutchboy’. His hair was so thick and long, I couldnt bear to cut it off short.
    Evan looks so cute with his haircut. More grown up? yes, but remember this day when he is 16, and refuses to get it cut…lol

  14. What a cutie!

    My DD had her first haircut on March 2, 2011. Done by her!
    There was no time for me to cry.

    You can see the result on my blog :P

  15. That is one handsome little devil. What a lucky mommy, you are.

  16. My baby is 2 and hasn’t had a haircut yet. I just cant seem to let those curls go! One day maybe…when he graduates college hehe

    O and yes I will cry

  17. I totally LOL’d at the “get off me” pics. :D

    My DD is 14… I really don’t recall her first hair cut. I’m certain that I didn’t cry. But I totally see why you did. {hugs}

  18. My oldest first haircut happened when he was 2 years old! It took him that long to grow hair.
    Great photos by the way!

  19. My son got his first ‘barber’ haircut when he was around three which I still have some of the clippings from -he’s 30 now!! Before that it was home haircuts. When he became a big brother and him and little sis were old enough to play alone together, Chuck decided to give his sister a haircut (think a lot of kids do this LOL) he toddled into the room where I was, paper plate in hand and said, “look mom” – he had given his sister a haircut and there was a pile of her hair on the plate. Well, it took awhile for that to grow out-there was a lecture about why he can’t use the scissors without my permission but I laugh about it now (then too LOL)

  20. What a cutie! I’m sure it was more traumatic for you than it was for him. LOL Adorable photos!

  21. I love it! I wish my little guy would actually sit and let us cut his hair!

  22. First off, he looks adorable! Jack’s stylist gives him a sucker and it seems to help alot.

    I totally cried. I’m actually tearing up right just reading your post. :) Now, we cut his hair short and then I go a long time before having it cut. He’s got these beautiful curls that only come after his hair hits a certain length. Once he starts looking like a girl, then I take him in. His dad still throws a fit when I have it cut short.

  23. Thank you Lindsay!

  24. Haven’t given our 17 month old his first hair cut yet, and yes, I probably will cry :'(

  25. yes, I bawled.
    BAWLED with my baby girl, my first.
    Not so much crying with my baby boy, my second. Although now I want to as all I can remember are those soft baby curls… :( Wahhhh!!!

    He’s such a beautiful boy!!!

  26. Ohhhh he’s tooo cute and sooo handsome!!!!

  27. Just be happy that you made it to 19 months. I had to give my boy his first haircut at 6 months b/c he had so much at birth. We had to WAIT to 6 months until he could sit in his bumbo up straight enough…. So we’ve had one every 2 months since my 3 year old was 6 months, yes that’s a lot of haircuts.

    Oh and I didn’t cry, which I thought I would. I think by that point I was just so happy that thinking people would stop calling him a girl. They always look so grown up after haircuts. But they will always be your baby.

    BTW, he is so stinking cute. You are going to have little girls chasing him soon.

    • Colleen, wow, your little boy must have had some major hair! I’ll bet it was adorable!! :) thank you for commenting :) And everyone needs to stop reminding me about these GIRLS who are on the horizon, Noooo!!

      • Just imagine a black haired troll doll as a baby.. That is basically what he looked like coming out. And never lost a single bit of it.

  28. I did, but it grows back! Believe me!

  29. Oh, he looks so adorable. He does look older, but he looks so handsome. It was a good decision:). I have two girls so I didn’t have to cut the hair so soon either time. My 18 month old, Essie, still has little curls in the back of her hair. I’m going to cry when they grow out because they are precious!

  30. This brought back memories, I am hoping you saved his locks. Tuck them away forever,
    because some day a woman will be running her fingers through his hair. The days and years go by fast honey hang on to these memories and hold them tight.
    It makes me want to cry for you ! Baby to a little man now….. :(

    • Robyn, I did save a couple little pieces. Ugh, you’re killing me… I don’t want to think about him being old enough to have a woman running her fingers through his hair, are you trying to make me lose it? LOL. :)

  31. He is so sweet! And his hair cut looks great.
    Yes, I did cry, but so did my Squish. The first time was so bad – I ended up having to buzz it off!! (big tears)
    Then it grew back and the second cut wasn’t so bad. But now it is getting longer, and I don’t want to cut it – it is so cute! Hugs mama. Roots and Wings!

    • Emily, you had to buzz it off, oh no LOL!!!!! That’s funny though, I’ll bet that happens a lot. Thanks for commenting :)

  32. He does look a lot different with what seemed like just a little trim. He’s very handsome :)

    I guess it’s different with little girls, my little girl is going on 5 years old and we haven’t officially cut her hair yet. I have trimmed the ends a couple of times (very small amounts just enough to stop split end tangles.)

    Her hair is down to the small of her back and she won’t leave it pulled up, so unfortunately come August when she starts school, as much as I’m dreading it, we’re going to have to consider the unthinkable and get a major haircut. I wouldn’t consider it, except my hair is curly and hers has the wave, so 5 minutes after brushing it, if it’s humid out, and since we live in FL that’s 99.9% of the time, her hair looks like it’s never been brushed. I suspect this will cause problems in school, and since mommy won’t be there to brush it again every 5 mins the most logical thing is to cut it shorter.

    I can only hope I love her new look as much as your little boys :)

    • Aw, thank you Heather. Yes, I can imagine it would be different for a little girl. Your little girl’s hair sounds lovely, but I’m sure it will be sweet if you need to trim it before school, too. :) Good luck with it, show me pictures!

  33. So sweet! He does look more like a little boy. (Sorry, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.) I didn’t cry for Hanna’s first haircut… but I’m the one who cut it and I’m a hairdresser. Oliver hasn’t had his first cut yet.

  34. Awe, so cute!

  35. Oh he looks so handsome!!! Our daughter is coming up on her first birthday in a few weeks and she has yet to have a haircut. She kinda needs one though — she has what I like to call little side-mullets — when her hair curls up, it’s not as noticeable. :) Nonetheless, I just can’t bring myself to it yet.

    • Side mullets LOL. Love it. :) Yeah, it’s hard to get to that point, with a girl I probably could have let it go much longer! GL mama!

  36. My Brooklin sadly looks a little whispy too. She needs something to even her out even her out. It’s such a sad thing, as mothers we remember touching those first strands as they were placed in our arms. Those first moments together forever within our hearts. It’s cutting it off that reminds of of those.


    • Whispy is the word! I’m actually glad we did it, because now I could let it grow out a little and it will look thicker and more even. It is so bittersweet though!

  37. i did! we cut our son’s at 15 months b/c it was sooo long. he had this gorgeous curls. no more curls :-(

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