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Free Printable $20 Savings Challenge – Save $1,040 This Year!

This is it. This is the year that I get organized, keep a budget and save some extra money!

This free printable $20 money savings worksheet is going to help me keep my savings goals in order. It’s so easy to save $20 each week, and by the end of the year you’ll have a nice little jar of cash that totals $1,040!

$20 Savings Challenge

This is a wonderful way to save some extra cash for a summer vacation or maybe the new camera you’ve been saving for. Oh, wait, it’s me who’s been saving for the camera! :)

This printable is my free gift to you. If you decide to download it, I’d love if you could follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing even more exclusive free printables this year!

Click Here to Download 52 Week $20 Money Savings Challenge Sheet

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