Dear Crissy

Full term & an elusive belly photo

Full Term

I am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

I decided to break down, and slide a couple grainy belly photos in under the wire, to avoid possible future depression over my apparent miserable failure to visually document this pregnancy. So — I officially have at least a couple iPhone shots of my burgeoning belly. That’s something, right?

Belly Photo

My blood pressure has been a little high, and I had to do a 24-hour urine collection test this week to look for protein. I also had some blood drawn yesterday, and I’ll find out if there is reason to have the baby early when I get the results on Monday.

Oh, I’m 2cm dilated now! It’s amazing how gratifying it is to find out that you’ve made some cervical progress. It took a bit of restraint not to exclaim, “YESSSSSS!”

I went into labor with Evan at 38 weeks and 2 days, so, I really feel like this little one might be making her appearance soon.

We have a full moon tomorrow, maybe December 10th is the day? What do you think, any guesses?

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  1. Your belly is so cute and you look fabulous! Hopefully you continue making progress on your own at home!

  2. You look great. Hope the last few weeks and the birth go great!

  3. Congratulations, Crissy! I hope your labor went well and that you and Kara are doing well.

  4. I saw your lovely photos come through via my email subscription while I was in DC last week and I just ooh’ed and ahh’ed. You look so stinkin’ beautiful, Crissy! :)

  5. Oh, you look so beautiful! I just adore your haircut – my hair would never let me do that.

    I had a similar top when I was pregnant. It was my favorite.

  6. I don’t really think it’s fair that any one person be THAT cute. Awesome photo.

  7. you look radiant. I wish you the best of luck,

  8. Dear Crissy…you look beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. Cheering for you and baby!! May god bless you both…c’mon baby lol

  9. you look soo cute! you’re glowing :)

  10. You look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope everything goes well with your delivery.

  11. That full moon, gravitional pull thing does it for some people, so maybe you too. Take care of yourself and don’t get overly tired.

  12. You look amazing, love the hair!

  13. So darned CUTE!

    I just hope that everything comes out well with the blood and urine tests.

    To me you don’t look “quite ready” yet but you never know. 100 years ago when I was pregnant with my son 2 days before my due date I had a DR appointment and he told me he thought I had at least 2 weeks before I would deliver …… which would have put us into the new year. Definitely NOT what I had in mind.

    I had him on my due date in the evening after only 2 1/4 hours of labor. So the baby will come when the baby is ready to make her appearance.

  14. You look glowing. Hope delivery goes well *and quick*

  15. There is nobody more beautiful than a pregnant Mother !

    You look gorgeous !

  16. You’re gorgeous! I looked like an exhausted hippo at 37 1/2 weeks. You are positively glowing!

  17. It certainly is a possibility! More babies are born on the Full Moon days!

  18. ooooh! It is so exciting!! I am going to guess that you go early..I will guess that baby will be here on Dec 16th. (By the way, you are so freaking gorgeous!) Doesnt it Totally stink to have to wait for test results?!?!
    I hope you feel good this weekend and get to see your baby soon!
    I cant wait to hear the news…are you going to twitter through labor and delivery to keep us on the edges of our seats? (LOL) Okay…I guess I will wait for you to post updates and pictures :)

  19. You look great! You’ll be glad you had these photos. I wish I had more of myself when I was pregnant, but I was always so exhausted and wearing sweats lol

  20. You look lovely! You have early babies:) All of my boys were born at 41 weeks (and with one I was 3 cm dilated for a month!) Even my twins were induced at exactly 38 weeks! Blessings to you!

  21. You are absolutely glowing.. beautiful! :) How exciting.. I can’t believe how quickly the time went. For me anyway. LOL She will be here before you know it, and everyone can spoil her! :)

  22. Wow, you look great! I had my first two at 38 wk 2 days then the third I was induced at the end of my 39th week. Good luck, I hope he/she comes soon!

  23. You look absolutely stunning! I wish you the best in labor and hopefully baby will make an appearance soon! I’m so excited for you! :)

  24. You look fabulous!! You really are glowing!

  25. Very pretty. Some people turn into ugly bloated cows. You are blessed you are DEFINITELY NOT! What a lucky baby to have such a pretty mom :-)

  26. You look so beautiful! I wished I would of looked that good when I was pregnant. wishing you a wonderful birth on your little one.

  27. Hey you just never know! Have you drank castor oil? I think that is supposed to start contractions. Well, good luck!!

  28. You look wonderful and you probably will be glad to have those pic’s later on. And I’ve never seen someone look so much like their “profile pic” before!!

  29. You look adorable! <3

  30. You look great! Let me see…I will guess this Thursday, the 15th :)

    I hope you have a safe/healthy delivery and baby!

  31. Glad you’re documenting your baby bump. You look great! I’m starting my 28th week on Monday. First one. So exciting, isn’t it?

  32. Is it wrong to say that those pictures make me want a Crissy doll? I’ll take the pregnant and non-pregnant version. (Basically, that’s my way of saying you look adorable!)

  33. You look lovely. And your clothes are always so cute.

    She’ll arrive on the perfect day. :) Hang in there!

  34. I am guessing you will have her in about 5 days. You are so beautiful! I love the baby belly.

  35. You look beautiful as always, also I love that sweater! SOON, so soon

  36. You look great! I say 38 weeks and 2 days :D Each kid I had (3) was born later and later. Hopefully you aren’t like that. Sounds like you are ready to deliver!!

  37. Monday would be cool – 12/12/11

  38. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Katherine McPhee?

  39. You look great! I’m not going to guess because I am always wrong on dates :o)

  40. I love your smile and your hair! You are such a cutie patootie! Sending you digital “love” and luck as you bring another child into your family!

  41. You look great!! You don’t want to hear this but I had the same thoughts as you since my first was born at 38 wks 2 days, too! My second one came a day AFTER my due date! I thought that was impossible after my first came out a little early. Hope your little one makes an appearance any day now!

  42. You are gorgeous mama. You are almost there. I say Monday is the day;)

  43. You look beautiful!! I remember being that pregnant. God bless you and prayers for healthy baby and mommy!

  44. I don’t ever remember looking that good with any of my pregnancies. You look beautiful. :)

  45. You’re glowing! Any day now!!

  46. You are TOO cute! Congrats on making it “full term” – prayers that the delivery will be “soon” and go smoothly! :)

  47. Hot mama! Can you pass that good luck this way so I can look like that at 38wks (I’m 20 right now)?!

  48. Your such a GAWGEOUS mommy!! Hang in there–I know its hard and tiresome at the end…but its soooo worth it!!! Enjoy the quiet!! <3

  49. you look absolutely beautiful! Wishing for the best on your test results!

  50. December 10th is a great day to have a baby! It is my birthday!! :) By the way, you look adorable!!

  51. My first child was born December 10, thirteen years ago tomorrow!! It’s a great birthday! You look beautiful, wishing you a wonderful birth and baby birthday whenever she decides to come!! Congratulations!

  52. My baby girl was born Dec 11th of last year. So that’s my guess!

  53. You look GORGEOUS. And I love your hair. Like an unreasonable amount.

  54. You are super duper adorable. Can’t wait to “meet” this one :)

  55. Today would be good its my birthday and a good day to be born! Love the pics you are gorgeous!!

  56. Yay! I love belly shots! Your bump is SO cute! Here’s hoping for a quick & uncomplicated delivery! :)

  57. Your little one can share a birthday with me if born tomorrow.
    Best wishes to you and baby!

  58. Cute. Babies are so sweet

  59. You look lovely!!

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