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Glimpses of the man you’ll become

Do you ever look at your child, and for just a moment, see a fully grown man or woman peering back at you? Most of the time when I look at photos of Evan, I see him for what he is–my sweet, chubby-cheeked little angel. I see a baby. However, there are photos like this one. In this photo I see a confident little man. A confident little man that I want to snap up and shower with kisses, mind you, but a man, nonetheless.


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  1. Yup, now that monkey man is older I see him sometimes give me a look that I'mlike what in the world? How did he get so old. Sigh. Time flies by too quickly.

  2. Mini Poem: Man's Work.
    Girls, I'll shower you with sweet nothings some other day,
    but right now I have work to get done and no time for play.

  3. Happens all the time with all of my kids. A certain pose or a face that fast forwards me to the future. Makes me so sad but happy too.

  4. I can see just what you mean! And yes, I see that in my children now and then too. It's lovely:)

  5. I totally understand what you are saying. Sometimes I get a glimpse of my kids all grown up, its scary but really kind of cool.

  6. My 6 little men have all grown up, ages 25,23,21,19,18,12…and I see them as men, but once in awhile they are my little boys, like my 23 year old in the air force…he's a grown man but I get all fired up inside when I think of someone shooting real bullets at my cute, chubby little boy!

  7. That's an adorable photo. He's completely handsome and you can easily see it!

  8. I just took a photo of my daughter the other day that my husband looked at and said "Well, we know what she's gonna look like when she gets older". She's only 3, but in this particular photo she almost looked like a teenager. They grow up too fast.

  9. My little guy is all grown up and has a family of his own, but I see his dad in him so much, who has passed away six years now. I see Ross in his sons and I am sure they will become strong, caring men just like their Daddy and Grandpa and Great Grandpa!

  10. All the time. And it's moments like this that I can't wait to find out what they will be like when they are actually grown but at the same time want my little baby back.

    Great pic!

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