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5 Ways I Get Better Sleep

The Quaker Oats Company sponsored this post but all opinions are my own.

You know that you’re getting older when your mood and energy levels are directly related to how many hours of sleep you got the night before. Sleep is absolutely crucial in my life and I take a few specific steps to help ensure I get a great night of sleep. Making even a few of these changes to your daily routine can help make a positive difference in your life!

Create & follow a bedtime routine: I know, you’re an adult and not a toddler, but it’s amazing how falling into a bedtime routine can help set the stage for a fabulous night of sleep for people of all ages.

On nights when I’ll be working the next day, I always follow a set ritual that includes having a bath or shower, reading, and going to bed at a specific time. You could exchange the reading time for watching television, but I’ve found that reading truly helps me relax and unwind for bed. I’m also very strict about my bedtime. It’s 10:00 p.m. on the dot for me!

2. Prep for breakfast the night before:  My mornings with two kids are a bit chaotic, so I like to prep my breakfast the night before to add minutes to my morning. Quaker Overnight Oats make it so easy—I just steep, sleep and eat!

Overnight oats have been a huge trend the past couple of years, and it’s so nice to have a new convenient way for anyone to make them at home. Quaker Overnight Oats contain 100% whole grain oats and other grains, and no artificial flavors or added colors. I often prefer a cold breakfast over a hot one, so this is really a fabulous solution for me and helps me score precious extra minutes of sleep in the morning thanks to all the time I’m saving.

This Orchard Peach Pecan Perfection flavor is just, well… perfection! You can use your favorite milk option to prep the Quaker Overnight Oats. It’s as simple as filling the container to the fill line and then popping into the refrigerator until morning.

3. Pamper yourself: I truly believe that the more comfortable we can be at night, the better we’ll sleep. If your bedding isn’t the nicest, invest in some ultra-soft sheets. You may also want to consider some new cozy pajamas! I’ve even found that using a body lotion with a soothing scent can help me fall asleep faster.

4. Create a serene environment: Just like pampering your body can help you sleep better at night, creating a peaceful environment in your bedroom is important. The white noise of a fan is key for me, but you could also try a white noise machine with options to hear the sounds of the ocean, the forest, or even a babbling brook. I also love using aromatherapy at night to create a relaxing atmosphere for sleeping.

5. Don’t sleep in: While it may seem like sleeping in is the goal, you really want to stick with a regular wake schedule in the same way that you want to stick with a regular bedtime schedule. This helps your body get into a rhythm which will mean you have an easier time falling asleep and waking up feeling rested each day. Trust me, it’s a good thing!

Do you value your sleep as much as I do? I’d love to hear your tips for getting more and better sleep! :)

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