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Money Savings Challenge Printable – Save $1378 in 52 Weeks!

Could you use a little extra cash?

I know I sure could! It’s why I’m going to be taking this simple free printable 52 weeks money savings challenge in the new year. This is an easy money challenge that will help you save an extra $1,378 when you put away just a little extra cash each week.

Money Savings Challenge - Save $1378 in 52 Weeks! An easy way to save money throughout the year! #FreePrintable #MoneySavingChallenge #Savings #Budget

Click Here to Download Printable $1 Savings Challenge

This money saving challenge starts nice and slow and gains momentum as you near the end of the year. It’s a really painless way to save some extra dough.

I’ve even found that saving my money in a jar or piggy bank and letting the kids contribute is a wonderful way to set a great example for my family. This is a wonderful savings plan to help you save a little extra cash for vacation, Christmas presents or even a special gift for you.

You totally deserve it! :) Download your free money savings challenge printable below and have a prosperous new year! Looking for more free printables to organize your life? Check out all of our free printables here.

Click Here to Download Printable $1 Savings Challenge

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